Restaurant owners : engage your customer with 5 Instagram Story Ideas

Businesses like restaurants have to make extra efforts to retain and create customers. Competition has never been so fierce. If you want to compete with over one billion people for attention and engagement, you have to be among the best. Instagram allows you to stay on top of the mind of people with its visual content stories. The best part of it is, it is free.

Restaurants are massively turning to Instagram stories for their marketing. No need to spend money on graphic designs and Photoshop, Mojo App is an app specialised in making Instagram stories in an unconventional manner. Marketing has never been so fast and fun. To help in the process, Mojo App has created user-friendly instagram story templates for business owners on various themes and designs.

The importance of Instagram story for restaurant

Instagram is an excellent opportunity for restaurants to promote their services and products to gain more customers. People now rely on Instagram to make decisions on which restaurant to visit. Therefore, it is advisable that restaurants should be active on social media to remind people to come to your restaurant for your food and spread the news from words to mouth.

Since Instagram stories posts are active only 24 hours, as a restaurant owner, you have to post regularly to create customer engagement. Mojo App allows you to create your own easy brand-template design or simply to choose from the various templates available on the App. You will certainly be amazed by the ease of making those Instagram stories and to post them. It gives you time to concentrate on your business.

Mojo App

5 Aesthetic Instagram Story Templates for Restaurant

Find below templates to turn that burger or pasta into an eye-catching story that will boost your restaurant’s views at the same time.

As a restaurant, you will be posting various posts. The first template design is the most important. It should be so powerful that it should be a thumb-stopper. People tend to form an opinion on the first information that they get and this will affect their decision-making. Mojo App will help you to make breath-taking templates with special graphics in no time. However, with the Pro version, you will have more options. You can also find on the Mojo app instagram story templates for photographers.

Instagram story for restaurant Template 1

The theme that attracts most attention is the meal of the day Instagram Story. With the help of Majo App, find different templates on the ‘Food’ category that are already available. Choose one of your best dishes and make a quick explainer video of your chef preparing the meal.

Here are the steps to make a meal of the day template:

  • Click on the template of your choice
  • Add the picture/video of your food and adjust it accordingly
  • Mojo App allows you to have full control of the choice of the text, colour and effects to add some flair
  • Customise with various font styles and graphics
  • o not add too much information, because your audience will not be able to read all of them. It is up to you if you want to add the price.

Here are some tips to take your picture:

You should take various pictures and choose the one which is the best to beautify your template. Pay attention to the background, it should not have too many details. The focus should be on the Food and the shooting should be done with natural lighting. Your Instagram picture should be at least 1080 x 1920 pixels. Some people opt to have a consistent background and take pictures in round plates to create a consistent on-brand Instagram Story.

Instagram story for restaurant Template 2

You can choose pictures of your restaurant in peak hours to show your audience enjoying their meals to increase trust for potential ones by showing how your service is running smoothly. You can opt for a beautiful shot of the restaurant’s exterior look.

Go on the ‘promote your business’ category and choose the ‘we are open’ template. Do not hesitate to take pictures of your employees. This will add a touch of personality to your stories. With just some clicks add the requirement information and it is done. Do not forget to add relevant Hashtags. For example, that of your location. However, over use of Hashtags can identify you as spams.

We encourage you to check out our instagram story templates for company, and instagram story templates for small businesses.

Template 3 for Instagram story for restaurant

Trending actually on social media is the ‘behind the scene’ videos. Your audience gets an overview of your restaurant. This could be happy hours amongst your staff; the place where you make your groceries or simply making a small video of your staff working in the kitchen. This is also a way to narrate your story. Audiences are no longer interested only in food, they want to know what inspires you and what makes you special.

  • Your video should be short and record only the essentials.
  • Use Hashtags
  • Tag your staffs
  • Add links to direct people to your website
  • Add a poll for more engagement. For example your viewers can questions about the food

Template 4 for Instagram story for restaurant

You will be prone to post updates of your restaurant such as:

  • Deals and discounts
  • The capacity of your bookings for a Saturday/ Sunday night or simply to show that you are fully booked for the night.
  • Your booking system
  • Your menu

Choose a ready-made template on Mojo App or simply make your own special update template for updates. You can add as background or text, the company’s colour to create on-brand templates.

Mojo also provides instagram story templates for fitness.

Use Hashtags
Tag your staffs
Deals and discounts
Your menu
Exemple of story templates

Template 5 for Instagram story for restaurant

Give your followers a reason to book a table. Pan across your various dishes and drinks to attract your customers. Just create your own template and add your menu each week to make your followers engaged and remain loyal.

Find an amazing template design for your menu on Mojo App. For example, if you have a ‘Brunch menu’, You just need to click your best picture of your meal on the template and modify the text. The App allows you to make templates easily and in a fun way. You can add an additional page. Choose that space to add your links where you are available on other social media platforms or simply the link to your website.

After drafting your template design, you can overview your story by clicking on the 'eye' button on the app and post directly on various social media platforms such as TikTok, Instagram, Facebook and so on. Find your templates anytime on 'My Stories' which you can use again by just making minor modifications.