Create your Fitness Brand with Instagram Story Templates

Health is a luxury and fitness is the new craze. Companies of all sizes are doing intense marketing of their services on diverse social media platforms such as Instagram. Instagram stories have become the most important free marketing tool to reach out to people in a more personal way. If you are thinking about investing your time and effort in Instagram stories for effective reach, it is essential to invest in story templates for a more appealing visual.

Mojo App provides for various instagram story templates for business owners that you can use to market your fitness programs, gym facilities and personal training brand in a more aesthetic and professional way through unique designs. The easiness to use the available customizable templates allows you to save time by creating your content posts in advance to enhance the look of your Stories. You can also create your own business branding template.

Download Mojo App for free and enjoy the series of fitness templates available that can be shared on other social media too.

Find below ways to create your own Instagram Story Templates for Fitness.

Fitness Story idea 1: Daily Workout

You need to give a reason for your followers to click on your Instagram story daily and keep sliding to the other slides. Mojo App provides you with various animated templates for daily workout inspiration to create innovative themed content namely:

  • Daily workouts
  • Body type workout and tips
  • Special deals and offers

Choose the daily workout template in the fitness category. It can be yoga poses or exercises. Add the picture or video of the exercise you want to show and on one click type the text. The design of the template already has the text size, typology, colour and animation timing.

You can still create a unique design template by changing your background and other features to impersonalise the video according to your brand and services. For example, you can choose different colours for different body-parts workout day. You can also create a particular colour background for leg day, abs days or full body workout which will enhance the visual identity of your brand. The Mojo app also offers instagram story templates for photographers, and instagram story templates for restaurant.

daily workout

Fitness Story idea 2: Circuit training

These kinds of circuit training can take the same structure as you are doing in the gym. These kinds of templates are ways to engage your audience and make them feel as if they are actually working out with you.

Find below the steps:

  • Choose the appropriate template
  • Add the date
  • Organise your different circuits’ rounds and write them.
  • Give some instructions if needed
  • Add a background picture and it is done.

Fitness Story idea 3: Fitness Tips at home

Since you are an expert in your domain, you can share some tips to your audience about some exercises, nutrition plans and how to create their weight loss goals.

You just need to add a photo on the template and type your tips. For example if you are giving tips about the best ways to do crunches, your photo should be related and keep your texts short and simple. Do not add too much information; it will overcrowd your story.

You can also use the following options:

  • Use the question sticker to allow your audience to ask you questions
  • You can add polls to get feedback whether they liked your content or not
  • You can ask your audience for the type of workout contents or gears they would like you to post
  • Use appropriate Hashtags

Are you look for the perfect templates to create your brand visual identity? Check our instagram story templates for company.

Fitness Story idea 4: personal trainer brand

As a personal trainer, you have to create a relationship with your clients. Instagram story is the best way for you to post authentic stories and engage with your client. But if you are wondering how to make it happen to get the desired results, Mojo App is here to simplify the process. Here are some Instagram story templates ideas available on Mojo App for you to connect to your audience:

  • Make some behind the scenes videos, talk with your clients, give tips and instructions, showcase your expertise
  • Storytelling: share your success stories
  • A day in the life of a trainer: show what are your morning routines, your meals and healthy habits.

You can also post an ‘ask me anything sessions’ on your Instagram stories, where you invite your audience to come to your live for fitness tips, workout gears or nutritional plans. This is the chance to make a survey about what attracts your clients’ attention and be able to tailor your future contents as per the answers given.

Mojo App templates also allows you to add a second page to add the links of the other social media platforms available.

Fitness Story idea 5: video classes at gym

Whether you are a coach, an influencer or a gym owner, you can film a series of daily video classes and share it on Instagram stories to reach more potential clients and avoid the risk of bombarding your timeline.

  • Make sure to record a short video showing the essentials such as the gears used for workout, or the products for sale.
  • Choose your template and simply add your videos.
  • Add fun stickers to connect with your followers.
  • Make sure to tag the persons in the video so that they can share it on their timeline.

Mojo App fitness templates are designed to allow you to create lasting connections with your clients and potential clients. These are the perfect instagram story templates for small businesses.

video showing
instagram story
potential clients
your followers
Exemple of story templates

Fitness Story idea 6: Before/After transformational stories

Nothing better to get the attention of your clients through Before/After transformation images. You can ask your clients to allow you to share their success story to motivate other people. Post regularly inspirational customer transformational stories.

You can create a special template for this kind of story. You have to design the layout, the animated text, the colour, the background, fonts and timing. Use your best picture or videos to show your engagement towards your client’s health and wellbeing. This is the way you can create customer trust. Encourage them to share the story on their stories for more visibility.