How to make a photo collage ?

The photo collage creator that we provide on Mojo app allows you to make free photo collages and create compositions with a clean and original design that will be popular on social networks. We also offer many ready-made templates, of course you can replace the photos with your own! You can also add text, graphics, drawings, etc. It only takes a few moments to make a quality photo collage.

Before making a photo collage, it is recommended to modify the background of your image, on this link you will learn more: photo background changer

Create impactful stories with quality photo collages

To tell a story or describe the different stages of a scene, it is recommended to make dynamic photo collages and to put the photos in the order of the events to avoid that your subscribers are lost while viewing your story. With our Mojo photo collage creator, you have many templates that can be adapted to any situation! A wedding, a birthday, a party, it's up to you! You simply choose your template and put your photos on it. Whether on Instagram or Facebook, this method of sharing unique moments is very popular with users.

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How to make a photo collage?

On Pinterest and Facebook, product presentations are often made with photos pasted together. Import images detailing all the features of your products, this will allow customers to see the whole product in one composition and then click on the link in the post to go to the online shop and buy it. If you want to create a stand out design, it's easy with the features on the Mojo app and the business templates available to you.

To do all this you will need tools that we provide you with, learn to master them by clicking on this link: editing tools

Simple but effective presentations

Words are just as effective as images in getting a message across, so don't neglect your text. With Mojo you have the ability to integrate text into your composition so that some people will understand it better. With our templates you can unleash your creativity, we give you the tools but now it's up to you to use them to transform your images.

Merge your photos with a single click

With the image combiner integrated in our app, you can put your photo in a vertical or horizontal position in two clicks! You can also change the thickness and colour of the frame of your composition by decreasing or increasing it. Photo collating is now within everyone's reach, whether you are a company or someone who just wants to present their travel photos.

Why use our image combiner to make your photo collages?

A simple drag and drop function

Simply drag and drop the photos of your choice into the cells and then change the position of the cells if they don't suit you to create an aesthetic and uncluttered composition. Our app will automatically resize your photos so that they fit perfectly into the cells and the rendering is of high quality.

Bloggers love the kind of features offered by some of the editing apps you'll find here: apps for bloggers

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Exemple of story templates

Our free photo collage templates

However, please keep in mind that we only provide templates that have already been created but in no case do we customize templates for you, we are not a graphic design agency. Our templates can give you ideas to create your own and customize them while keeping a part of one of our templates. You can make collages to describe the stages of any event, your child's birthday, family dinner, your brother's wedding, etc.

You have access to fonts, templates, etc. on our app

Mojo app gives you access to a library with countless fonts, free photos (dishes, etc.), shapes, emojis, etc. that you can add to your photo collages quickly by dropping them into one of your cells. Have fun and create the collage that will make your Instagram or Facebook account take off.

Advanced editing tools that do as much as paid software

Mojo not only provides access to photo templates but also to photo editing tools and features that you won't find elsewhere. For example, you can add text, filters, adjust the brightness of each of your cells and also the contrast, crop your images, remove the background of one or more of your images, etc. All these actions can be done in a few seconds and in a few clicks.

No time limit on our app, make collages whenever you want

No paid version, everything is available for free, whether you are on a smartphone or a computer, you can make compositions at any time. If you have taken pictures during the day and you want to paste them together, do it on the train or in the car when you come back from your trip.

It is important to modify or not your background before a photo collage, take a look at this link: background editing apps

Our app works on a PC

The Mojo photo collage maker can work offline on your computer. Existing cells and all our other features are available even when offline, so you can work from anywhere without any problems. You have access to some features to enhance your images a bit more: editing your images at the same time not one by one, possibility to add HDR, removing imperfections, etc. Advanced retouching made easy! Don't wait any longer, download our Mojo app for Windows or Mac and start creating your best compositions. Once you’re done, you can download your photo collage as a PDF, PNG, or JPG file. You can print out your collages or share it directly to social media.

Download a photo collage app to remove unwanted objects from your images, nothing could be easier, on this link you will learn more about it: remove unwanted objects

Turn yourself into an amateur graphic designer for a moment!