What apps do bloggers use for Instagram?

Instagram is one of the best platforms for increasing your business growth. It is the social network of choice for bloggers and influencers. No other app attracts so many people to post photos of their travels or their lives, or even to promote their products. Although Instagram is an intuitive application and very easy to use, you still need to think about the photos you post, think about a good marketing strategy and define your target audience well.

You'll never know all the secrets of the Instagram algorithm, so it's hard to make a totally consistent feed, but many people do manage to get to grips with some of the secrets that make their account take off. Above all, before publishing a photo, edit it and improve it as much as possible.

Some editing apps for bloggers allow you to change the background of a photo, you can do this using the tools on the Mojo app for android or iOS: photo background changer

What best apps for instagram bloggers use to edit your photos?

There are many photo editing apps on android out there, not just our Mojo app. It's still hard to choose from them all, however each of these apps has its own advantages that will allow your artistic eye to unleash its creativity.

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The Snapseed app, one of the most popular for the blogging

This app is available on android and iOS and it is free for your google blog! It is an app that was originally independent but since 2012 it is attached to Google, as the American giant bought it.

Snapseed is known for its wide range of features, its easy to use interface and especially for the ease of editing on a smartphone. All you have to do is upload your photo to be edited to the app and then a lot of adjustments are made automatically in a very precise way and in a very short time. If you want to do it manually and tweak your photo, no problem Snapseed offers some sophisticated editing tools such as precision masking which allows you to directly change the focal point, which few photo editing software offer.

Some editing tools are essential for quality image editing, find them on this link: editing tools

A mobile app developed by Adobe: Photoshop Express

Professional and amateur photographers alike will love this android/iOS app, which can be found on android and iOS for free. Of course, this version does not offer as many features as Photoshop on the computer, which seems logical! The number of downloads on the download platforms is exploding, the app is a huge success.

However, many of the photo editing and post-processing tools found in Photoshop on the computer are found in the smartphone application on android. Of course this app is entirely geared towards photographers who only use their smartphone to take pictures and for this special algorithms allow you to improve the main problems quickly.

Some of the features like the perspective correction allow you to improve the dimension of your photos taken with a mobile phone, this problem is usually due to the lenses of the smartphones. One of the tools even allows you to reduce blur by increasing the contrast automatically. You can create your own filters for your blog and have access to many other existing filters.

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Another best blogging app available on android and iOS: VSCO

This is a photo editing app that is just as old as Snapseed and is also free on android. VSCO has played on the new trend of smartphone photography blogging by offering more and more new features and editing tools that have given a considerable reach to photos taken only with a smartphone.

VSCO remains one of the best and most downloaded apps in the mobile phone editing market. The app's success is mainly due to the special filters it offers that have no equivalent elsewhere, but also unlike other apps where you are on your own, on VSCO a community can help you solve all your problems.

You can share your work with other artists directly on VSCO. It is possible to make sophisticated modifications like changing the depth of field or focusing manually.

Know that photo collages have an important place in publishing, learn more with this link: how to make a photo collage

A little diversions on the most used filters by bloggers on Instagram

A filter can be the tool that will make your simple image, a successful image! Filters play on algorithms and are created by photographers to make the eye much more attracted to certain details in photography. They change the contrast, brightness, saturation, etc. and many other things in a photo to make certain colours stand out over others or certain elements.

However, these filters are limited, as our mobile phones are limited in terms of lenses that do not capture as many pixels or as much detail as those used by cameras. Photo editing is therefore limited on smartphones, although it is already sufficient for many retouches. There are many choices of filters, so be careful not to overdo it and focus on a few.

Find on this link the best android apps for bloggers but also those on iOS: background editing apps

A popular filter: The Russ

Which was created by the app AfterLight, which also has some very good editing tools. This app focuses mainly on filters and the Russ is the most used on AfterLight and elsewhere. The principle of this filter is to decrease the contrast while increasing the brightness. Feel free to test it to see the result on your images!

Another filter used for blogging: the Wool

developed by A color story, an application that used to dominate the market but has lost its place to other applications. This photo editing software offers free and paid filters to drastically improve the aesthetics of your images. The team at A color story has understood that bloggers are looking for homogeneous photos and not just beautiful images. Another filter worth checking out is the "Wool" filter, which gives your photos a warm, autumnal look!

If you have a mobile phone with android you must have android apps for bloggers, check this link: remove unwanted objects