Are video editing apps free ?

Do you want to create awesome videos for Instagram, TikTok, or YouTube? Then you need a quality video editing application that is convenient and easy to use, but most importantly free! In our society where every service is charged, is it possible to find a free video editing application? We will answer this question in this article. Discover Mojo, our free app editor !

Free video editing apps: which app to edit video?

You don't need to have video maker skills to create your own little movie with your favourite pictures, vacation memories and even your favourite songs in the background. Today, practical and functional video editing apps generate a clean rendering. You don't need to make a huge effort to get a beautiful and attractive result. But are they free? This is the question...

We have good news for you! Today, it is easy to find completely free video editing apps on the Internet, like Mojo for example! Mojo is the best video editing app for building animated and professional stories, Instagram Reels, Facebook videos and more. Discover this free video editor that allows you to create excellent, professional content without going through Adobe Photoshop. Thanks to our video editor Mojo, you can add special effects, filters, audio, animated gifs and more to your videos and social media content! You can learn here how to add music to a video.

Mojo, the best video editing app, is free and available on iOS and Android. You don't have to create an account to use our video editor! In fact, we give you direct access to more than 40 customizable templates and dozens of different text styles. You can also try Mojo Pro for free for 3 days. Very complete, this version gives access to more than 300 templates, filters, special effects, features and customizable text styles. Discover here how to make a video with pictures.

By creating an account on our video editing app, you can unlock new features: add your logo with stylized effects, create videos in square or landscape formats, and choose new fonts or special effects for your Instagram, YouTube or Facebook videos. New models are available every month. At the end of the trial period, you can subscribe to an annual plan for $39.99. There is also a monthly subscription for $9.99.

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Mojo, the best free video editing app, is easy to use

Mojo is a free video editing app offering to create stories with a high added value, in a very short time. Modern and easy to learn, the best free video editing app's main strength lies in the way you bring your photos and texts to life. You can customize all the elements you want, thanks to the many features included in our free video editing app: colour, shape, layout, special effects… You really don't need graphic skills or Adobe Photoshop to use our video editor. The Mojo free video editing app is available on iOS and Android and is aimed at professionals, as well as demanding individuals. Choose Mojo, the best video editor iPhone and Android.

Create professional videos easily with Mojo, the free video editing app

Using Mojo, the free video editing app, is very easy. First, you need to select the template you want to use. They are categorized by styles, so you can choose the template with special effects you like very easily. Different themes are available, such as fashion, photography, rounding, gold, food ... All the major Instagram topics are there!

Then, you need to customize your template. Our video filters app offers you to change the style, text, size, colours, and even the timing of the video. You therefore have control over everything, in order to create a totally personalized video. Once you have found the perfect special effects, text and animated gifts, your design is ready. You can now discover one of the most popular features of the Mojo free video editing app: the possibility of adding royalty-free music, available natively in the video editor. You can then share your creation directly on Instagram, Facebook or YouTube, or save it to your phone. You can also text it to your friend or family. In seconds, you can create an animated and original video, in order to stand out from the crowd and be competitive on social media.

Among the Mojo features, you can find "Pages", which allows you to group images or videos together in the same folder, in order to create a long Story on Instagram. It is possible to use different templates and then save them as a single video, thanks to our app to create video.

The video editor Mojo app adapts to all needs

The best video editor Mojo clearly stands out compared to other apps, thanks to its very complete offer in terms of personalization. You can find many features and effects. Indeed, with its 300 different text templates and styles, the possibilities are endless. Moreover, it is very easy to get started and produce very high-quality videos. The animation of images and texts offers a truly professional rendering, without any technical difficulty. Besides, Mojo is also a photo editing app and a photo background changer.

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How to make viral videos with the free Mojo video editing app?

  • Focus on quality videos that get to the point, so you don't lose your user's attention. On social media, short formats are generally the most popular videos (between 30 seconds and 1mn30). In fact, you need to hook up very quickly with your audience, and this happens in the first seconds of the video. If your clips don't get the attention, you will not generate engagement.
  • It may seem surprising to you, but the vertical video format is more and more popular today! The reason is simple: the videos are watched on a smartphone and therefore vertically. No need to worry about the black bands that appear on the screen. On social media, this format adapts very well and effectively eliminates the bands. Videos in square format can also be a good compromise (suitable for portrait format, as well as for landscape format). With Mojo free video editor and its many features and effects, you have the possibility to choose the format of your video!
  • We often forget the importance of subtitles in videos. However, a study shows that 85% of videos on Facebook are watched without sound. Why ? Because most of the time, Internet users watch videos on their smartphones, and they are often in a public place. So as not to disturb others, the smartphone is therefore in silent mode. Moreover, on Facebook and Instagram, videos are automatically muted! If you don't have subtitles, you'll have a much harder time capturing your viewer's attention. The video editor Mojo offers you to add text in many fonts to any of your videos.