Instagram Story Templates for Content Creators

Do you want to constantly create incredible Instagram posts that stand out, without spending hours crafting them? Mojo App provides you a set of carefully chosen templates that will help you save time for your content creation on social media. The App consistently has updates and other features to give you the possibility to diversify your posts and develop your brand aesthetic with consistency.

Upgrade your Instagram stories and social media posts to another level with this content-crafting app. You will find instagram story templates in various trending categories such as photography, fashion, digital, food, beauty, and marketing. Whether you are an influencer, content creators, selling products or promoting your business, you will certainly find something for you or you can simply create your own magic with unlimited features.

Here are some features of Mojo App :

  • Various video Editing options
  • Text Effects for all occasion
  • Music for all tastes
  • Animated Stickers to add special effects
  • Optional to add various pages to your stories to add your other social media links

Your experience with Mojo App will depend on whether you have the pro-version or the free version. The Pro-version allows you to enjoy more advanced benefits. But still, you have 3 days free of the Pro version. At its best, you can surf on all the templates of the pro version freely for three days and discover the features displayed for your social media stories.

Instagram Story Templates for Music Artists

Your new album is out? Are you going live? Or simply you want to share your existing music on Instagram stories or other social media platforms? Mojo can provide you ready made templates to catch the eyes of the Instagram audience for more visibility.

Here are some easy steps to follow to draft your template on Mojo App:

  • Choose your template from the ‘music’ category,
  • Add your picture or the picture of your band,
  • Or record short videos of your song/behind the scenes or live footage,
  • Add the link where your album can be sold or where it can be listened,
  • Check out the various animated features as adds-on

With Mojo App, you can add additional pages to insert all your various social links so that you can be followed on other social medias.

Templates for Music Artists

Instagram Story Templates for Podcast Creators

You want to have a higher exposure of your podcast? The key is to think outside the box and utilise the tools available to market your show. No need to spend money to make great Instagram stories, Mojo App allows you to make various types of videos which will save you time and money.

Here are some ideas to market your podcast via Instagram Story using Mojo App:

  • Make a video to announce new episodes to your audience. Do not forget to add the date and the name of your guest.
  • You can also make selfies with your guest and make a story to show your audience the profile of your guest and who they are actually listening to. Do not forget to tag your guest and apply Hashtags to get more reachability and exposure.
  • If you have reached your 10,000 followers, seize the occasion to add the link in your story so that your audience could swipe up to access your podcast.
  • Make videos with an inspirational quote or add a quote of your guest. You can further design your own template and use the photo of your guest as background.
  • >Apply as much graphic as possible and make a small video of the interview so that your audience can get a gist of the whole interview.
  • Make a behind the scenes small video to show who you are recording, the environment and how your podcast is done. This is a way to create a relationship with your audience.

Instagram Story Templates for Foodies

Mojo App has already created lots of ready-made templates that you can post on Instagram in a modern style. You can choose from various instagram story templates for business owners as listed on the ‘food’ template category. All the templates have been carefully crafted to increase the appealing effect of your pictures.

Some examples of the various templates available are:

  • for your food recipe and preparation process with pictures
  • for the menu of the day
  • for advertising of your restaurant

Lastly, you can add your logo, add colours and use animated texts that will make your pictures come alive.

Instagram Story Templates for Fashion Bloggers

You have a new collection of clothes coming out? You need to do the marketing? With Instagram stories you can post as many times a day without hurting your audience target. However, it can be very time consuming to make various stories from scratch. Sometimes we are hit by the lack of inspiration or lack of time.

Mojo App has already crafted various instagram story templates for shop owners for different types of tastes and preferences to help you to stand out from the crowd. Select ‘fashion’ on ‘Styles’ and you just need to select your template, your text, the animated text of your choice, the colour font and background. You can keep that template for your other fashionable items to be posted, thus not wasting time crafting other templates.

Instagram Story Templates for Lifestyle Content Creators

Mojo App is a revolution for photo and video creativity with its cutting-edge and ‘thinking outside the box’ photos and videos template. Lifestyle content creators can bring life to their ideas and use Mojo various templates as inspiration to increase your extensive creative skills.

Whether your focus is on beauty, fashion, food, travel, photography, marketing, or something else, on Mojo app you will provide you with all the necessary templates to be able to continually post images, reels or videos in your feed to increase your dedicated audience.

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Fashion Bloggers
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Instagram Story Templates for Bloggers and Influencers

Influencers and bloggers post on all aspects of their daily lives, they have to find appealing content to keep audience attention. Mojo App provides for a variety of templates on various spheres such as lifestyle, scrapbooking, glitch and fitness. For example, if you are a fashionable icon, you have to put on headlight stories on your fashion sense and creativity. It is noteworthy that people are easily attracted to uncommon details so feel free to use Mojo App Templates to create magic.