Tiktok video editor : best tips

The TikTok app, like every social media or apps, wants to make us stay as long as possible on its platform and increase its number of users. To that end, the platform uses several tools such as attractive videos, likes, comments and the "For You" function. This tool offers videos that you might be interested in, based on what you've watched previously. Therefore, in order to improve your visibility on the app, you need to ensure that your videos end up in the “For You” pages. One may think that putting the hashtag #FYP or #FOURYOUPAGE increases the chance of landing in these proposals. But the point is, it doesn't work at all. So what really works ? How to create successful videos on the TikTok app ? Is it possible to force the algorithm to highlight your videos? You will find here some tips and advice that will help you create high-quality TikTok videos. First, you need to use the TikTok editing app by Mojo. 

What are the specific features of the most popular TikTok videos?

It may be obvious, but you need to make sure:

  • that your videos are seen to the end;
  • that many people like them (number of likes);
  • that they are shared as much as possible;
  • that they get the most feedback.

This is what the algorithm takes into account, in order to determine whether your video is worth highlighting or not. But, to do this, you don't need the algorithm. It all depends on you, your creativity, the time you spend on this online activity, and how you will captivate your audience. In order to seduce the algorithm, forget the algorithm. Focus on your image and the audience you are targeting. 

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Mojo app: choose our TikTok video editor!

TikTok Video Editor by Mojo: editing videos on the app is now easier

Mojo explains that its tiktok editor is a smart online editor that offers advertisers unique videos editing features. It allows them to quickly and accurately produce original videos with popular music, fonts, colors, etc. As a user, you can quickly and easily add many features in your creative content and videos. This online video-editing tool is accessible for brands and casual users alike.

Check out the features of the TikTok video editor by Mojo:

The main features of the editor are:

  • Import videos directly from your device
  • Add music (Mojo has an audio library which is royalty-free)
  • Adjusting music tracks
  • Inserting subtitles / text into your video (with a wide variety of graphic styles available)
  • Adding visual effects to enhance your videos (blur tools or video overlay)

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Best tips to make viral videos with TikTok Video Editor

Many TikTok users watch videos without sound. Considering this, you'll have a better chance to spread your message and enhance your visibility by adding text to your videos. This function is available on TikTok Video Editor by Mojo.

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Tip 2: Apply a Filter to Your Video

Filters allow you to change the entire aesthetic of a video. To select a filter, you just have to press the "Filters" button on the right side of your screen. You can also see other filters by swiping your screen. 4 categories of filters are available: portrait, landscape, food and atmosphere. A "Beauty" button is also available above "Filters". It activates Beauty mode by applying a filter that unifies your skin. This filter can be used at the same time as all the other filters. 

Tip 3: Add Effects to Your Content

Thanks to TikTok Video Editor by Mojo, you can change the background with a special effect or add any overlay on your videp. Open the library and discover effects sorted by categories. You can view the rendering of each effect by tapping on it. Once you've chosen which effect to use, you can tap the main screen to start recording your video.

Adding effects to your videos can help you build brand awareness and create engagement globally.

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Tip 4: Edit a video with a voice-over

With the Voice-Over tool, you can enhance your video with an audio clip. The Voice-Over tool also helps you create a "tutorial" video. Press the "Voice over" button on the right of the screen during the second editing step (after the video has been recorded). Then move the cursor to indicate where you want to add your voice-over and press the record button. You can learn here how to add videos to tiktok.

Tip 5: Add Music from the wide Mojo audio library

Music is a fundamental part of the TikTok experience. Adding a piece of music to your video is an effective way to increase your audience's engagement rate. The Mojo Sounds library will open. It contains thousands of trending songs which can be use legally. Indeed, our audio library is royalty-free. You can then cut the sound by indicating the location of the video where you want to start the song. 

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If your account has been identified as an official branded or promotional account, you will only be able to use songs from the TikTok commercial music library. It brings together more than 150,000 royalty-free music tracks from emerging artists and leading record labels. 

Now you know all the best tricks that will help you create viral videos, thanks to tiktok edit app! To learn more about the process of making high-quality TikTok contents, you can check out the best tiktok videos.