Does tiktok show who viewed your video ?

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TikTok has become the reference app for many famous people, celebrities, sportsmen, and many others. Most of the trends now come from TikTok. At the time it was possible to know who saw your profile, except that the app has removed this feature. However, in this article we show you that it is still possible to know who visits your profile. You can also restrict access to your tiktoks to some of your subscribers or non-subscribers.

Does TikTok tell you who viewed your profile?

Tiktok in its early days sent you a notification telling you who was watching your videos and profile. To have access to this option, you must use the old version. If you have the old one, we guide you on how to use this feature.

However, if you have downloaded the new version or if you have updated your app you only be able to see who has commented on your videos, who is following you and who is sharing your tiktoks. It's more complicated to know if someone is watching your content if they don't interact with you. Maybe in the future, TikTok will reintroduce this function but for the moment nothing is sure, because the other social networks do not offer this option, so the return of this feature is not for soon. However, on some apps it is possible to see who screens your content.

However, you can have access to some global and not individual statistics such as the number of people who see your content, by creating a TikTok pro account. The professional account gives you certain information such as the number of accounts you reach, but also the videos that allow you to gain more subscribers. Keep in mind that this type of account does not allow you to know who is watching your profile. Knowing the engagement on your account is the most important statistic.

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Tips to identify TikTok profile viewer

Before we talk about the steps to follow in order to be notified of who is looking at you, you should know that TikTok is very easy to use. You will master all the options of the app very quickly. The first thing to do before using tiktok is to get a pair of headphones, because music is what makes the app so successful. Once you have your headphones, download TikTok.

If your goal is only to watch videos without publishing them, you do not need to download the app. This article is for anyone who wants to post content regularly or not. You can create an account easily with your email, your phone number or even with your Facebook account.  

Make sure you change the automatic name that tiktok creates for you. Just go to the icon that represents your profile and change your nickname by personalizing it with something that characterizes you. Of course, it is also possible in the same place to change the photo of your avatar and put a video instead. Find here how to edit videos on tiktok!

Once you have customized your profile, you can start posting your content. Just tap the plus button and turn on your camera. The most important button in tiktok is the red button that appears once you press the plus button. You just have to press it and record your video. Of course, you will have to add music or effects to your videos to make them more attractive, but you can do all this after you have finished your video. More tips on how to make a tiktok video are available here.

How can I see the views on my profile?

Even if the update does not allow you to see directly who is looking at your profile, it is possible to see indirectly who is stalking it. If you receive several notifications telling you that someone regularly likes your videos but does not follow you, there is a good chance that this person sees you often. If a user also often comments, it means the same thing. 

Keep control of who can see your TikTok profile

It is essential to secure your account if you don't want people to see it. Making it private instead of public is already a good solution, but if you want to gain a lot of subscribers to be known, it is not a good idea to make it private. For users who are not regular, it is a good idea to put your account in private so you can manage your subscribers and select the people you like.

To make your TikTok private just press the "me" button and then press the "three dots" at the top of the screen and from there just click on "private". 

Profiles that stalk you are easily blocked, just go to the profiles you suspect of stalking and block them by pressing the three little dots at the top of the screen again. This is the only solution that works for people who want to have a public account while getting rid of unwanted people. However, there are no miracle solutions, a person can very well continue to stalk you by creating a new TikTok account.

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Anonymous views on your profile

Finally, be careful because it is possible to see the content of all tiktokers anonymously! For this, it is necessary to disconnect from his profile and then go to see the public content without being connected. However, by doing this you can't like and comment on the videos you like. You can be anonymous by simply having your account in private mode. If you are in private, users are not able to find your TikTok.