App to create video : is it hard ?

We know how important visuals and videos are to promote your activities online. Unfortunately, not everyone has a talent for editing videos. With Mojo, the free video editing app, you have the ability to create videos for Instagram, TikTok, Facebook, Snapchat, and even YouTube. How to do so? Is it hard to create content with this editor? How to make your videos successful on iOS and Android? We will explain everything to you. You can already download Mojo, the best video editing app!

Use Mojo, the best free video editing app

The Mojo app, available on Apple Store (iOS) and Play Store(Android), will allow you to create stories and videos appealing to users. This video editing app has been developed in France and offers a paid formula, with more styles and animation effects. With the free version of Mojo, the best video editing app, you can still make successful videos in a few clicks, then publish them directly on Instagram, TikTok, Facebook, YouTube, or Snapchat.

Mojo, the free video editing app, is very easy to use. This is one of the best free video editing apps currently available on iOS and Android. With our video editor, you can choose a filter (from a selection of 400 filters), add animated GIFs to your video, as well as copyright-free text and music. Mojo, the best free video editing app, is accessible for beginners and pros alike. It can even be used by companies wishing to design videos as part of a marketing campaign. Mojo is an intuitive and easy-to-learn video editor. We encourage you to discover its different features now, on iOS and Android! Maybe you are wondering how to add music to a video. Mojo is one of the apps to create videos with music, available on iOS and Android.

You are probably wondering how to create a quality video with Mojo, the best free video editing app? We offer you some tips, which will help you prepare high quality content, especially designed for social networks with Mojo, the app to create video with pictures and music.

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1. Make a short video for maximum impact

While quality content is the foundation of any successful production, your social media video must also consider another factor to be viewed to the end: the average human brain's concentration time. According to a marketing study conducted by Wistia, the engagement rate drops dramatically after the 2-minute barrier. However, the overall duration of your video also depends on the platform.
Thus, Instagram, TikTok and Snapchat only allow very short formats anyway, with videos not exceeding 15 seconds and video posts limited to 60 seconds. Live video can last up to 1 hour. On Facebook, you are less limited, but keep in mind that users are more likely to interact with a video that is up to one minute. Short format, influencers with ultra expressive faces and worked sound: the recipe works perfectly.

Good news: with Mojo, the best free video editing app, it is possible to create attractive videos, with animated Gifs, numerous filters and special effects.

You can learn here how to make a video with pictures with Mojo, the free app to create video from photos.

2. Choose the right video format

Facebook, TikTok, Snapchat, and Instagram are primarily mobile applications. If the landscape format has had its heyday, it is now imperative to adapt your video content to the new user habits. Put all your chances on your side with a format suitable for reading on a smartphone, such as portrait or square format, for example. The square video format (1: 1) is particularly popular with Facebook and Instagram users. However, vertical formats (4: 5, 2: 3 or 9:16) take up more of the smartphone screen and promote viewer immersion. For stories in full-screen format (9:16), be careful not to insert too much text at the top or bottom of your video: your profile picture may obscure your message. In short, optimizing your video for Facebook or Instagram is an important step that should not be overlooked.

Thanks to Mojo, the best video editing app available on iOS and Android, it is possible to choose the most suitable format.

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3. Consider to subtitle your social media video

At work, in transport, at the hairdresser or in the street ... It is in public places that your community uses its smartphone the most. This nomadic use means that their smartphone is often in silent mode. Today, 85% of Facebook videos are viewed without sound (source): it is therefore essential to take this data into account to make an effective social media video, at the risk of missing your target.

On Facebook or Instagram, the videos are launched in autoplay: playback begins automatically without sound when users scroll their feed. The importance of subtitling or narrative captions then takes on its full meaning in getting your point across. In addition to improving reading comfort and user experience, they allow you to capture a larger audience and generate more likes and shares for each video. This is the winning combination to dramatically increase the visibility and virality of your social media video.

With Mojo, the best video editor iphone and video editing app, it is possible to add text to your videos. In other words, you can add subtitles in order to make your videos more understandable. Get our video editor now, available on iOS and Android!

4. Push your target into action

An effective social media video should inspire action. To create engagement, you will need clear call-to-action. Highlight them so that they are quickly visible to your target. With the free video editing app Mojo, you can add a call-to-action with an animated GIF, a text, or an emoji!
Depending on your goals, you can choose from several customizable buttons on Facebook: "download", "buy", "register", "book now", etc.
On Instagram, invite your followers to tag their friends in comments, like your video, or click the link in your bio. Your sponsored videos can also contain calls to action like "read more" and you can optionally opt for a swipe up in your stories.

Download now Mojo, the video filters app.