How to stand out with the best photo editor ?

Any good photographer who respects himself does not publish his photo without retouching it. Most professional or amateur photographers use photo retouching techniques to make it look much better! Of course, before shooting they adjust their camera to capture more or less light for example, but there are also all the post processing modifications with a good app or software like Adobe Photoshop.

The modification of images and photos does not date from today, but from the beginnings of photography, i.e. in the 1800's, the techniques have nevertheless evolved a lot since then. To make your best photo stand out from the crowd, you need an app free or not with good editing tools that allow you to modify your photos to do what you want.

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A tip for people with little knowledge of photography

At the beginning you should not be impatient and want to know all the photo techniques and features at once, it is impossible! Instead, take your time experimenting the best free tools to gain experience.

Your goal is not to get the same result as a professional, but just to create a photo of sufficient quality to be published. Keep in mind that being a professional photographer is not your job and it takes years of practice to get the same results as a pro. What you can do, however, is learn to master the features of your photo editing software or app so that you can have fun editing your photos. Don't be afraid of failure, as you retouch your photos they will become more and more beautiful.

Take inspiration from the work of some best photographers and find the best style that suits you for your photos. Do you like black and white photos or images with more vivid colours? Whatever you like, find free tutorials that will help you modify your photo step by step using the best features and tools.

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Photographic exposure in editing

The exposure of a photo is the amount of light that reaches the sensor of your camera. In your editing app or software it is one of the most important features to take into account when retouching, because by manipulating it it is possible to totally transform your photo. There are three features to modify to obtain a perfect exposure, you will find them below:

  • First of all, the aperture to be processed, it is simply a matter of correctly adjusting the hole in the lens of your camera that lets in more or less light. A small aperture lets in little light and a large aperture lets in a lot of light.

  • The shutter speed corresponds to the aperture of the shutter, which controls the speed of the light entering. A slow shutter speed lets in a lot of light quickly.

  • ISO is the sensitivity of your camera to ambient light. A low ISO will result in a dark photo and conversely a high ISO will result in a brighter photo.

  • By using a free app/software or not, you will be able to modify these elements to obtain a perfectly optimised photo with good clarity, optimal depth of field, etc. In post processing these elements are essential, if you don't modify them you will never get a photo that will stand out!

By having the best photo editor free or not you must know how to edit photos: how to edit photos

Low light can ruin your photo, what to do?<

It is usually difficult for even a seasoned photographer to take a photo when there is very little ambient light, especially since many photos need to be taken in low light such as at sporting events. However, it is possible to learn how to photograph these moments without being a professional photographer.

Here are some free tools on how to get a good photo in low light:

  • Just leave the aperture wider so that more light can get into your camera.

  • With a more sensitive ISO you will get a much brighter image

  • You need to keep your shutter speed as low as possible so that the motion blur is limited. However, with this technique the photo can become grainy but don't worry you can retouch your photo in post editing. Using the tools provides by software such as Photoshop from the Adobe suite, reduce the noise in your photo to make it less grainy.

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Increasing the quality of your photo in low resolution

The resolution depends on what you want to do with your best photo, put it on a website, publish it on a social network, etc. If you are going to use it for printing it should be in high resolution, especially for large prints! Coming back to the website, your online image should not exceed 72 PPI, otherwise the loading time of your page will be too long. However, this resolution is still of good quality on all screens.

Various editing programs, such as Photoshop, offer features to transform the resolution of your photo to suit all situations. However, it is advisable to take a good quality photo when shooting.

The editing tools provide by your app may differ from one app to another, the best free photo editor online gives you access to the basic editing tools: photo editing tools

Resizing your photos is an essential editing feature

Today's free or not software and apps provide a multitude of editing features, including resizing your images, which is one of the easiest steps to take. In Photoshop available from Adobe, the image size changes by increasing or decreasing the pixels.

Resizing your photo allows you to test the framing of your photo, i.e. by reducing it you can remove a part of your photo from the frame and re-centre an element of your choice.

Adjusting your focus

Stop always using the automatic focus to take your photos and start adjusting the focus of your camera manually, it may seem a bit complicated but it is the best solution to take photos with an authentic look!

Side-by-side photos are very popular and very easy to do when editing your photo with a software or an app: how to make a side by side photo