Foodies: Share your passion through Instagram Stories

Instagram is the most used social media platform for different types of creators. Food Lovers are using Instagram to turn their passion for food into a career. If you are a chef, food blogger or foodie, you will be passionate to share your favourite recipes and food critics. Content creators are using Instagram to share their passion and skills to display their love for food. The objective is to grow their followers and especially to increase engagement on Instagram.

Why do foodies use Instagram?

The world is going more and more digital, whereby social media plays an integral part in marketing and promoting your product to your niche. Instagram provides various options that content creators can use such as Stories, posts, Reels Instagram TV. However, stories are proven to reach more followers and its recent features allow more engagement through polls, questions and quizzes. Due to its limited durability of 24 hours, it is crucial to create killing stories to make your followers stop and view your stories.

Also, Instagram stories are free, so content creators should make the most of it to promote the sale of their food and promote its food-business.

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Making Instagram Story Templates for Foodies with Mojo App

You need to use outstanding template designs to stand out in the crowd to increase your likes. Mojo App provides for exceptional instagram story templates for content creators and layouts for all tastes and preferences, in different trending categories. Impossible not to find your desired template. To get started, all you need to do is to download Mojo App, and choose ‘Food’ Category. You will find a bunch of ready-made aesthetic templates for foodies, but also instagram story templates for fashion bloggers, or instagram story templates for music artists

Using Mojo App, allows you to create incredible Instagram stories that will develop your brand aesthetic. Mojo App is an editing App specialised in creating Instagram stories that are fun and easy to make. Choose from a set of carefully crafted ready-made templates, which are timesaving. The whole process involves a combination of selections on the ‘brush’ and ‘plus' button and click and drag tasks that can be done within minutes.

However, you can also create your own template design from scratch for your content creation. Find various other features on Mojo, such as advanced animated text with high quality fonts, amazing backgrounds, various colour palettes, text size, timings, audio and stickers. It allows you to make your own brand templates that will reflect your persona and it will be easy for your fans to recognise your story instantly.

Foodies Instagram Stories templates from MOJO APP

Mojo App has created various unique Instagram food templates that are branded and engaging to showcase your talent and get past all the traffic on Instagram. Here are some ideas for foodies to create their Instagram Stories with Mojo App:

Template idea 1 for Foodie Instagram Stories

If you are a traveling foodie, you would like to share your different food experiences while travelling. This is considered as a lifestyle in itself and involves restaurant reviews as well. You can also take a food tour and post various posts and reviews.

You just need to take pictures and add it to the template. It is already animated and has been designed in such a way to be eye-catching. Just follow the steps and within minutes you will have your template ready to post.

Template idea 2 for Foodie Instagram Stories

Content creators and foodies need to stay up to date with their posts daily. It can be time consuming to look for inspiration everyday. With mojo App, find the various templates available. For example, find templates on food to showcase your dishes in an aesthetic way that can be used on a daily basis.

Make a short creative video or photos; choose your template; add your appetizing food images; add an animated text; make quick changes to your desired colors, fonts, layouts, and other design aspects. You can make as many changes as you wish and it is done.

Template idea 3 for Foodie Instagram Stories

Share your recipes in a more professional way. You no longer have to post various pictures or long videos to share your ingredients or recipes that are low in engagement and views because not all your audiences will watch all your stories, especially if it is crowded. You just need to choose a creative template, add the pictures, audio and text and it is ready to post.

Tips to make stunning photos or videos for your Instagram Stories

To become famous on Instagram you need to make stunning photos or videos. Here are some tips taking Instagram food photos for your Instagram Story:

  • Choose the right subject
  • Use textured backgrounds such as marble or wooden cutting boards so that you can best showcase your dish, the ingredients or drinks.
  • Use natural lights and avoid flash.
  • Shoot from the best angle. Most commonly used is shooting from above when the food is well arranged on a plate. However, if the dish is built vertically, shoot it straight on.
  • Tell a Story in the way the food is organised. Pasta twirled on a fork will create more reactions than food flat on the plate.

Check out the Mojo's catalog dedicated to instagram story templates for podcast creators.

Posting your Stories on Instagram

Now that the story is created, it is time to post on Instagram. This can be done easily on the App itself. As soon as you click on ‘save’ you are directed to another platform whereby you have various social media platforms such as Instagram, Facebook, Tik Tok etc.

Create poll

Instagram is the biggest social media platform that involves engagement. Create a poll and make your audience's response to your posts to increase engagement. You can add questions or quizzes. This is the best way to enhance your effective engagement with your followers and create a lasting expression in their mind.

Use hashtags for post optimization

Using relevant hashtags can upgrade your visibility on Instagram. Avoid overuse of hashtags so as not to be found as spam and they will not be displayed on search pages.

Here are some popular food related hashtags that you can include in all instagram story templates for influencers:

  • Hashtag the name of the food: #Pasta #Burger
  • Hashtag of the Category of the food: #Mexican #Indian
  • Timeframe: #dinner #breakfast #lunch
  • General food hashtags: #food #foodstagram #foodblogger #instafood #instayum
Posting your Stories
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Exemple of story templates

Tag friends

Tag people in a photo with whom you have been having lunch. In doing so, you will increase visibility with their followers.

Add your location

If you are on a travel foodie trip, add your location so that your followers can travel along with you.

Mojo also provides you with amazing instagram story templates for lifestyle.