Grow your small business with Instagram Stories

Since past years, we can observe that more and more brands are making use of social media to broaden their customer base. As a result of this consumer market expansion, the brands’ productivity has been skyrocketed. Instagram is incontestably on the top list of social media platforms used to boost up all kind of businesses’ activities, from small to big ones, from newly launched businesses to famous brands. Indeed, Instagram has been proven to be among the best cost-effective marketing tools to reach out a large number of customers, as confirmed by a conducted survey. 81% of respondents declare that Instagram was helpful in reaching up both products and services.

Are-you engaged in a self-initiated business? What are you waiting for? Use Instagram to build up your business brand and increase your marketing network. With the massive influx of users, Instagram is for sure the best social media platform to take your business sales to the next level. Make your brand stand out, thanks to instagram story templates for business owners.

Create Post Instagram stories with Mojo, your fearsome weapon to grow your business brand

As a matter of fact, when you are launching a new business, an effective selling approach must be implemented to reach out potential customers. Before the existence of social media, a business operating cost was quite expensive. Due to Instagram's low operating cost, this platform is your best weapon to boost up your business by enlarging your followers’ circle, along with its various functions like stories.

Create and post Instagram stories to make your social presence stands out with Mojo free app. You do not know what is exactly a story and the aim behind it on Instagram? Well, a story is simply a sequence of posted videos and photos, taken from either your photo gallery or in live, which are automatically deleted from your Instagram account after 24 hours. Check out the instagram story templates for photographers, or Mojo's instagram story templates for fitness.

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The secret behind mind-blowing Instagram stories

Let us guide you step by step to create and to post an awesome story to grow your business. Make sure that Mojo app is downloaded to access our dazzling templates. Open our app, on the bottom side of the app, you will see the feature “My stories”. Tap on it, then on your top right corner, log in to your account. If you do not have one, then subscribe either to a monthly package or a yearly one. The price depends on the subscription chosen. The good news is that you have a free three-day trial to see the uniqueness of our templates to create your story and level up your business.

Mojo provides you with high-quality instagram story templates for restaurant.

Post Instagram stories with Mojo killer templates

The number of followers on your Instagram account is an indicator of customers’ trust in your business products and services. It is somehow a way to stay ahead in this competitive business world.

Take advantage of the use of Stories Highlights to create a business-related bond with your followers.

First step, among our exceptional ready-made online templates gallery, select instagram story templates for company that will showcase your business brand in your Instagram story. For instance, if you are in direct selling business activity and your products are jewelry made with crystals, then pick up a design template that will put your business products and services in the spotlight.

How to select a template for your Instagram story

  • Go on the feature “My Stories” on Mojo's app.
  • Choose your preferred style from our music and audio templates, scrapbooking templates, grid templates, slideshow templates, fashion templates and many more.
  • Tap on the figure style appropriate for your story content. From here, you will be thrown on our art gallery "Photos stock".
  • You can either choose a photo from our image library that will create a high impact on your Instagram audience or upload your own photo or video.

Edit your Instagram story template

Our setting editor feature gives you the choice of cropping unwanted details and of zooming on small elements. You can even resize your templates if you wish to. Think about editing your color background with our beautiful colors or with a personalized one from our color wheel chart.

Create professional Instagram stories with Mojo to grow your business

After selecting your killer template, let your creative juices flow with our awesome predesigned filters to create and post outstanding stories. Do not stress out! Mojo app is user-friendly.

Edit your Instagram story photo

Our preset filters have been creatively elaborated to project captivating and stylish Instagram stories. From retro effects to photographic camera effects, you are fully equipped to add your own touch of creativity to your story. Click on the + button found on the bottom of the Mojo app to customize your stories with our bunch of GIF. Let’s say you are selling crystal jewelry, you can add sophisticated animated hearts or sparkling cartoon stickers to convey the message that jewelry is a sweet and romantic gift to your loved ones.

Use the Mojo text editor for your Instagram story

Design your business brand for your Instagram stories

Mojo provides ready-made brand logo that can be used on your stories. Yet, you can create one by using the various text styles at your fingertips. Customize your business brand in such a way that it reflects fully your business activities and your Instagram followers' persona. Among our text styles, you will find fancy lettering, sliding ones, calligraphy lettering and many more. Choose your font styles and font colors with our unique palette that will represent the most of your business activities.

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Insert a content box on your Instagram stories

Add a content box on your Instagram story templates to make them more lively. With the right wordings, the content box gives a small description of your products. Select your content box, click on it to change its position to outline your templates. Adjust text styles, font styles and font colors for a well-balanced visual.