Tips and Tricks to Maximize your Instagram Fashion Stories

Just embarked yourself into the Instagram Stories train? Do you aspire to be top dog on this social media platform and make out the most of Instagram Stories strategy to take your fashion business to new heights? Good choice! Instagram has successfully imposed itself among top social networks with millions of content sharing posts on a daily basis through Instagram Stories Worldwide. In addition, it has been observed that more fashion brands are taking advantage of this upward social trend to boost up their sales. So, why not you? Create the perfect instagram story templates for content creators with the Mojo app.

Post Instagram Stories to increase fashion website traffic

Seize this golden opportunity offered by Instagram Stories to expand your fashion website traffic. Indeed, enlarging your audience’s circle means more customers, resulting in more sales.

Just dipped your toes in this online trading world? Going through a fuss thinking about how to design a unique brand layout for your Instagram Stories posts? No need to go through huge costs to create your Instagram Story fashion post templates, or instagram story templates for lifestyle!

Mojo Insta-editor is the best online graphic design tool kit for you to leave an everlasting effect on your Instagram audience in just a few clicks without spending hours designing your templates. Our exceptional crafted and fully customizable templates are what you need to make the difference. They do not require design skills to be manipulated. Our app is free to download. You can either dive in our free version to find your Instagram Stories post templates or subscribe to our pro version to enjoy advanced templates.

Stories Worldwide

Create your Instagram Story fashion post template with Mojo

Mojo’s pre-designed templates are not only professional but also customer-oriented. As Instagram story disappeared after 24 hours, let the artist in you come out and create aesthetic story content to maintain followers’ retention.

  • First step, download Mojo app. Your journey with Mojo will depend on whether you are selecting Story post templates from our free version or the Pro one with more features and advanced Story post templates.
  • Go on “Fashion” category to discover our awesome Instagram Stories templates. You can also find on the Mojo app instagram story templates for music artists, or instagram story templates for foodies.
  • Pick one template from different styles available to get started, for example Mirror template.
  • Double click on the preferred style template suitable for your Instagram Story content. Then, you will be thrown on our library image “Photos stock”.
  • Either you choose an HD photo from our selection or click on the “Plus” button to upload your own pictures.
  • With our unique features, customize your Instagram Story template. Resize the format, crop, zoom, personalize your background color, add and place your content box, use our different text styles and text colors, play with our font styles and colors.
  • Add filters to your pictures, use animated funny cartoon stickers and GIFs.
  • Add Hashtags to engage your Instagram followers or to grab potential ones.
  • Schedule your products' display on Instagram Stories with our free preselected music list.
  • If you have more than 10K Instagram followers, add a new page and include your website's link. The choice is all yours. Feel free to use all the functionalities of our app.
  • Preview your customized template before you post it on your Instagram business profile.
  • With Mojo, upload your videos directly to your online platforms.

Create and post high-quality Instagram Story fashion content

Like it or not, Instagram Stories are persuasive marketing tools if used effectively. Need some free advices for your Instagram Fashion Stories? Here we go.

Maintain brand consistency in your Instagram Story post template

Make sure that each time you post your Instagram Stories, the templates designs are fully consistent with your brand’s style, in terms of text styles and colors, font styles, image or template background color. Your brand Instagram templates are your online identity. Use our ready-made branded logo or create one with our available features. Remember to stick to your brand aesthetic.

You can also find here how to create instagram story templates for podcast creators.

Highlight your Instagram Stories post template

Have you been able to reach out more than 10k Instagram followers on your business Instagram account? Great!

You need to alert your followers that some fashion items are on flash sales? Swiping up your e-store link on your Instagram Story content is an excellent technique to redirect your followers to your website and items pages. Think about adding a caption box on your Instagram Stories designs to inform your social audience to swipe up to acquire more information about your fashion products. Insert links on your Instagram Stories templates to drive more traffic to your e-commerce page, whether to present a new collection, introducing latest fashion trends or to alert that a new promo is going on.

Create Instagram Story post template that include engaging poll and question stickers. By adding question stickers, you are setting up a two-way social and lively communication between you and your audience about your fashion items. In addition, think about adding animated GIFs, location, hashtag stickers and customers’ reviews on your Instagram Story post template for more engagement.

These tips are free but proven to be fully efficient. Your audience will feel that their feedbacks are important to you and they will feel more engaged towards your fashion e-business.

Posting your Stories
media platform
Exemple of story templates

Create and post “a behind-the-scenes” Instagram Story template

Posted Instagram stories templates are automatically deleted after 24 hours, but can greatly impact on your followers. Think about creating authentic “behind-the-scenes” Instagram Stories with our preset filters, animated cartoon stickers or with other available features. Your audience will be curious to know where your products are from, materials used, tutorial videos about their manufacturing process, unboxing new items in your stock and so on. While customizing your template, think about blurring your background to highlight your business items.

As a matter of fact, being able to see all these processes will help your Instagram followers in their purchasing decision. Indeed, nowadays buyers are concerned to know more about the product’s origins, the way they were manufactured and by whom.

Spontaneous live content will entice your Instagram audience’s participation and engagement, raising up your fashion brand loyalty.

Keep these free tricks in mind when you create an Instagram Story fashion template. Be in the trend, use Mojo to design captivating Stories templates to meet your targeted fashion sales on Instagram.

The best instagram story templates for influencers are available on the Mojo app.