Which photo editor can change background ?

When it comes to photography, it is important to highlight your subject, so that you only see it. But it is also very important to focus on your background photo as well. Who has never seen an object that seemed to come out of someone's head in an image? Let's find out together how to manage the background of your photos and increase the impact of the image on your audience. Thanks to Mojo app, the background changer, you are able to create a unique and perfect photo for social media.

The Mojo app allows you to change the background of your photos

In order for your photo to be more successful and generate a lot of likes on Instagram, Facebook or Snapchat, you must change its background. This allows you to highlight your subject. It could be, for example, your pet, your lover, your best friend, or just something that you find aesthetic or interesting. Thanks to Mojo, the app editor and background changer app, it is possible to change the background of all your photos. To do this, just click on "Remove background", a background eraser. The subject of your photo will then be perfectly cut out. Mojo, the background changer app, offers you to choose the colour of the background, from a wide range of colours. Opt for a background that matches the mood you want to bring to your image.

To help you create viral videos and photos with stunning backgrounds, download Mojo, the free app. This tool allows you to create high-quality content, thanks to various features such as the background changer. The Mojo app is a powerful video and picture editor created for any type of users.

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Tips to create a successful background for your photos

A photo with a bad background can be disastrous and completely distract from your subject. On the contrary, a photo with a good background can reinforce the subject, by creating an atmosphere, situating the context or giving information on its environment (the blurred Eiffel Tower in the background for example). So let's take a look at all the ways to get a photo with a good background, and the effect it can have on the ambience reflected by your images. You can use all the editing tools you like, such as Mojo!

Change location of your photo

It might sound obvious, but if your background is bad, you just have to shake it up. How ? Simply by changing the perspective or the location of the subject (or even the camera).

Keep it simple

The more you simplify your images, the easier it will be to get a good, simple and refined background. These kinds of backgrounds necessarily highlight your subject. It may seem simple to do so, but even using a blur in the background, there can be distracting elements. This is because the brightest places catch the eye, so if your background has small spots of light, they will distract from the subject of your photo. This especially happens when you have hard light, such as daylight and good weather.

Contrast the background against the subject of your photo

The eye is naturally intrigued by the contrast. As a consequence, it is interesting to contrast the background with the subject of your photo. If it is rather luminous, try placing a dark background behind it. But be careful: spots of light or colour can be treacherous! Likewise, if your subject is dark, you can place it in front of a luminous background, as long as it is broadly even, since specks of light might catch the eye. Also, keep in mind that a dark background or a light one will not create the same kind of ambiance. Multiple apps for bloggers allow you to retouch the backgrounds (Mojo app, for example!).

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Let the subject of your photo breathe

The goal is to eliminate the annoying elements from the background, but not to eliminate it altogether. It’s a major part of your image, and you have to integrate it into your composition, rather than trying to exclude it at all costs. And then anyway, it will always be there (unless you are using Mojo, the background changer app, allowing you to completely remove the background from your photo).

In short, remember to let your subject breathe. In other words, you have to leave room in the background. Be careful not to fall into the extreme opposite either: if it is very crowded, distracting, or if your subject is too small compared to the background, you will not have a satisfying result. You can learn here how to make a photo collage.

Change the focal length of the photo

At the same distance, a longer focal length tighter the frame. It means that you will have less of the background in the viewfinder. This can be a good way to remove distracting elements from the background, rather than bringing you closer to the subject of your photo. If you want to become an influencer on Instagram, Facebook or Snapchat, you need to learn how a camera works. Indeed, you need to know what a focal length, a lens, or a viewfinder is. This will help you achieve top quality photos. Thus, you will be able to create photos and videos that will go viral on the Internet! Use the background editing apps to retouch any of your visual content.

Learn how to use the backlight

By creating Chinese shadow effects, the backlighting greatly simplifies the creation of the background. That being said, you should know that the use of the backlight gives a particular rendering, as backlighting will often prevent the subject from being visible and creates a silhouette. However, we can very well imagine a background all in silhouettes, and a subject well lit by a secondary light source.

You can learn here how to remove unwanted objects.

A bit of photo editing

The background of a photo can be easily modified, thanks to the video editing apps The Mojo app is a background changer. Thanks to this tool, you can create perfect images, which will go viral on social media. Mojo also allows you to add music to your videos, but also to add filters, text, animated gifs and many other content. Mojo app is completely free. So, in order to become an influencer or succeed in your social media marketing campaign, download a photo editing app!