Make your Instagram Lifestyle Stories turn viral with Mojo Templates

An influencer is a public personality known on social networks: Instagram, Youtube, Tik tok, Snapchat, Twitter or Facebook. They have visibility and an audience on their account. Influencers give credibility to brands that wish to collaborate with them. Influencers have to set up a marketing strategy to promote products or services of different brands via posts, stories or videos (depending on the platforms used). He must set up influencer actions that will allow him to have partnerships or paid collaborations with brands. You want to become a Lifestyle influencer on Instagram? In that case, you need our free Mojo app. Mojo will guide you through the creation of Instagram Stories, thanks to various Templates in the Lifestyle category. In this complete guide, you will discover how to optimize your posts, thanks to Mojo's instagram story templates for content creators.

What are the different features of Instagram for Lifestyle influencers?

The Instagram app offers many features to help you develop your community around the theme of Lifestyle.

  • Mention and notify Instagram users in your story
  • Use geolocation filters to show your location (very useful for those who set up projects on a local level)
  • Integrate music within the Instagram story
  • Use social media hashtags
  • Mark your position
  • Use filters, gifs or stickers to make your design stories more dynamic
  • Set up polls or questions to ask the opinion of people in your community
  • The possibility to create quizzes, polls or countdowns
  • Use all sorts of other fun features to customize your Template design
  • Performing lives on Instagram (for example to perform an interview)

Recently (2020), the social network launched a new feature, inspired by the success of TikTok: Instagram Reels. It is a new format of stories that allows users to make small video clips. The maximum duration of these small videos has not changed (15 seconds). On the other hand, and unlike stories, the ephemeral side no longer exists! Users will still have the opportunity to view your Reels 1 month later on your Instagram page. Instagram Reels can therefore be shared in stories but also on your own Instagram page, in a dedicated section (like IGTV videos).

The free Mojo app has some tips, to get your Lifestyle influencer career off to a good start on the social media Instagram. You can also find on the Mojo app instagram story templates for fashion bloggers and more generally speaking instagram story templates for influencers.


Remember to vary your Instagram Lifestyle Story Templates with Mojo

The free Mojo app offers you more than 400 Instagram Story Templates. In our catalog, you will find Templates perfect to highlight your daily publications. The Lifestyle category, but also Food or Health offer you a lot of high-quality Templates.

Alternate between human, landscape or life scenes and text.
Also think about using both video and photo stories.
Also think about humor! It's always nice to come across a photo that makes us smile in the middle of the hundreds of Stories we see scrolling by every day.

Opt for the right Instagram Stories format, thanks to the free Mojo app

Try as much as possible to post your Stories in full screen (except when the editing brings a real added value). By occupying the entire screen, the photos will be more immersive and will attract the eye of the viewer more .
The format to respect is 1080 x 1920 pixels. As for videos, they must be the same size, not exceed 4 GB and can last up to 60 seconds.

With our free Mojo app, you can choose the most suitable format. Download Mojo now to learn more about its different features and discover instagram story templates for music artists, but also instagram story templates for podcast creators.

Play with the colors of your Instagram Story Templates

Have you often told yourself that the color palette offered by Instagram to write or draw is quite thin? Then we strongly encourage you to download our free app Mojo. Indeed, we offer you to fully customize your Instagram Story Templates. Choose, according to your visual identity, the colors that best suit you.

Finally, if you want to put a background of the color of your choice to your Stories (to write text for example), just use the dedicated feature of Mojo, the free app dedicated to social media! Remove the background of your image, and replace it with the color of your choice. You can even add special effects!

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More tips for successful Instagram Story Templates

  • Show behind the scenes and "backstage": the behind-the-scene organization of an event, the preparation of a live class, the packaging of your chocolate bars, etc... Address your followers directly, by showing yourself in front of the camera, to broadcast an announcement.
  • Share messages or photos sent to us by members of our community.
  • Film yourself embodying the lifestyle you want to promote. A fitness coach, for example, can record himself during his workouts
  • Post between 1 and 7 stories per day: beyond that, viewers get bored and zap you.
  • Post outside of work hours: very early in the morning, between noon and two or later in the evening. These are the best times to get everyone's attention.
  • Get people hooked from the very first story: you have a contest to organize? A message to pass on? Be very catchy from the first story to keep your audience attentive. With Mojo, you can create a unique design for each Instagram Story Template.
  • Post simple things: the story is a tool that users want to consume quickly. To make it effective, post evocative photos with short texts.
  • Do your own analysis: depending on the subject, the time of publication, the length of your story... There are no miracle recipes and your method may be the one that suits your audience. It's up to you to make your own case study!

Succeeding on social media, and especially on Instagram, is not an easy task. Indeed, the design of each template must be imagined and created with care. Do you want to become a lifestyle influencer on social media? Then you can't do without Mojo, the free application. Mojo accompanies you throughout the creation of your Stories, thanks to a unique and qualitative design Template, which you can customize at will. Check out here Mojo's instagram story templates for foodies.