How to make a video with pictures ?

The creation of a video with photos and music necessarily meets a goal. Indeed, a slideshow has a purpose. Is it about presenting a product? Teaching something or convincing your social media audience? Do you want to generate an emotion or entertain your followers? Here are some tips to create step by step a successful video with photos and music.

Define precisely the objectives of your slideshow

Before you jump headlong into the creation of your video with photos and music, take stock of your goals. To make it easier for you, try answering these questions:

  • What is the goal of the video with photos and music I want to create?
  • What are the 2 or 3 main messages that I want to convey through the slideshow?
  • Who is my video with photos and music for?
  • What are my expectations?

Answering these questions will help you to define your expectations and your own criteria, in order to evaluate the relevance of your slideshow. Finally, answer this final question: what is the key message that I absolutely want to convey in my video with photos and music? This must be clear and precise.

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Choose the right tools to create your slideshow

Only after defining the framework of your slideshow and its purpose, will you be able to choose the right tool to create your video with photos and music. Opt for Mojo, the free app dedicated to photo and video editing. Mojo, the video maker app, lets you design videos with photos and music! Download this tool and discover all the possibilities we offer you. In order to create a successful slideshow, you have to choose each photo that you will add to your video.

Among the video editing apps, Mojo is without a doubt the best tool you can find online.

Slideshow creation: how to choose each photo?

Making a photo montage requires composing with your photos and those of others. So get the maximum amount of good resolution photos and also some short videos, in order to make things dynamic. Give preference to photos and videos in landscape format rather than photos taken vertically with a smartphone, they will look better by taking up all the space (no vertical black bands).

Do you want to know how to add music to a video ? Discover our dedicated article!

Slideshow creation: which is the perfect music?

Select catchy music that lasts 3 minutes that people know. Also make the flow of your images to the rhythm of your music. To do so, we encourage you to use the best video editor iphone: Mojo! Our tool is free and available on the Apple Store.

Prepare the support of your video

Your plan is established, your ideas are organized; it's time to make your video with pictures and music. You must first create or retrieve a template. In a way, it is the graphic charter of your document, which will ensure aesthetic consistency (fonts, slide background, etc.) to your slideshow. On the Mojo app, you can choose from many templates. In total, more than 400 filters and templates are available in our free application. Choose the one that's right for you, based on your business identity or the profile you've created on Instagram, Snapchat, or Facebook. The look and design of the video template will determine the main colours of the pictures, the fonts, and the layout models. So take the necessary time to make this choice! Play around with fonts, feel free to use extra large print to emphasize key information. Use special effects and bright colours in your pictures and added content! Do not be afraid of neon: strong colours energize your video and awaken content that is sometimes boring.

Remember to use the best video filters app, which is Mojo app, the free tool!

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Plan your video with pictures and music

Even if it is only a movie made with pictures and music, it is important to define a summary. This allows you to list the elements you want to show, but also to define a sequence and a logical flow of information.

  • Introduction: Say what you are going to show during the movie
  • Body of the presentation: Say it! (present the message you want to spread through the pictures)
  • Conclusion: Say what to remember

The introduction of the movie

Make an introductory slide to your creation. The first picture of your slideshow will be on the cover of your presentation. We encourage you to add the following information: the title of your video, the date, and your first name, the name of your company or your nickname. Ideally, the title of this movie with photos and music should sum up the purpose and key message! Anyway, plan to explain in more detail the purpose of the presentation to your followers and audience.

Slideshow body

Make one slide per idea. In other words, do not try to put several ideas or concepts on a single picture! Keep in mind that the audience never takes more than two or three messages in a talk, so you don't have to spread too much information. Concentrate on your main objective and your key message: all your pictures should come to support and argue this one.

The conclusion of the video made with pictures

Slide through the key points of your presentation. You can add a final slide to open the debate, invite your followers to ask questions in comments, or more simply, thank people who have watched your content until the end.

Why choose the free Mojo app to make your video?

The free Mojo tool is an app to create video for social media: Instagram, Snapchat, YouTube, Facebook, etc. Our tool offers you many features. With Mojo, create your video with photos. Select pictures from your smartphone, or opt for royalty-free images available in our own library. Thanks to our filters, our animated GIFs and our many services, we allow you to design a unique video. Make an incredible slideshow with the Mojo free app!