How to make a good tik tok ?

During this pandemic, we had more and more free time at home, which allowed content creators to create more and more tiktok videos on different platforms, such as Youtube or Tiktok. In 2020, in just two weeks, more people downloaded the tiktok app than in the whole year! In this article, we will provide you with lots of tips on how to make a good tiktok. By the end of your reading, you will be making tiktok videos as elaborate as the biggest tiktokers on the app.

Before you start creating a tiktok video, take a look at the best tiktok content here. After reading this article, you will know how to make a good tik tok video.

How to go viral on TikTok making videos?

Before creating a popular video on tiktok, you have to make sure that your profile is appealing. For example, you can change your pseudo by thinking of a name which is attractive! No one will want to subscribe to an account with an unoriginal name or one that is too long. By clicking on "For You", you can see all the people who have made good tiktok videos and be inspired by them, of course all this according to the content you have liked. In fact, the algorithm pushes you towards this kind of content. Push the "like" button on a lot of videos you like during your first TikTok sessions, as the algorithm does not work immediately.

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For your first tiktok video, do something simple. Start the video by pushing the red button and then start telling an interesting story or anecdote. These first videos will serve as practice for the more elaborate videos you will make later! Tiktok is mainly about sounds. So if you don't like the sound of your voice on your first video, try to add some music that goes well with your movements and add some effects.

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How to get likes on your TikTok video?

If you want to be popular on tiktok you need to create a community that likes all your content, hence your videos must be original and out of the ordinary. Otherwise, they will never have any visibility and therefore no likes. As said before, you need to have an attractive account name, a good public profile and follow the latest trends by making content you like. If you just copy tiktok videos without bringing a little personal touch, it will show on your video. A like generator can also be a solution. You can use it to win many likes, so your tiktok profile is highlighted for a short time. But this solution does not go without problems, as it can backfire and you can lose everything.

Some basic steps to follow for a good video

Create a good TikTok video: step one

Many people tend to neglect their username. Yet, it is one of the most important things, as it is the first thing that will be seen by everyone! It should not be too long, easy to remember and also catchy. Your future subscribers will be attracted by a tiktok name that has a meaning or is related to your videos.

Add a good profile picture: it is also a big part of your tiktok success. If you want a lot of likes on your videos and be popular, your profile picture should be of high quality and bright. It can be a photo of you or a landscape photo, or even a photo that characterizes you. Instead of a photo, you can also insert a short video.

If you are not happy with your profile picture, you can change it in the "me" tab at the bottom right. All the options to change your profile picture and video are here.

You should also describe your activity in your biography or describe yourself. These few details will give an idea of the type of videos you make, but be careful not to say too much. Avoid spelling mistakes, keep your description simple and fairly short, and don't add too much information.

If you are not sure, tap this link for more information on how to go viral on tiktok and make popular tik tok videos.

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Create a good TikTok video: step two

To give your tiktok larger reach, connect your instagram and youtube profiles to the tiktok app. This way, your subscribers from another social network will have access to your other social media, and people who follow you on Instagram will be able to like your videos on tiktok.

You can download tiktok for free on any Android or Apple phone. Tiktok is represented by a white music note on a black background, you will easily find it in your home screen once downloaded.

Don't set your account to private if you are looking for success, as this will limit your likes. Only your subscribers will be able to see your videos. So leave your profile in public mode to reach other people than your subscribers.

Create a good TikTok video: step three

First, tap the "Me" button again. You will be teleported to your profile. Click on the three buttons on the top right: this will take you to the privacy and settings page. When you are on the menu, press privacy and your privacy preferences will appear.

Then drag the private account button from green to white. This will disable the private mode. It needs to be disabled and to be sure it is, look at the discoverability section.

The "allow others to find me" button should be enabled, so that users who like the kind of video you produce can find your profile in their recommendations.

If you want to restrict who can see or like your photos or videos, go to the page at the bottom and tap "who can react to me". The aim is to gain visibility, likes, and subscribers. So tick "everyone", and people who are not subscribed to you will be able to interact with all your content.

There are other security options like "who can comment on your content" or "who can duet with you", it depends on what you want for your tiktok video.

To have even more success with your tiktok videos, follow this link how to make a live on tik tok.