What is the best video editor for iphone ?

The iPhone can't (yet?) compete with the cameras used in Hollywood blockbusters. But it has already been used to shoot short films, documentaries, and, of course, millions of clips. Video editing on the iPhone is becoming more and more popular. The quality of videos on Apple devices is exceptional, thanks to the quality of the brand's products. It would be a shame not to be able to edit your video right after taking it, especially if you want to share the moment with your friends, or on social media. However, there are many apps available on this device, and we are here to help you see a little more clearly. The best video editor app is definitely Mojo, the free video editing app for iOS. Why? Which are the features of Mojo, the video editor available on iPhone? The answer is here.

Why use the Mojo app to create videos with your iPhone?

Mojo, the best free video editing app on iPhone, is the most complete app for editing your videos. You'll be able to assemble video clips, add music and photos, visual effects (such as a time-lapse) and transitions, text, mix audio and even add subtitles. Once created, you can upload your videos to different platforms very easily. Mojo, the best free video editing app, is very well-made for amateurs and pros who want to quickly edit their videos for social networks. The app has not been developed to make a full movie, but unfortunately none of the video editing apps on iPhone can do that.

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What are the different features of Mojo, the best free video editing app on iPhone

Mojo, the best free video editing app on iPhone allows, in a very simple way, to make your own video montages and slideshows. You just have to import photos and videos on the app, and then use the multitude of features offered: change the orientation and crop, merge elements, invert, or split them, delete parts, make slow motion, etc. It is also possible to add background sounds, music, or even make voice recordings. And even more options are to discover on Mojo, the free video editing app! It is then possible to send and share the video wherever you want. In short, the best free video editing app Mojo is a very complete app.

Edit your videos easily with Mojo, the best free video editing app on iPhone

You're not a filmmaker, and have never taken a course on shooting and editing video? Don't worry about it! With Mojo, the best app for video editing, you don't need any special skills. All you need is an iPhone, then search for the app directly in the App Store. Download it, and get started! Mojo is intuitive and easy to learn. It was designed to be used by beginners. Not a video editing pro? Then Mojo is the app for you.

1. Choose a filter, among the 400 filters available on the video editor Mojo

You will find effects in different styles: vintage, disco, black and white, trendy, dynamic, etc. There's something for everyone. Found the perfect filter for your videos? Now you can import your content directly from your iPhone library.

2. Animate your video with Mojo, the video editor app

Thanks to Mojo, the best free video editing app on iPhone, you can now add different contents to your video, to make it more dynamic, attractive and qualitative:

  • Animated GIFs,
  • Text, in the font of your choice,
  • Stickers, in various themes,
  • Music, thanks to the library of royalty-free music offered by Mojo, etc. Here, you can find out how to add music to a video.

Don't hesitate to take a look at all the available features of Mojo, the best free video editing app on iPhone, and create high-quality videos.

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Create videos with photos from your iPhone, thanks to Mojo, the video editor app

Thanks to Mojo, the best free video editing app on iPhone, you have the possibility to create videos from the photos of your choice. Choose the different pictures from your library, then select the transition of your choice. Again, you can add a filter to your video, as well as animated GIFs or stickers. See more advice here, on how to make a video with pictures.

The Mojo app has been designed to create content for social networks

Mojo, the best free video editing app on iPhone, allows you to create content especially dedicated to different social networks like TikTok, Instagram, Facebook, Snapchat, and even YouTube. From the app, it becomes possible to design Stories, Reels, or videos using the codes of TikTok.
Do you want to get into the YouTube Game? Use Mojo, our video filters app, to create your future content!

How to create attractive videos for social networks?

Nowadays, you don't need to be a skilled filmmaker to create great videos that will look great on social networks. With a simple smartphone and a few accessories, any marketing expert can become the new Spielberg, even if he has never touched a camera in his life!

Don't use digital zoom

While it may sound like a good idea in theory, we don't recommend using your smartphone's zoom lens: you'll definitely get a blurry video. Until technology fixes this problem, the only solution is to get closer to the person or object you want to film, or to use the dedicated feature of Mojo, the best free video editing app on iPhone.

Capture the attention of the viewers

According to the eBuzzing agency, European leader in video advertising, the first 5 seconds of your video are the most important. If you can captivate your viewers at that time, they'll be much more likely to interact with your content and watch it in its entirety. You know what you have to do: pull out all the stops and do everything you can to generate interest thanks to Mojo, the app to create video.

On social media, keep it short!

Of course, there are counter-examples, such as the TED talks which, despite their long duration, gather many viewers on YouTube. But as a general rule, brevity is a must. In fact, many networks impose a time limit on their platform: 10 seconds on Snapchat, 30 seconds on Twitter and 1 minute on YouTube.

Download now Mojo, the best free video editing app for iPhone!