How to use Instagram and Shopify to grow your e-shop?

Are you struggling in getting your e-store off the ground? Just subscribed yourself to Shopify Store? Spending countless hours looking for the secret ingredients to take your e-business to the next level? Indeed, it is easier to set up an e-store than staying ahead of this social competition. Have you ever thought of boosting up your Shopify Store products on the best active social media, Instagram app? It is normal to look for an original solution, but from now and then, it is worth to follow the upward social trend.

Asking yourself how Instagram app would help you out in showcasing your product? Simple as it is, by highlighting your product on your instagram story templates for shop owners feed. Guess your next question is, “How can I make my product Stories templates more attention-grabbing on my Instagram feed?”. Here is the magic formula, Mojo app, proven to be the best app to crush it on Instagram Stories with a wide array of templates, exploring various themes, along with its special features, developed specially for you, online social retailers.

Reasons to have your Shopify Store on Instagram

We cannot ignore the fact that Instagram is a dominant sales channel, with millions of active users daily. With these figures, great chance of high audience exposure. Great visibility means more product sales for your Shopify Store.

With customized instagram story templates for e-commerce, your product’s image will be not only professional-looking but also more attractive than ever. Improve your product’s visuals with the best app, free to download.

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Let's get started with Mojo app for your Shopify Store advertising on Instagram

Make your Instagram Stories feed a stylish masterpiece with our app.

  • First step, download Mojo app to access the best templates ever.
  • Your journey will depend on which version of the app you have. The free one or the Pro one with more Stories templates and more features options. (The monthly subscription price is 9,99$ whereas the yearly price is 39,99$). It is good to know that you have a free three-day trial.
  • Select your preferred style template from our Minimal templates, Fashion templates, Grid templates, Slideshow templates, Shop templates and many more.
  • Click on the template style matching your Instagram Story product content.
  • Choose a product picture either from our collection or upload yours.
  • Customize creatively your template design with our amazing features, different text styles, font styles, font colors, resizing templates’ options and so on.
  • Edit your Instagram Stories templates with our app filters, GIFs, poll and questions stickers for more originality.
  • Insert Hashtags on your Instagram Stories feed to generate followers’ engagement towards your Shopify Store.
  • Our app also offers a free list of preselected music. Launch a new product with a musical Instagram Stories template.

With these in hand, your Shopify Store marketing on Instagram will be a success.

Instagram Stories templates for Shopify Store retailers

Looking for a specific template theme which is in line with your Shopify Store brand? Great. Our app explores all possible themes for you to have a diversified choice, from beauty instagram story templates to fashion instagram story templates.

Instagram Stories Templates for fashion Shopify Store

You want to bring your fashion product to life, then pick up our Musical and Audio Instagram Stories templates. This set of designs is really one of a kind. We have black and white presets, we have templates with distorted and sparkling effects and many more to discover on our app. Promote your Shopify products in a creative way to amaze your Instagram audience through your Story feed.

Try our amazing Glitch templates for its distorted and retro effect, this will certainly catch the eyes of your Instagram audience.

Instagram Stories templates for digital artwork Shopify Store

You are a photographer, make-up artist or a cosmetic retailer? Great, our app provides editable templates for all, fitting your brand. We will never stop repeating, brand consistency in your Instagram Story feed is the key to bring your Shopify Store to the next level. While customizing your templates, never forget to insert your brand logo. This is your Shopify Store online identity. Use our predesigned brand logo templates or personalize yours.

With our Photography Instagram Stories templates, your product will keep on shining, highlighted with our unique features. Your content can even be portrait-sized Stories for more originality.

Instagram Stories templates for hand-crafted Shopify Store

Your Shopify Store is specialized in hand-crafted accessories, in decorative objects and more? Our various themes templates can be tailored to fit individual tastes.

Our Minimal templates will be of great help for a new product launching on your Instagram Story feed. Your Instagram Stories content will be straightforward and with our features, design your templates aesthetically, to your Instagram followers’ great delight. Direct, with key information like price, your audience will want to know more about your Shopify Store. A promotion is coming? Use our template to reach a large Instagram audience to boost up sales.

Dive in on our app for more exceptional templates.

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Highlighting your Instagram Stories templates is vital for your Shopify Store’s growth

Manage yourself to reach more than 10k Instagram followers. While editing your Instagram Stories templates on a particular product, tag your item with Shopify links and location. This will drive more web traffic to your store, for more product discovery. Indeed, swiping up your Shopify Store links on your Instagram Story content feed is an excellent marketing technique to drive potential buyers to your products pages.

Whenever a customer is satisfied with your product, insert their satisfaction comments in your Instagram Stories feed. This will attract more potential customers and will generate more engagement and loyalty towards your Shopify Store. Remember, happy customers means upcoming sales. Here are our tips to highlight these types of comments. Insert the GIFs of your choice, add funny animated cartoon stickers, add a caption box to thank your customer, customize your Instagram Story content with our different texts styles and font colors. Your template will simply be amazing.

Enhance your Instagram Stories with engaging elements on your templates, like polls and questions stickers to increase the communication rate between you and your social audience.

With Mojo’s unique and customizable Instagram Stories templates, bring your Shopify Store on the growth and success path.