How to use tiktok edit app ?

Are you looking for the best solution to create viral videos on TikTok? Editing high-quality TikTok content requires skills, but also specific features. In order to create TikTok videos, you can go directly through the tiktok editor, or choose a TikTok edit app such as the Mojo app. How to use our tool? What are the secrets of editing effective and viral TikTok videos? You will find here all the answers to your questions.

Why choose Mojo app to edit videos on TikTok?

There are many apps for tiktok videos. But our Mojo app is certainly one of the most efficient and powerful. Indeed, we offer many different features:

  • Add text to your video,
  • Add a filter among 400 available overlays,
  • Addmusic,
  • Add animated stickers, and more.

Mojo app was designed for all users. Beginners or seasoned users will benefit from our many practical features. Mojo app guarantees excellent handling. Thanks to our tool, create captivating videos with good potential is now possible. Generate numbers of views thanks to your creations made on the Mojo app. So, don't hesitate to choose it!

Mojo app to edit videos

What is the free TikTok video editor by Mojo?

The Mojo TikTok video editor is free and allows you to create TikTok video very easily. Creating great video content is usually quite expensive and time-consuming, especially for small businesses and influencers. Mojo understood this and decided to make your job easier! The platform introduces a brand-new video editor that offers a range of intuitive in-app shooting and editing tools. This will allow you to easily produce TikTok videos more easily and therefore create better links and better engagement with the audience. All it takes to create viral videos on TikTok is a good amount of creativity and authenticity!
TikTok Video Editor by Mojo is an app that uses smart tools to help advertisers and influencers produce TikTok-style videos quickly and accurately. These tools add music, fonts, colors, and special effects you need to create high-quality short videos.
Advertisers can easily add custom captions, crop their elements, and create their scenes exactly the way they want, frame by frame.

As you probably know, dance videos are the most popular content on TikTok. You will find here how to make a tiktok dance video.

In order to create an entertaining video to watch on TikTok, you will need to edit your video before posting it. You may want to remove unwanted parts, add special video effects, graphics, text, music, or combine it with another clip. Mojo offers simple video editing tool that gives users the ability to edit their videos in various ways. Most of the features are fairly straightforward, but they allow young or inexperienced users to improve their videos. Before heading forward, find here how to use tiktok effects.

Now, let's dwell on the detailed steps.

You can find our free Mojo Video Editor for TikTok on App Store (iOS) or Google Play (Android). Choose your videos and images (it can be a photo from your resource library or any picture uploaded from your desktop). Drag them into the app and edit them. Find here for more information on how to do transitions on tiktok. Then, add audio soundtrack. You can choose it, among hundreds of royalty-free tracks. Indeed, the Mojo app offers a large varity of music to choose from.

Our video editing tool allows you to add text by clicking on the text icon. Enter the text editing page to overlay text on the video. You can choose from several font styles and colors to use with your text. Remember, you need to reduce the size of the text, in order to read it easily. Large blocks of text will only work for captioning.

With the Mojo app, you can also add animated stickers to your videos, with the aim of always generating more audiences and improving your visibility. To do this, click on the corresponding icon and look for the stickers that correspond to the message you want to send.

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Mojo Video Editor for TikTok
Exemple of story templates

How to create viral videos on TikTok?

For a TikTok video to go viral and be seen many times, you need to add special effects, dynamic music, or text to it. The free apps, as well as tiktok video editor, were designed for this purpose. But there are other tips that will help you design quality TikTok videos.

  • 1 - The most important tip is as follows: TikTok is an almost exclusively mobile platform, which means that all your videos must be in vertical format. Think "verticality" when writing, editing, and filming TikTok videos. The composition must be optimized for this format. The important information must be clearly visible and evolve naturally within this framework.
  • 2 - Create original videos specifically for TikTok: On TikTok, a classic Instagram story or video will not work. 
  • 3 - Scroll through the videos in the “For you” page. As soon as a video touches you, makes you laugh or something else, ask yourself the following questions: could I decline this meme for my brand / according to my world ? Try to find the right twist that allows you to create original and engaging videos, linked to your brand (directly, by showing the products; or indirectly, by linking it to the brand's identity, to its universe) or to your universe.
  • 4 - The image must be of good quality and the object of the video must be easily visible without effort; a blurry video will be swiped quickly by users, and you won't get their attention. Shoot with a good smartphone! However, the image must not be too “professional” or too sophisticated either. In fact, the best tiktok must be home-made, unlike Instagram content, for example.
  • 5 - Your video must have a crescendo effect: you need something strong to catch the attention from the start, but then keep your viewers' attention until the end. If there is more than one funny thing in your video, each one should be funnier than the last. At the very end of the video, an unexpected detail allows you to get as many people as possible to like the video.