How long is a tiktok video ?

Nowadays, TikTok videos can be much longer! TikTok videos were only one minute long when the app was launched, now they can be up to 3 minutes long. Of course, videos can be shortened to 15 second clips. Even other social networks use the 60-second format. Be prepared to change your habits, because things change and you have to keep up with the trend to stay on top!

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The length of TikTok videos has been
increased from 60 seconds to 3 minutes

What made it possible to increase the length of the videos was the fact that some TikTokers wanted longer videos. Having more time to shoot videos allows the platform to accommodate new, more creative and polished content. You can't show a recipe in 60 seconds, for example, or do a dance so quickly. 

Before the advent of 3-minute videos, content creators made their videos in several parts, which cluttered the TikTok app with videos that were 3-4 parts or more! In addition, TikTokers were asking for likes, and it lost its naturalness. This worked for a while to gain new subscribers. However, the experience began to decline in terms of quality, as users and subscribers became tired of scrolling so much to find the end of each video. Despite a strong interest in discovering the other parts by watching part 1, this interest often disappeared. By the end, the last parts of the videos had far fewer likes and shares. The TikTokers reacted by asking the app to do something about the situation! 

Other social media do not look kindly on TikTok's change in video length, as the app has taken a turn with this drastic change! YouTube has therefore decided to launch a format similar to TikTok's, in order to counter the app's growth. TikTok is still ahead of the game, though, as the application is much more fun to use than YouTube and there are a multitude of effects and music that are offered for each video you make. The other social networks are also realising the threat of TikTok and taking it into consideration. They will have to do more if they want to compete with TikTok on its own ground.

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This new 3-minute length competes directly with Instagram and YouTube

TikTok has revised its strategy, as the app wants to reach a billion users. This is why the video format has been increased to 3 minutes: in order to attract even more people, people who didn't want to download the app because of the 1-minute videos. Quite a challenge!

directly with Instagram
3-minute videos
effects and music
polished content
Exemple of story templates

A new video length is being tested

The short videos have contributed almost entirely to the success of TikTok! Users are no longer bored with this new duration, which allows them to see much more attractive content, so the consumption of videos has been increased. For young people, it's important to go fast and consume quickly these days, and TikTok is made for that. They don't like to be bored, they need more and more new content. TikTok is constantly trying to innovate through some creators on the app. These innovations so far are paying off, as downloads are exploding on all platforms, especially in 2020 and 2021!

A winning strategy for TikTok

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TikTok does not intend to stop there and wants to surpass YouTube, Facebook and Instagram in terms of likes, by aiming for 1 billion users on the app. To achieve this, the free TikTok app had to rethink its strategy by changing its brand. By increasing the length of its videos, it is now following the big boys and wants to surpass them in the near future! 

The basic one-minute format was already very practical, but the new 3-minute length allows TikTok to compete directly with the formats set up by YouTube and Instagram (with its IGTV's and Reels). TikTok has signed a contract with Sony Music, so that users can have access to much more music without being constrained by the copyright laws that govern other social networks.

It is also possible to use the video clips of certain artists under contract with Sony, without being illegal! So don't worry, no artist will ever sue you if you use their music or a piece of their video for one of your creations. It's up to you!

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Is this new format beneficial to users?

However, a longer video requires more concentration for all subscribers, there is no guarantee that people will watch to the end. It is up to TikTokers to keep subscribers interested in creating content that is out of the ordinary. By having more time, it is possible for them to reflect more on their videos. Artists can now preview their music on TikTok!

Almost any content is now possible with this new format, from tutorials to travel vlogs, and more! Is the feedback on these changes positive? Despite this unexpected change, TikTok retains its identity for everyone. Its reputation is well established and downloads have only increased, since the change in video length. It is possible, however, that some of those who don't like this strategy will leave the ship.

That's the end of reading this article, and you know now how long can a video be on TikTok. You can complete your knowledge with this link, and learn how people can see what you do : does tiktok show who viewed your video.