Instagram Story Templates for Business Owners

On your Instagram account, you should spend time nurturing relationships with your followers. In fact, Instagram now recommends spending more time replying to comments and sharing than posting photos. So there's no point in posting several photos a day without responding to anything, your visibility will suffer.

Stories are a space not to be neglected either. A story is an illustration (photo, visual) or a short video that appears online on your profile for 24 hours only. After this time it disappears. You can find your recent stories on your account, and highlight them to tell a story (hence the name) on the homepage of your account.

Take advantage of stories to create a connection with your followers, to present your work, your activities, your daily life. The Mojo application offers Instagram Story Templates to highlight each publication on the social network. We have designed Instagram Story Templates for business owners and professionals who want to generate engagement, create and animate a community on this social network.

Instagram Story Templates for Photographers

Are you a professional photographer? Show how you manage your sessions with your clients, make them go through stories, so they can say what they think of you.

Are you an amateur photographer? Take advantage of stories to highlight an event, a region or a city. Tourist offices are for example very interested in these initiatives that can get you noticed.

Mojo offers various Instagram Story Templates for professional photographers, or people who want to make photography their profession. These Instagram Story Templates are numerous and can be customized. You can add text, in the font of your choice, but also animated GIFs, your company logo, and many other features. In order to generate engagement, the Mojo app offers users to add royalty-free music to Instagram Story Templates. Each Instagram Template created by Mojo has been designed with your art in mind.

Templates for Photographers

Instagram Story Templates for Fitness Brands

Currently, Instagram is one of the best social networks for gym or fitness studio owners. But, in order to meet success and thus gain new customers every day, it is necessary to regularly post quality stories. One of the best ways to boost your Instagram account is high-quality photos. So ditch the grainy selfies and blurry mirror photos, and invest in an awesome camera or smartphone.

For the sake of your fitness brand, you need to learn how to create a consistent Instagram feed. That's why it's highly recommended to use Mojo, the app that specializes in Instagram Story Templates. You will find, in our catalogue, dynamic and aesthetic templates, dedicated to sports and fitness. Use them in your fitness routine and show your professionalism!

Instagram Story Templates for Restaurant Owners

Instagram is the most visual social network. More and more, it is via Instagram that restaurants are getting known and increasing their notoriety! As visual content is more appreciated than textual content, publishing beautiful photos on your restaurant's Instagram account makes it easier to create engagement.

Create your Instagram Stories with a Template offered by Mojo! Our Stories Templates help you showcase your photos, and more. In fact, Mojo has designed templates that will help you communicate about your restaurant's opening hours, but also about the different menus created by your chef.

Instagram Story Templates for Companies

Instagram stories have several attractive features for your business and brand. Instagram stories are used by 500 million users daily!

The story is a format that is very popular with generations Z and Y, 2 important audiences for your brand. Of course, with the Instagram Story Templates offered by Mojo, you have the opportunity to highlight your values, as well as your brand image. But an Instagram Template can also help you in various processes, including recruitment. By creating engaging and qualitative content, put all the chances on your side to recruit new, dynamic employees.

You'll be able to make your stories more attractive through the various features offered by the Mojo application: remove the background of a photo to keep only the essential elements, add animated GIFs, but also your brand logo (you can even animate it!).

Instagram Story Templates for Small Businesses

Does your business need an Instagram account? Long story short: if your target audience is already on Instagram and you're willing to invest the time and resources to create compelling content, then the answer is yes! Learning how to use Instagram should help you grow your small business. Since its creation, Instagram has continued to improve the features available, in order to promote your business. Videos, albums (post with multiple photos), stories, and lives are opportunities to meet your target.

When you set up your strategy, try to include as many of these features as possible. For example, you can choose to share the behind-the-scenes of your business in stories! To generate more engagement, don't hesitate to use Mojo's Instagram Story Templates: we've designed content especially for small businesses that want to get noticed. With a Mojo Template, showcase your videos and photos and create an active community.

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Templates for Small Businesses
Templates for Companies
Templates for Fitness
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Mojo's Tips for Setting Up an Effective Strategy on Instagram

At first glance, getting started on Instagram may seem pretty simple, even when you're a professional, brand or business. All you need to do is post a few photos on your profile, and design Stories to generate Likes and Follows. But if you want your presence to bear fruit and be profitable for your business, you need to ask yourself these few questions (and find the answers, of course):

  • What content and stories will you offer your followers in addition to your products or services?
  • Which Instagram community will you address to develop your brand? What are its codes, what "language" does it speak?
  • What performance indicators will you use to ensure your success? What are your numerical goals (number of fans, engagement measurement, number of orders...) and are they realistic?
  • What content ans stories are you going to start feeding your account with? Is it easy to understand what you are offering or who you are addressing?

The Mojo app supports businesses and helps them design engaging Instagram Stories, thanks to templates specially designed for professionals. Discover without further delay our features!