Instagram Cosmetics and Make up Templates for Beauty Centers

Being among the fastest-growing social media platforms worldwide, Instagram is invaded by all categories of products and services online retailing, fashion, food bloggers and of course, by those fascinated by the beauty universe. With its millions of daily users, always sharing Instagram Stories content, it has been observed that a major part of this social media audience is fond of beauty related-content posts.

Social media’s impact on beauty sales

It is no more surprising that social media networks’ influence on consumers’ behavior is continuously growing and shaping their purchasing and consumption decisions, like Instagram’s impact.

Famous beauty brands have put aside costly bygone marketing approaches by implementing digital ones to expand their niche market. What about you?

Beauty professionals, Instagram is undoubtedly one of the best social media channels in creating your beauty brand and in keeping in touch with your customers and followers. Posting systematically the right instagram story templates for shop owners is one of the best digital and cost-effective marketing approaches to make a name in the online beauty industry and to rack up Instagram followers.

You don’t know where and how to start? Don’t worry! Mojo is free to download and is the perfect online app with its unique ready-to-post templates gallery. For more amazing Instagram Stories beauty post templates with incredible features, subscribe to our pro version. The price will depend on whether your subscription is monthly or yearly. At first, you can opt for a monthly subscription to test our astounding templates, then shift to an annual one.

Let’s now dive into this thrilling adventures of creating Instagram Stories beauty templates in only a few clicks. You can also find on the Mojo app fashion instagram story templates.

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Download Mojo and design your Instagram Story beauty post template

Design your Instagram Stories beauty post templates by using Mojo App. All our beauty templates are fully customizable to match your brand Instagram Stories posts. Mojo also provides you with instagram story templates for e-commerce, and instagram story templates for shopify. Let’s begin!

  • Mojo app is free to download. Hurry up!
  • Once download is successful. Subscribe yourself to our pro version to access our awesome crafted Instagram Stories beauty templates.
  • Pick up your beauty templates from our unique selection.
  • Tap on the preferred beauty templates matching your Instagram Story post.
  • Either, you select an image from our library image “Photos stock” or upload your own beauty photos by clicking on the “Plus” button.
  • Let your creativity speaks out with our editing features, zooming, cropping, resizing your template’s format, personalizing your background color, using our various texts styles and colors, fonts colors and styles, adding content caption.
  • Use filters, GIFs, poll and questions stickers to make you stand out on your social media network.
  • Insert Hashtags to generate engagement from your Instagram followers.
  • Use our preselected music list to schedule your beauty products demonstration on your Instagram Stories.

Well done! You have amazingly designed a unique Instagram Story beauty template. Post it to impress your social media community.

Instagram, the new beauty destination on social media?

With over 400 million active users, Instagram is THE perfect social media to maintain ongoing interaction with your beauty products and services lovers.

Make-up artists, let your Instagram Stories beauty post templates glow

Your Instagram Stories, whether a succession of photos or videos, are visual evidences of your customers’ results after testing your professional skills. Indeed, your posted Instagram Stories beauty templates worth more than a thousand words if designed appropriately.

As we can witness, Instagram is oversaturated with beauty bloggers and influencers aspiring to make their way out in this field. But each beauty professional has his own artistic soul and style. Post before & after photos to show off your masterpiece.

There is no magic formula to increase your Instagram social audience. What you are posting in your Instagram Stories beauty templates, will come back to you. Your beauty center is specialized in bridal makeup, special effects makeup, editorial one or casual make up? If you are a versatile beauty make-up, then your playground is not limited. Being your work’s mirror, your Instagram Stories templates and contents must be consistent with your provided beauty services.

Design your Instagram Story beauty post template - before & after

Get wild with Mojo’s beautifully crafted filters, embellishing your Instagram Story template and making you stand out of the crowd. Before you post before & after Story template, use our rich color palette or personalize one with our color wheel chart to edit your template background. If you are a fashion beauty artist, then use colorful and bright colors to attract your targeted Instagram social audience. You need to adjust your Story post template ? You have the possibility to. You wish to put emphasis on small details of your beauty creation? Mojo offers you the option of zooming. As the saying goes, the little details always make the difference. You wish to add blinking text, a sliding one, the choice is all yours.

Post Instagram Story beauty template with tutorial content

Giving free beauty tips on Instagram Stories can have a positive impact. Social followers want to see if you are using the cosmetics and make up products advertised on your Instagram Story content post. Share with your Instagram audience techniques to do self-makeup, advise them on their skin tone, which color is suitable based on color type, how to take care of their skin and so on. With our humorous animated cartoons stickers and our editable texts, your Instagram Stories tutorial videos will be more lively than ever.

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Highlighting your Instagram Stories post beauty templates is the key

A new collection of cosmetic or makeup is out? You want to introduce the latest beauty trend to your social media audience? Asking yourself how? If your Instagram account has more than 10K followers, swipe up your website link on your Instagram Story post template, redirecting web traffic to your products pages. By accessing your website, Instagram users will navigate between your beauty items, resulting in more sales.

Add engaging elements to your Instagram Stories post templates. Question and poll stickers will make your beauty posts more dynamic. Adding animated questions stickers like “What did like the most about beauty products and services” will help you to exchange and to be in constant touch with your Instagram audience, enhancing both engagement and loyalty.

Put happy customers' feedbacks at the center stage of your Instagram Stories templates to promote your beauty center's uniqueness.

With Mojo’s unparalleled Instagram Story beauty post templates and editing features, your sales will increase. Live in the moment, download our app.