How to use Instagram Story Templates in your recruitment process?

With the latest trend in Instagram recently, it is clear that it is no longer a platform for personal content anymore. There has been a drastic increase in businesses, using the platform for recruitment process, sale of products and services. Marketing on Instagram, however, involves a strategy. It depends on the content that is being shared and the number of times it is being shared.

Creating Instagram stories on a regular basis for businesses is the best way to create engagement. However, content sharing without creativity is proven to lesser in the rate of visibility and response by your insta audience. It requires a distinct marketing strategy through the use of video, imagery and illustrations. There has also been an urge to enhance business branding through instagram story templates for business owners.

What are the benefits of using Instagram Story Templates for your Company?

Compared to the other social media platforms, Instagram is more about visual content. Using templates allows you to showcase your brand colours, fonts and logos in a modern way. It is the same as businesses would draft their mails but in a more visual content. Consistent branding helps your audience to get an insight of who you are and what you stand for.

Also, by synergising your pre-made Instagram stories template, it becomes easier for other people in your company to work as a team on your business Instagram account. They can use the editable template for a new story on Instagram or other social media platforms

You don’t need to be a graphic designer nor invest in photoshop anymore to create your Instagram Stories templates to post on Instagram or other social media platforms. With Mojo, create your own aesthetic templates to create engaging posts. You can find on the app instagram story templates for restaurant, but also instagram story templates for fitness, and more.

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Creating your recruitment template using Mojo App

Level your Instagram Stories by using Mojo App. You will find a Series of editable templates on Mojo App to easily create your own brand Instagram stories. Available templates allow you to save time and effort in drafting templates.

Find below the steps to create an Instagram story with Mojo App:

  • Go on ‘Business’ Category to find the various templates
  • Make your choice from the various templates available.
  • Double click on the ‘plus’ button to add your pictures.
  • Once the pictures are added, you can click on the ‘brush’ button to add your company’s colour, change your background, timings and change the format.
  • You can also add music to your video.
  • Click on the text to add your job specification. Keep it simple and add only relevant texts. You can choose ‘Bold’ text to captivate attention on the subject of your post.
  • Do not forget to add your company’s email address or number so that your potential candidate can contact you.
  • Add GIFs and effects if needed
  • You can preview your template, once the editing is done by clicking on the ‘eye’ button.
  • Upload your video directly from the app to Instagram and other social media platforms.
  • You can find your templates on the app for further posts or if changes are needed.
  • Use highlights to permanently keep your story on your timeline so that people can view it later.

Check out here our instagram story templates for photographers.

Creating your own Instagram Stories templates from scratch

Mojo App allows you to create your own Instagram stories templates that you could use for your recruitment and other business updates. However, you will have more options available if you choose the Pro version. Mojo App gives you the possibility to have three free days of editing to give you a demo of the pro version of the App. It is worth noting that Mojo App keeps on updating its features for a better editing experience.

With Mojo App your design is sure to stand out and get many responses from your potential recruits.

Here are the steps to create your own Instagram Stories template:

  • On the homepage of the App, choose templates for ‘Instagram stories’
  • From the variety of choices, choose your layout, fonts, text size and text colour.
  • For your text, use bullet points and be concise
  • Manually change the duration of the template.
  • Make creative use of graphics and animations that could be used in your stories that fit your company’s brand.
  • Use significant Hashtags for your audience to find you easily and to get your right set of candidates.
  • Use videos to advertise your job offer
  • Get creative with the use of graphic designs in your Instagram template. Add stickers, GIFs and filters.
  • Add your company’s logo so that your potential client can easily identify your company.
  • You can add an additional page to add links to your other social media platforms.

Ideas on how to use Instagram Stories for recruitment by companies.

To successfully create Instagram Stories for recruitment purposes, bear in mind that it is not just about adding a ‘we are hiring’ post. To get audience engagement, your Instagram story should reflect your business and should contain crucial information. Find below some tips to gain the audience's attention on your post and get the right candidate using Mojo App, thanks to instagram story templates for small businesses.

Template 1 for Instagram Story

You could use a short video to show your business’ culture. You could make a small video or simply add a picture of your employees chilling at work to give an overview of your company’s culture. Making your employees involved in the recruitment photo shows how much you value them.

Template 2 for Instagram Story

Try something unconventional and innovative in terms of texts, photos or video. Make videos related to the job and instead of saying ‘we are hiring’, for example, try to incorporate humour by giving a brief description of the job.

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Exemple of story templates

Template 3 for Instagram Story

You can create a community poll by posting a question on your story. For example: we are actually looking for an experienced person to join our customer service team, do you know someone? And simply add a ‘yes’ or ‘me’ as an answer. You will be able to see the people who responded and then identify potential candidates.