What are the most popular tiktok videos ?

A video on TikTok can go viral overnight, whether you are known or not! If you are lucky enough to have your video highlighted by the algorithm, then you will have the opportunity to become an influential TikToker and make quality content that will be highlighted automatically in the future. 

When you think of TikTok, you think of elaborate dance videos. But many successful TikTokers do very basic things like Bella Poarch. However, don't think that your videos will go viral by doing what they do, as the majority of the most viewed TikToks of all time are finely crafted and have taken hours of preparation for a few seconds of video. Some TikTokers have a team behind them.

In this article, we will rank the best tiktok videos of all time on the TikTok app in descending order. Citing you the content creator who created it and the number of views the TikTok made. No need to search for content, we find it for you.

The first TikTok is the one with Zach King with his broomstick

This TikTok has been seen 2 billion and 200 million times. This is really impressive, particularly when you consider that there are almost 8 billion people on earth, and that many of them do not yet have Internet access. The video has only had 15 million likes, which is quite small compared to the number of views. This video, in which we see Zach King winking at Harry Potter, is full of special effects that are very difficult to reproduce for a beginner.

The first TikTok

Zach King is closely followed by James Charles
with his video on the Christmas explosion

This TikTok is over a year old and yet the views keep increasing! It is the second most viewed TikTok video of all time and will remain for a long time. Yet it has only 8 million likes for 1.7 billion views. Of course, this number of likes is still considerable when compared to other TikTokers of all sides.

In third place again, a video made by Zach King

This is the famous video with the glass of water turning into a cake, which has been seen 965 million times! Zach King is the TikToker with the most viewed videos. In this video, he cuts a glass in half with one of those amazing effects.

Zach King takes fourth place again

He got almost a billion views in a video in which he plays hide-and-seek in a mirror to avoid being found. 

Zach King is unstoppable with his wet paint popular video

He doesn't give anyone a chance to overtake him in the most viewed video ranking! He mastered perspective effects to perfection in this TikTok video. This video has 660 million views.

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Finally, someone else in the ranking: Bella Poarch makes an appearance

Although it is only sixth, it is the most liked video on TikTok but also one of the most hated. 

Take an escalator
David Dobrik blows up
muscle mountain on TikTok
editor by Mojo
Exemple of story templates

The wap challenge has become a must

By following this new challenge song that has gone around the world, many girls and women around the globe now know how to do the split.

Another TikTok classic by Kison Kee

A video with almost 278 million views in which he sings and accidentally falls with his milk bottle.

David Dobrik and his explosive TikTok

The huge investment to create this explosion in her garden was worth it with the number of views his TikTok got!

Will Smith the man of a thousand facets with his Wipe it down

After his music and film career, the actor is now starting his career on TikTok by ranking tenth! He invented the wipe it down challenge. He continues to tour the world at the age of 52 but now on TikTok and not in front of the cameras.

Take an escalator and make it a dance

This is what JustMaiko has done, a TikTok that many want to replicate in every shopping mall escalator!

Take another escalator to do another dance

Yes again JustMaiko on an escalator dancing, the first video went well, so he just did it again. But there won't be a third time.

Maybe, by doing a live on TikTok, you will manage to create a new challenge, before launching your live watch this link : how to make a live on tik tok.

Spencer x shaving his eyebrows

Everything is in the title.

Bella Poarch and her TikTok on banjo beat song

Almost 200 million views to see Bella Poarch making weird facial expressions with the banjo beat song in the background.

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David Dobrik blows up the ranking again

It's just the same TikTok presented above, but this time posted by its creator himself.

The Rock, the muscle mountain on TikTok

I don't know if it's a good idea to check out the rock after seeing so many videos of him. Watch his TikTok videos on the TikTok app to get an idea by yourself. 

Who do we find? Bella Poarch again and again!

If you like money, you will like this TikTok.

When will Bella Poarch come out of the ranking?

I wonder how many of you would remain calm if Bella Poarch knocked on your door at 3a.m, without warning. The answer is so obvious that I'm not going to say it here, so please don't be so sensitive!

Charli d'Amelio may be the TikToker with the most subscribers, but she is last in this ranking

We won't lie to ourselves: when Charli d'Amelio dances we all watch her TikToks. Especially the dance on this TikTok video!

Now you can take inspiration from all these great TikTok videos to make a popular TikTok video yourself. Don't forget to choose a popular song to make your video on the TikTok app.