How to edit the background of a picture app ?

Keep in mind that you don't need to be a professional graphic designer or master professional tools to change the background of a photo on an app. There are so many different ways to change your wallpaper, so let's focus on the easy ones. If you only use your phone to take pictures, at some point filters and other effects will no longer be sufficient, and you will have to opt for other solutions. Some apps are more sophisticated than others, you will have more editing options depending on the app you choose. There are a lot of background editing apps on android and the Apple store that will allow you to change the background, but we recommend Mojo. Indeed, the Mojo app offers a powerful, yet easy and user-friendly feature to remove the background of a picture. Let's see how it works!

The Mojo app and its features

Mojo provides a photo background changer among its features. With the Mojo app, you will be able to remove the background of any picture you want, but also combine two elements from two different photos of your choice. The action to do so is really simple and intuitive with this app.

  • With the Mojo application, it becomes possible to highlight the central element of your photo. How do you do it? Here are the steps to follow:
  • Select the photo you want to propose as an Instagram Story.
  • Choose the Instagram Story Template you are interested in.
  • Tap on the photo. You will then be presented with several options. Choose "Remove background". Save your changes, then select the brush at the bottom left of the image. From now on, you can change the background color, but also add aesthetic effects. The Instagram Story Templates Mojo application also allows you to choose a photo of your choice, as a background for your image.

The options are numerous for a nice and natural look, you can adjust the colours and even create a shadow to make your new photo as realistic as possible. Before you start editing photos with other apps for editing photo background, check out this link : editing tools.

Good news: the Mojo application is completely free. In fact, you can have access to different features for free.

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The Mojo editor app is an app for iPhones too

With this app you will have access to a lot of new effects, but also to powerful editing tools with which you can change the saturation, contrast, and colors of your photo. This app is free and accessible to anyone with an iPhone! All the backgrounds can be changed and the item you have selected can be highlighted against the background and vice versa.

Don't panic, Mojo doesn't let Android users down

it's the perfect app if you want to get some out of the ordinary effects (smoke, bubbles and many more)! With our Mojo app, you can fully customize your Instagram Stories, including their background. We offer colorful backgrounds, but also animated backgrounds! Scrolling stripes, changing colors, kaleidoscopic effects... You will surely find the background that fits your desires!

Mojo is one of our users' favorite apps for bloggers. So don't wait any longer to discover our different features!

Mojo app is one of the easiest apps to use

On some of your photos, you like your smile or your pose. However you have a not very nice background, and you would like to see yourself on a beach or next to a monument. Don't panic, it's quite possible! You will be able to teleport yourself where you want with only a few manipulations on this app. As we said before, any image of your choice can be selected as the background of your Instagram Stories.

To mix several elements in one photo, click on this link : how to make a photo collage.

With Mojo features, you can remove unwanted objects from a photo

Before reading on, please click on this link to learn more about unwanted objects : remove unwanted objects.

Download the app Mojo on your iPhone, this free app is also available on Android.

Sometimes for a quality rendering, there is no choice but to remove your background from the element you have photographed. This app is one of the best to do that. Background removal is based on an artificial intelligence that can detect anything you want and remove it from your photo. It has multiple other options like effects and filters. Of course the app is free on iPhones with all the features at your disposal.

Many other features are offered by Mojo. In addition to removing the background of a photo, it is also possible to add special effects: animated GIFs for example, but also the logo of your company or your brand. To make your Instagram Story Templates more dynamic, you can also add music, from a vast library of royalty-free music. Change the timing of the different elements of your photo, or change the format of your photo!

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To conclude this article

Thanks to our ever-evolving technology, removing the background of a picture has never been so easy, with just a few clicks, whereas it used to take hours after developing the photo on paper. Be careful, however, to make sure that the result is natural! The Mojo app guarantees you an aesthetic rendering, which is bound to seduce your followers. We strongly encourage you to discover our other features, as well as all the options that will allow you to create Instagram Stories Templates that suit you. Mojo has been designed, among others, for professionals who want to convert on the social network. Increase your sales, grow your community or share your creations in a quick and easy way, thanks to the Mojo app.

If you are an Android users, don't feel left out ! You can also have access to the Mojo app. There are also some very good free and paid apps on android and iOS that allow you to blend a photo to your liking. When you have finished reading this article, you can start comparing applications! Just remember that our app is very simple to use, so you won't feel lost when downloading it.