Generate more sales online with Instagram Story Templates

With over a billion users, Instagram is undeniably the new home for brands looking to make an impact on social media. The focus is on clean, high-quality visuals, making it an ideal place to showcase products. Since February 2018, it has also become a place to sell products. Brands are able to tag their products directly in photos and stories, and bring customers directly to the product page in question. With the launch of a new "check out" feature in early 2019, users don't even have to leave Instagram to purchase the items they discover there. Here, we'll take a look at how to turn your Instagram account into a full-fledged store and boost your ecommerce sales, thanks to Mojo's instagram story templates for shop owners. Mojo is the best app for ecommerce and brands.

Why should brands use Instagram Story Templates to boost their sales?

Over 500 million Instagram users use stories daily. The potential to create quality content frequently is endless. There are also plenty of opportunities to customize your stories on this social media. With 62% of users saying they found themselves more interested in ecommerce after seeing it in their stories, you can be sure this is a great area to focus your attention.

Another great feature of social media, which some say should be the ultimate goal for ecommerce or publisher on Instagram, is the ability to use the "swipe up" feature. This feature is only available on Instagram Stories Template and allows brands and individuals to move readers from the native app stories to their own website; one of the main goals of affiliate marketing.

The "Swipe up" Template is the only way to do this on the app, unless people choose to click on your website link in your bio. The problem here is that the feature is only available to accounts that have more than 10,000 followers; however, you are able to do the same thing by running a paid Instagram Stories ad campaign or partnering with social media influencers who have large followings. With Mojo, choose trendy Instagram Story Templates that are suitable for the Swipe Up feature! You can also find perfect instagram story templates for shopify owners.

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Market your stories with Mojo's Instagram Story Templates

Using Instagram Stories can give your content and brand a new dimension. Since the posts on this social media disappear within 24 hours, you can afford to be a little more creative than in your permanent posts.

Instagram claims to see a much higher success rate on stories with a consistent look and feel. So how do you create a visual identity for your Instagram Stories? Use our Mojo app! With our tool, it's possible to create your own templates or use their pre-made templates.

Whatever your industry is, you will easily find the theme that best suits your ecommerce, thanks to Mojo's catalog of Instagram Story Templates. We offer various categories of Templates for social media: fashion, food, photography, fitness, beauty instagram story templates, and many more.

Encourage interaction with your followers on Instagram Story Templates, thanks to Mojo's features

The Story format allows your followers to respond directly to clips in your story and feel like they have a direct connection to your ecommerce. Take advantage of this opportunity to encourage engagement and reactions. To do this, you have the option of using Mojo's many features, which allows you to add a call to action to your Instagram Story Templates. The Mojo app allows you to add animated GIFs to your Template, text in different fonts, but also your ecommerce or company logo. Browse through the different features of Mojo, to learn a little more about Instagram Story Templates! Check out Mojo's fashion instagram story templates.

Show the product in action with responsive Mojo Instagram Story Templates

With Instagram Stories, it's possible to show potential customers how your product or the service your ecommerce offers works. You can post video content on your feed to show your followers, but since Instagram changed the feed to a non-chronological order, studies have shown that people are far more likely to spend time watching stories than scrolling. If your business has a product that needs to be demonstrated, your opportunity to do so is much higher in a story post.

Similarly, if you're an influencer, Instagram Stories are one of the best places to market a product. Here, you can really show how an item of clothing looks and moves in a short video clip or how to best use a product, which is harder to do in a still photo. Showcase a product or service with one of the Instagram Story Templates offered by the Mojo app! We will allow you, thanks to a dedicated feature, to remove the background of a photo, to keep only the essential element of the image: the product. Change the background colour of your Template, in order to sublimate the product concerned.

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Show off your online store behind the scenes with Mojo's Instagram Story Templates

It's becoming more and more obvious that people on social media want to see the "real" side of businesses. Indeed, internet users want to know that the brands they buy from share their values and are in tune with them.

Humans are also curious by nature, so showing them the behind-the-scenes of your company or ecommerce can help satisfy their curiosity.
There are several ways to do this on social media. If you're not afraid of the camera, a great way to build your audience is to show the person behind the content. By creating stories where you talk to the camera and/or show your daily routine, you can make a personal connection with your subscribers. Ultimately, when it comes time to shop, they will choose someone they trust and feel engaged with.

Mojo allows you to not only stage your photos on social media, but also your videos with Mojo's Instagram Story Templates! To create a truly original video, use our filters and special effects. This will help you generate more and more engagement and thus, increase your sales. Find out now the perfect Instagram Template for your ecommerce!