What is the best tiktok editor ?

TikTok is one of the most popular apps around. Thousands of people create videos every day, share them and try to communicate with other people through a new platform. You can create your own unique video with which you can easily find new followers, customers, or even friends, or people who share the same passion. In order to enhance and highlight videos and content, people apply effects, stickers, special edits, and other niceties with special tools : TikTok video editors. Through these tools, editing videos on TikTok has never been so easy ! We invite you to discover the TikTok video editor by Mojo, a practical and effective tool to help you increase your visibility on the social network.

Who can use a TikTok editor ?

Anyone can use a tiktok edit app. Are you an individual wishing to be successful on social networks? A company looking for potential customers? An independent store wishing to generate engagement? Whatever your profile is, you have the possibility to use TikTok and edit high-quality content, thanks to video editors.

TikTok editor

How to download TikTok editor ?

It is very easy to download the Mojo tiktok video editor. All you have to do is go to your iOS or Android app store and enter the name of the tool you are looking for in the search bar. As TikTok is a mobile app, TikTok video editor by Mojo is only available on your smartphone. Check that the tool you are interested in is compatible with your operating system!

What skills do you need for a TikTok editor ?

TikTok video editor by Mojo is designed to save time and allow you to generate quickly and easily engaging content. As a result, this tool is easy to use and can be handled by any user. Whether you are a beginner or an expert in creating TikTok content, you will take full advantage of all the features of your TikTok editor. 

What features does TikTok Video Editor offer?

Of course, the TikTok app itself has a built-in editor that lets you add the finishing touches to your content. You can add effects, music, or text. However, the built-in editor can only be considered as a side treatment. What are the features of TikTok itself?

  • Sound effects and voices
  • Filters and color processing
  • Text layers
  • Stickers for comic effect

You must accept that this is a limited set of functions. All videos are limited to 1 minute, so you need as much comedy or interesting content as possible. In order to edit high-quality video, you should use more professional tools. Thanks to the TikTok video editor by Mojo app,  you can create powerful and effective content!

Sound effects and voices
Text layers
TikTok video
editor by Mojo
Exemple of story templates

All about the TikTok video editor by Mojo

Want to create the best tiktok content? Then discover the TikTok video editor by Mojo.

What is the TikTok video editor by Mojo ?

Editing a TikTok video requires a strong tool, such as Mojo video editor. It is a free application available on Android and iOS that comes with many features needed to create a unique video. You can add effects and filters, or insert customizable texts. Moreover, you can do basic edits like on other apps: add music, cut, crop, adjust video volume, and more. Besides, you can directly share the video on social networks after editing your content.

Video editing

With the Mojo application, create collages, add special effects and choose among many filters the perfect overlay. Mojo has been created for casual TikTok users, but also for professionals who want to give themselves a more serious image. Find the filter that perfectly suits the message you want to convey! Fashion, fitness, photography ... we have more than 400 unique animated templates on many topics at your disposal. And it's free!

Unique text styles and quality special effects

To highlight important information, the Mojo application allows you to choose from many fonts. Find the one that matches your branding, or the image you want to reflect on the TikTok platform. Let your viewers focus on what is important.

Add music to your TikTok videos with Mojo app

The Mojo application provides you with a royalty-free audio library. This means that you can use any music you want legally. Thus, make your TikTok videos more dynamic, fun and original!

How to create a video on TikTok

Log into your TikTok account. Tap the "+" sign at the bottom of the screen to access the camera.

Hold your finger on the pink button to start recording your video. Release it to stop recording. You can restart and stop recording multiple times in a single video to capture different scenes or create a choppy effect.

How to share a video on TikTok

When your video is ready, press the "Next" button. You will be redirected to the post page. You will be able to describe your TikTok, identify creators and share your video on different platforms. Press the "Publish" button at the bottom right of your screen to share your TikTok.

How to make your videos successful on TikTok?

Create short and impactful videos with TikTok video editor by Mojo

A short video is more likely to be watched in its entirety. Moreover, short videos can be viewed several times, which is a strong advantage. This first advice brings together the two most important criteria of the Tik Tok algorithm. Note that the first seconds (15 seconds) are decisive. Spare your effect so that the listeners stay until the end. If you are talented or creative, make an effort to produce original videos and use the Mojo app!

Use trendy music and sounds to create original content with Mojo app

Sound energizes a video. That's good, because TikTok is teeming with sounds of all kinds: tracks that stick in your head, short lines of skits, series or movie dialogs, and more. Add a music will undoubtedly punctuate your video. It will keep the audience going until the end of your content, which is a very good thing. Choose music from the Mojo app audio library!