How to use a photo editing app ?

With the technological evolution of iOS and Android smartphones, and the development of tools dedicated to photo editing, you don't need to be a professional photographer to take great images. Mojo, the best free photo editing app, is a tool with which you can create stunning edited photos, thanks to thousands of filters, special effects and many features. Why and how to use Mojo? We will answer this question in this article dedicated to our app editor. We will also reveal to you some basic tricks on how to edit photos, and seduce your audience with the best Instagram, Facebook, or TikTok content.

What is the best free photo editing app?

With Mojo, the best photo editing app, you can bring dynamism to your photos! Add colourful and animated texts, choose the best filters among the 400 filters available in the app, add animated gifts, change the background of your photos, and more. With the Mojo editor, your posts on Instagram, Facebook, or Snapchat will come to life. In total, you can choose from 40 templates and many filters of very different styles. The good news is, they are all 100% customizable, according to your tastes and desires. Likewise, the free photo editing app Mojo offers you over 50 animated text styles, and many more features. You can customize typography, sizes, colours, positions, alignments, etc. Do you know other apps that are able to do the same, with high-quality features and filters? We don't think so...

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The process of editing a photo using the free Mojo editing app

  • Choose the photo you want to edit on your smartphone. The free Mojo app can automatically connect to your photo library.
    Then click directly on the photo, in order to have access to many features. You can zoom, to change the framing of the photo. Mojo, the best photo editing app, also offers you to remove the background of the photo. Thus, you can remove an unwanted element. Later, you will find out that Mojo also allows you to change the background of your photo.
  • By clicking on the + button, at the bottom right of your screen, you can access many other features. You can, for example, choose the filter of your choice, among more than 400 special effects. Mojo is one of the best photo editor tools if you are looking for many custom possibilities.
  • The next step consists in adding text to your photo. On social media apps, photos, and videos with text are very popular. Indeed, you will attract the attention of your audience much more easily! Mojo, the best free photo editing app, also allows you to add animated gifs or an animated logo (a perfect feature for professionals, who use social media apps as a medium of communication).
  • Is your photo perfectly retouched? Now you can add music to it. Mojo, the best photo editing app, offers a large library of royalty-free music . You will appreciate the variety of tracks available. Choose the soundtrack that matches the mood of your photo.
  • Among the features of the free photo editing app, you can also change the format of your photo and add special effects. Mojo, the best photo editor, also offers you to make collages.

How to create and edit perfect social media apps photos?

1 - Choose the theme of your Instagram, Facebook, or Snapchat photos

Whether it is an object, an animal, a person, a landscape… the person who is going to look at your photo must understand the message of your content, and what your subject is. You have to tell a story that your viewer must instinctively grasp.

2 - Choose the perfect light

It's all a matter of combination. Your smartphone does not allow you to manually adjust the exposure. But you still have the choice of the light reference point. Touch your screen in a place that is neither too dark nor too exposed. The application determines, from this selection, the best settings. By doing so, you can take a well-balanced photo. Do several tests with different benchmarks, so that you can choose the best one.

3 - The view angle

Try to find an original view angle that you are not used to seeing. You can also focus on a detail that, by definition, cannot be seen at first glance. A trivial object can become interesting if it no longer looks like it used to be.

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4- Use filters!

The intensity of the light can distort your subject, and you may lose your impact on your audience. Mojo (or other photo editing tools) filters provide more natural and softer light. The more balanced the brightness is, the more success your photo will have. Also remember to avoid backlighting!

5 - Choose the background carefully

The background of a photo is important, even if it appears blurry in the image. Ideally, use plain backgrounds to keep your followers' attention on the object you want to showcase, even if it is not in the center of the picture. Here, you can find a tutorial and learn how to make a side by side photo.

6 - Crop your photo

You don't have to take your photos in square format. Indeed, you can test the landscape or portrait format. With Mojo, you can crop or zoom, so you can have one, or more versions of the same photo. All you have to do is choose the picture that seems most relevant to you, or post several photos on your Instagram or Facebook feed.

7 - Promote your photos

You've spent time editing your photos with the free Mojo app (which is also one of the video editing apps and photo background changer available in the app market). Because of that, you want to get as many likes as possible. How to attract more followers on social media apps? Here are 3 bonus tips that will help you promote engagement with your photos:

  • Optimize Description: Tell the story of your photo and add a call-to-action to encourage people to engage. This is possible, thanks to the many features, filters and special effects offered by Mojo app (and other tools available online).
  • Use hashtags: add them to your description, without overdoing it. Find the most promising keywords and add ten.
  • Respond to your comments: Want people to like and comment on your photos? Consider taking care of followers who post comments. By responding to them, you encourage others to leave their opinion.
  • Use free photo editing tools, such as Mojo! Our free photo editing app can be used by everyone.