How to add music to a video ?

It's a fact: adding background music to your video allows you to create a moving and dynamic clip that will be remembered forever... as long as you choose the right soundtrack! In this article, you will learn the importance of adding a music track to your Instagram, Facebook, or Snapchat videos. Which song or music should you choose? Keep on reading to learn more!

Why is music so essential to your video strategy?

Still doubting the power of music and audio for your videos? When properly chosen, an audio track offers many advantages for your marketing strategy. And for good reason! Add music to your video editing could:

  • Boost your target's engagement: By releasing dopamine, music reduces stress and activates the reward circuit in the brain. The result: add audio track literally creates an emotional connection with your target audience, giving them a feeling of pleasure. And pleasure leads to commitment: a video that arouses positive emotions collects 40% more shares! Interesting, isn't it?
  • Optimize your brand image: like your visuals, the music of your video helps to underline who you are, as a brand or a person. Typically, urban audio will be associated with a trendy and energetic brand dedicated to a young audience; conversely, classical music will suit an older audience.
  • Affirm Your Business Position: More than a combination of sound and silence, music is an effective way to anchor your brand DNA in the minds of your followers on any social media app. For example, English-speaking music or an instrumental version will reflect a desire to position yourself internationally.
  • Help your viewers memorize your messages: Music is scientifically proven to promote memory and cognitive functions. Hence, a video with an audio background will be much more likely to be memorable and to make a good impression. Do you see this golden opportunity to make your brand unforgettable on your social media app?
  • Enhance your professionalism: when shooting a video, it can sometimes happen that noise disturbs certain takes. Fortunately, adding sound or an audio track can easily hide the unwanted noise. Use Mojo app, in order to create ever more professional videos with music!
  • Energize your video: Music can transform your content into a true audiovisual experience, injecting a certain atmosphere and dynamism into your content.

Do you want to add music to a video? To do so, you can download several video editing apps. Choose Mojo: it is the best app to edit stunning social media content!

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How to add music to a video using the free Mojo editing app?

You can add music to a video by using the free Mojo app. The good news is, it couldn't be easier! When you have created your video, all you have to do is tap the “brush” button at the bottom left of your screen. You then have access to all the audio features of the Mojo app. Click on the musical note "Music" at the very bottom of your screen. This feature allows you to add music from your smartphone (you can download any file that you want), or from the Mojo audio library. Songs in several themes are available: summer, joyful, party, and more. The free Mojo app lets you select the length of the music: 15 seconds, 30 seconds, or 60 seconds. Create perfect videos for your social media, thanks to the free Mojo app! Here you can learn how to make a video with pictures.

How to choose the perfect music for your video, with Mojo app?

Rule n ° 1: add royalty-free music only to your videos

A "royalty-free" music can be added freely to your videos. Use the musical genre that will convey the right emotions. Depending on the music you choose, you will not convey the same emotions to your audience. Concretely :

  • Pop or disco music goes hand in hand with an uplifting and jovial video.
  • Classical music infuses a nostalgic or magical video.
  • Soul music gives a suave and sensual effect to any video.
  • Rock music, for its part, brings an energizing side to your content.

You can easily understand the importance of choosing the musical genre, which conveys the right emotions! To do this, try to answer these three questions:

  • What emotion do you want to evoke through your video clip?
  • What do you want your audience to feel watching your video?
  • What tone do you want to give to your video?

Create high-quality content with the best video editor iphone and Android: Mojo app!

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Perfectly synchronize video and sound

The greatest video makers will agree: to effectively awaken the viewer's eye, the two video media (image and sound) must be in perfect symbiosis. And as you can imagine, the mixing of your video project is no exception to the rule! So yes: in order to create a professional quality video, you must harmonize the rhythm of the music and your images. To do this, simply spot the punchy tones of your soundtrack, then pair them with breathtaking images.

Good to know: Mojo app is also a video filters app.

Add relevant sound effects to your videos

If your video is appropriate, feel free to enhance your montage and add sound effects and other audio content to complete your music video. Yes, adding special sound effects sometimes makes all the difference ... and could well increase the attention of your followers and prospects. For example, you could:

  • Add impact noise to create a "wow" effect on your video.
  • Add a special sound effect to highlight an important caption in your video, or a striking phrase from an interview.
  • Slow down or speed up your music, to adapt the soundtrack to the rhythm of the images.

Add moments of silence on your videos

Who says video editing with music has to be loud all the time? Adding a few seconds of silence can even be beneficial, and emphasize a moment, or even create an effect of surprise.

You can do all this, thanks to the Mojo app to create video.