Instagram Story Templates for Shop Owners

We cannot underestimate the benefits of social media in today’s business’ activities. Among them, Instagram has reached another milestone in promoting e-commerce as confirmed by Instagram statistics. It has been observed that Instagram Stories has more than 400 million users every day.

Years back, business owners had to undergo through paid marketing advertising strategies to grow their customer base. However, today Instagram Stories have been proven to be among the best social marketing strategies used to expand business production by reaching out a large audience in a most cost-effective way.

If you have not yet considered Instagram Stories in your marketing digital approaches, it is high time to prioritize this efficient social tool in your business plans to raise up your sales. Trust us, it is worthwhile. Followers’ attention is always captivated by the Stories' layouts on their Instagram news feed. Hurry up, let your professional activity go extra miles with incredible Instagram Stories posts.

With Mojo’s outstanding and customizable templates, your Instagram Stories will be more stylish than ever and your followers will always rush up to consume your Stories' content on their feed. Our amazing content-crafting app is free to download. If ever you wish a pro-version to play with more advanced templates, feel free to subscribe yourself.

Instagram Story Templates for E-commerce

Choosing the right templates for your Instagram Story

Your instagram story templates are ingenious tactics to stay connected with your current followers, to grab more Instagram users’ attention and to reach out potential customers.

Bear in mind that Instagram is above all an image-driven social media. Select the right templates for your e-commerce activity to exploit Instagram Stories' feature to its full potential. Remember, Stories are the very first thing followers see when they connect to Instagram.

Glitch templates will give an original touch to your Instagram Story post. Depending on your business activity or the way you use them, Glitch templates can either transmit a supernatural atmosphere or a vintage air with its distorted design along with its trendy cool off-beat outcome.

The Glitch templates can be used in any e-commerce. Its contradictory nature makes it a timeless art. This template is a combination of a futuristic style and at the same time a vintage layout. With its distortion effect, this template will turn your Instagram Stories into impactful visuals.

Another aspect of this template is its provocative effect. So, if you are in a sneakers e-business for example, the glitch templates can be used to capture the young followers’ attention by exploiting its rebellious side. Convert your monotonous Instagram Stories into a visually fascinating one with these aesthetic effects.

Moreover, if your online business products are for instance, stylish hand-crafted jewellery, you can choose our Minimal templates to introduce your creations to your followers through your Instagram Stories. This type of template provides a straightforward presentation and emphasis is made on key elements of your products. Clear and direct, this template will engage your online social community's interest through your posts.

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Instagram Story Templates for Shopify owners

Instagram stories posts are powerful marketing tools for the expansion of your digital footprint.

Storytelling templates can be engaging since it is a combination of texts and media. Adopt this template for your Instagram Stories to narrate the story behind your products and services, to give a brief explanation on the materials used along with customized photos. Use the Storytelling templates to educate your social followers about your products. The fusion of texts and media will turn your Instagram story content into a charismatic visual.

Among our unique templates, there are the Shop templates, voluntarily designed to present and to promote your products’ collections. Customize it with one or more photos.

Instagram Story Templates for Prestashop owners

Create and post tremendous Instagram Stories from scratch with our Scrapbooking templates. Our layouts are amazing and some of them provide glittering effects. Be creative while inserting your photos and expressive captions to remind your audience how engaged your business is to them.

You are looking for a multipurpose template, one that will make your Instagram Stories a unique artwork by combining stories and posts of all kinds? The Digital templates are made for you. This remarkable design will shed more light on your business products and services.

You want your Instagram Stories to throw professional stunning videos but with a sophisticated touch? Our easy-to-use Cinema templates will help you to create and bring your imaginative ideas to life. Make your Stories even more inspiring with Mojo’s splendid features.

Instagram Story Templates for Beauty Center

Grab and win your Instagram audience’s interest with our exceptional Beauty templates. Beautifully-designed, our templates have been elaborated not only to suit your cosmetic brand products but also to reflect your Instagram audience’s persona. This fully customizable template will make your content shine. Post them and you will witness how resourceful they are by the way they engage your followers.

Boost your Instagram presence with our instagram story templates for business owners. These are ideal when you are introducing new cosmetic products to your audience, optimizing your products, for a brand shout-out or simply to post reviews of satisfied customers. Moreover, this Instagram Story post template customized with a stimulating content is useful for a flash sale for any special occasion or simply to show your best offers.

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Instagram Story Templates for Fashion Stores

Make your Instagram Stories popping out with our bundle of Instagram post templates ideal for boosting up your fashion and clothing products sales. Our Fashion templates will brighten your products with its features of photos and videos succession.

Our instagram story templates for content creators have shipshape design and a pretty cool color scheme that will charm the present-day Instagram audience. Personalize and post this template in your Instagram Stories to drive more sales.

Ever thought of Mirror templates on your Instagram Story post? This layout uses symmetrical movement to create an impressive visual on your social Instagram followers. Hypnotizing with repeated movements, this template is perfect with videos or photos to create a big buzz on your Instagram account.

When you post an Instagram Story, make sure that your content is relevant to your business. Content should never be underrated since it creates awareness on your products and services. With our other amazing features like texts styles, stickers, font styles, rich color palette, make your Instagram Stories posts unique ones.

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