Photo editing tool : how to use the different tools ?

Everyone loves to take photos of life's unique moments, but the question many people ask is how to turn those memories into quality photos that can be kept for decades. Our Mojo free software allows you thanks to our editing tools to transform these memories into the way you want them to be, using the best photo editing tools we offer to edit your photos on our software. Now you can create professional photos without any special skills.

What holds many people back is not knowing where to start. Don't panic, we'll take you step by step through the photo editing process. We'll give you some tips on the most commonly used editing tools.

To access the photography editing tools, you need the best photo software which you can find on this link: photo editing app

The software main tools for editing your photos

The first editing tool of our software: cropping

Photo cropping consists in removing a part of your photo, for the simple reason that removing all the defects on this part of your photo would make you waste too much time. What is cropping? It's simple, if for example you want to keep only a part of a photo to put it in a frame and fit it perfectly, you will just keep the important parts and cut out the parts you don't want. You make your photo as aesthetically pleasing as possible!

Of course this is not the only reason someone might want to crop an image, there are many others. Cropping allows you to remove defects very quickly, especially if they are located on the edges of the photo, it also allows you to change the height and width of an image. It only takes one small defect for someone viewing your image to unsubscribe from your account. A flaw that can distract your viewer and make them look at something other than your main subject. Use the cropping free editing tool to remove the majority of imperfections from your photos.

A composition is the way you have positioned and framed your photo. Everything has to be considered in a good composition, the foreground, the middle ground and the background. The positioning of your subject is also important, whether it is positioned on one side or in the middle is up to you. The crop is a frame that is invisible to the naked eye, but which allows the eye to find its way around the composition.

The question on everyone's mind: how to edit photos? The answer can be found in this link and the software too: how to edit photos

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The second editing tool on our editor: resizing

Resizing is just as important as cropping: it is an editing free tool that you should definitely use. Why should you resize your photos? A camera has a lens that takes a picture with millions of pixels, well it all depends on the photographic quality of your camera. This can be problematic if your image is intended for the web, so it will have to be reduced in size to reduce the loading time of your web page. Some sites, such as Facebook, automatically resize photos to their standard size, but this reduces the resolution and greatly reduces the quality of your image. In this case, before publishing on these sites, resize your image on our best photo free editor.

People who know nothing about photography often confuse cropping with resizing and therefore do not know in which context to use one or the other. It's simple, the difference is that cropping removes certain parts of your photo while resizing doesn't remove anything. It only changes the dimensions of the image you have chosen to make it bigger or not. The two best editing free tools are nevertheless complementary, especially when it comes to finding the perfect print size for your photo.

An example of how cropping and resizing can complement each other, you want a miniature photo to be able to place it in the background of a watch for example. Nothing could be easier, start by removing all the elements you don't want with the best cropping editing free tool and then reduce your image with the resizing tool. You can do the same with the tools to adapt your image to any print size.

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Third editing tool to master offered by our software: the exposure<

Generally speaking, amateur photographers never modify the exposure of their images. However, it is essential to ensure that the exposure is set correctly in order to obtain a quality image. Exposure is the darkness and clarity of a picture once it has been taken by your camera. It is very difficult even for a professional photographer to get an exposure when shooting that does not require any changes when editing the picture. However, professional photographers, thanks to their experience, are still able to find a good balance between the ISO, aperture and shutter speed of their camera. Simply put, these terms refer to the amount of light the camera captures, the sensitivity of your sensor to outside light, and the duration of the exposure. With the features on our Mojo software, you can adjust these settings with the exposure tool when you are in post production. So you can use our best free editing tools to change the brightness, contrast, etc. Below we explain the different elements you can change.

Shadows: represent only the darkest areas of your photo.

Highlights: the opposite of shadows, these are the brightest areas.

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Fourth and final important free tool on our software for refining your image

When it comes to refining your photo, it's time to give it the clarity and contrast needed to make certain elements stand out. Our sharpening editing tool is perfect for this, as it boosts the contrast on certain elements so they are more obvious to the eyes of the subscriber viewing your photo. Our free algorithm can even change certain elements automatically if it deems it necessary to do so.

Be careful not to overdo the sharpening, otherwise your photo will not be perfectly sharp but much too grainy and pixelated. Furthermore, when you make your modifications, make sure that your photo is at its maximum size. You should be able to see the result of the sharpening and contrast on the whole photo.

If you need a free image editing program with pic editing tools to be able to make a side by side photo, go to this link: how to make a side by side photo