Trendy Instagram Story Templates for Fashion Brands and Stores

The fashion industry is one of the most active industries on Instagram, accounting for 70% of the pie. Carefully choosing the right photos to upload, carefully planning the content, organizing an editorial-like feed and knowing how to combine all of this with a good set of Instagram Stories is what every fashion brand should aim to really master this social media.

Instagram Stories is becoming the preferred platform for influencers. For some, it is even a breath of fresh air of sorts. Stories allow influencers to free themselves a bit from the need to perfect their Instagram profile and thus share with their followers what's going on behind the scenes, in a truly spontaneous way.

Fashion influencers: how to use the free Mojo app?

The free Mojo app is designed for professionals who want to develop their community on the social media Instagram. Mojo offers a catalog of over 400 Instagram Story Templates, with perfect instagram story templates for shop owners, which can be customized at will with animated GIFs for example, text, your brand or store logo, etc.

On the free Mojo app, you'll find Instagram Story Templates perfect for showcasing your new creations, your visual identity or your brand. Indeed, we offer products dedicated to the fashion, apparel and creative sector. Download the free Mojo app now, and discover the many Instagram Story Templates!

In the free Mojo app, you will find Instagram Story Templates to showcase each of your outfits on the social media. Indeed, we offer our users Templates dedicated to the world of fashion. We also provide you with beauty instagram story template.

Moreover, Mojo's Instagram Story Templates can be customized, for example with special effects or filters that will highlight the clothes you want to showcase.

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Create your Instagram Story Templates for the TRY-ON format

Did you just buy or make some new outfits? The first idea is to show off your recent purchases, or latest creations in your stories before posting them professionally on your Instagram profile. Stand in front of a mirror and use your smartphone to film yourself in your new outfits. You can explain why you bought or made each piece, how the items fit (big, small), and give other style tips in real time. Plus, this content idea is a great excuse to buy a big mirror!

Check out Mojo's instagram story templates for e-commerce, and instagram story templates for shopify.

Instagram Story Templates for a Dressing Room Tour

Getting a little insight into a fashion influencer's dressing room is always interesting. You can share tips with your followers on how you store your clothes and show them how you organize your shoes, accessories, and handbags. Sometimes the tips you may have that you don't necessarily find interesting can be very helpful to someone else.

Use filters, stickers and polls with the free Mojo App

Instagram Stories is where brands can show off their more spontaneous side with a "feel like home" feel, but no matter what type of product a brand is selling, it's best not to overdo it when it comes to using filters, stickers and surveys. Many brands know how to use these details without going overboard, while still maintaining their brand aesthetic. Their engaging stories with memes and hashtags entice followers to swipe up, driving traffic directly to their online store.

Avoid generalist positioning, stand out with Mojo's unique Instagram Story Templates!

Most people in the fashion business know very well that in this field, competition is tough. And to have a generalist positioning is to risk being in the same lot as the various contenders for the title of fashion influencer. The most important thing is to define your personality through clothing styles. So, before launching yourself into the role of influencer, think about a particular style. This one must be consistent with your personality. It must also correspond to the community you are targeting. Your visual identity must also bring out your authenticity. To do this, download the free Mojo app! You'll find the perfect design, in line with your personality and the image you want to project on the social media.

Create an authentic and professional universe with Instagram Story Templates by Mojo

The environment that a fashion influencer will create must generally have a personal style, but also a professional framework that shows a certain aesthetic. Your content should therefore be neat, smart and consistent. It should capture the attention of the audience while remaining within the limits of a professional Instagram account. Your publications must therefore highlight your originality and your position on a particular style. The photos to be published must show a certain spontaneity and a simple and natural environment, but which has been elaborated after hours of reflection and retouching. Your publications must therefore stand out from the crowd thanks to expressive and unique images, but above all without superfluous.

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Find Instagram Story Templates to showcase your products

Posting an image of a new product on your feed is no longer enough; Consumers feel the need to know more before making a purchase decision, and Instagram Stories is the perfect place to show potential customers every detail because it supports the entire phone screen.

This strategy can be extremely useful when announcing new products, especially since the stories that appear on our feed are no longer organized in chronological order. By using stories to your advantage, you ensure that your followers are always aware of your latest offers.

With the free Mojo app, you have the ability to crop the image of a product, in order to remove the background of the picture. In this way, it becomes possible to highlight each new creation, thanks to a custom Mojo Instagram Story Template. Download now Mojo, the free app specialized in Templates for Fashion Instagram Stories!

An Instagram Stories campaign used correctly can be a great marketing tool for creative storytelling, while still meeting sales goals.
Fashion brands have quickly become masters of consumer engagement and even have teams dedicated to this social channel, as they recognize the growing importance of creating incredible Instagram stories.

You too can be so successful on the social network Instagram. To do so, download the free Mojo app and find, among our different Instagram Templates, the Template that will help you generate maximum engagement.