How to edit photos ?

Before you start editing your photos, you need to know how to take a good photo. You need to know your camera, but also the different photographic techniques, such as how to manage the exposure of your photo, or even how to retouch your photos to make quality and artistic shots! We will show you the different steps to follow, in order to edit the photo of your choice.

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How do I edit photos? Some techniques we recommend on Mojo

In our photo-editing programs, we teach you the basics of editing. Once you have mastered the basics, and you know how to edit your photos, they will look much better and attract more people to your various social networks (once you have shared them!). The editing features we provide on our Mojo app are the basic ones. But there are also some more advanced features that we won't go into in this article, but which will make your photos even better! Moreover, you don't need to make the basic modifications for each photo you edit.  The modifications you make must be adapted to the photo.

Photos taken by a professional photographer are the easiest to edit and will take little time to retouch. To make it easier for you to edit your pictures, they should be taken in RAW format first. Before choosing the format that suits you best, you need to know which formats your camera supports. To find out, look at the user manual or watch videos on how to set up your camera. Our app supports the standard photo formats (RAW and JPG) so don't worry: most of your photos can be edited on Mojo app. 

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First step: crop your photo

First, you need to make sure that your photo is straight, i.e., that the horizon is placed horizontally so that your photo is not tilted a bit. This usually happens when you take the photo, but it is possible to straighten your picture a little when cropping. Cropping an image also allows you to remove unwanted elements that appear on the edge of the frame. You can also crop a photo, in order to make one of your elements more eye-catching.

After cropping, it is important to clean up your photo. Taking pictures outdoor can affect the lens of your camera, as dust can get on it. These imperfections will show up in your shots. In order to resolve this problem, you just need to take a brush, and clean your lens before taking pictures.

One of the tools of our app allows you to remove these dust spots directly during editing. Tap on them, and that's it! The location of the stains is usually detected automatically by the app, allowing you to remove them one by one.

Changing the brightness by adjusting the white balance

Changing the white balance will directly impact the colour levels of your image. If you don't like the colour tone of your image, this can be changed with the white balance. For example, you can make your picture more natural. If your photo is in JPG format, the white balance is less customizable than in RAW format, which contains much more digital data.

On our Mojo app, we provide you with ready-made settings that will adapt to the environment of your image, whether it is cloudy or sunny. It's up to you to choose the setting that suits you best for the lighting of your image!

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Adjusting the contrast in a photo is an essential step

Before adjusting the contrast, you need to adjust the exposure. Exposure allows you to have a darker or brighter photo, depending on what you want. When you increase the brightness to make your picture brighter, be careful that the "noise" does not pixelate your image too much. To avoid having too much noise, try to make sure that your picture is already bright enough when you take it!

Next, adjust the contrast, which controls the difference between the dark and light tones. If the contrast is too high, your picture may be too dark or too light. On the contrary, when it is too low, no element is highlighted. Photographers usually look for a contrast that is somewhere in between. The choice is yours!

A photo always has a histogram: this is a graph that allows you to see the range of tones in one of your images and helps you to manage the exposure. If your photo is too dark or too light, this graph can be a great help! A properly exposed photo will not cause you too much concern, as the tones will range from darker to lighter, with more clustered tones in the middle.

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Adjusting colour saturation

White balance is not the only balance to adjust when editing a photo! Vibrance and saturation also need to be adjusted. Vibrance too has a direct impact on the neutral tones, which increases the intensity of the colours, and therefore makes the colours more vivid. Saturation makes colours much more intense. Vivid colours with well-managed saturation will make your image look like a movie poster!

Sharpness also needs to be adjusted

Increasing the sharpness of a photo will make it look cleaner when you look at it. On the Mojo app, you can adjust the sharpness of a photo easily, using our scale from 0 to 100. We recommend that you set the sharpness to 50% maximum, then adjust to the sharpness that best suits the environment of your image.

The sharpness is also accompanied by the features "structure" and "clarity". These tools allow you to make the edges of your image stand out much more, so that certain details have a greater impact on the eyes of the viewer! Now you know how to edit pics.