Tiktok photo editing trend : how does it work ?

Recently users of the tiktok app have been using old iphone filters or other iphone filters from other social networks like instagram to adjust their photos. This is to make sure that the colours in their photos are not bland but rather bright, which is what makes their photos so popular! In this article we will talk about this way of editing photos and how to recreate them.

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TikTok editor

Photo editing hack on tiktok

There are several ways to edit a photo, but some of them allow you to get more subscribers because of their editing quality. One of the most popular ways is to make your photo look bright as if you took it during the golden hour.

To achieve this effect, the direct light on your face must be natural. To do this, before posting it on tiktok on your iphone, you need to go to the photo gallery of your mobile phone or iphone and select the photo you want to post. After doing this, set the exposure to 100 and then set the brightness to 100 as well. Once you have done these two settings, adjust the highlights to -35 and shadows to -30. The contrast should also be set to -30 and the black point should be set to 10, with saturation also set to 10. Vibrance should be reduced to 8, warmth to 10, hue to 40, sharpness to 15 and finally vignette to 25! There is one more step you have to go to the exposure and desactivate it. 

You can click on your photo to see the before/after and if you are satisfied with the result, publish it! You now master one of the iphone editing trends.

To sum up : 

  • Exposure 100

  • Brilliance 100

  • Highlights -35

  • Shadows -30

  • Contrast -30

  • Brightness -15

  • Black point 10

  • Saturation 10

  • Vibrance 10

  • Warmth 10

  • Tint 40

  • Sharpness 15

  • Vignette 25

  • Reduce: brilliance and exposure

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Photographs that are out of the ordinary thanks to these hack

You can achieve simple and special creative effects with a multitude of objects that we use in our daily lives, such as sheets of newspaper or a book, a shopping mall aisle, etc. Many people looking at your images will wonder how you managed to create such creative images!

Some of the tips we're going to share with you can be used to deal with lighting or other problems you may encounter when shooting. All of our tips are easy to do, you don't need to be a pro, all of the objects and places we are going to recommend are easily found on your own and for cheap or free.

Share our article with your friends who are lacking inspiration and let the creativity flow!

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Always be prepared to take a picture

Don't hesitate to leave your camera on, as DSLRs use almost no battery power. Your camera should always be in semi-automatic or automatic mode to be able to take a moment, an object, an animal, someone instantly, you have little time for some pictures so be quick! A memorable photo is often taken in the moment.

Using the reflections of nature

Nature offers many ways to make your images much more appealing, focus on the small details around you when walking through a forest for example. Reflections in the water or elsewhere can greatly help you create a natural filter when shooting. Water is not the only source of reflections, take a mirror with you when you walk.

Perspective can completely transform your photo

The majority of people on average see things horizontally at 1m70 from the ground and therefore take a picture at eye level, which is not necessarily very interesting from a creative point of view. Experiment with new techniques and be creative in finding slightly more advanced perspectives. This can be done by standing a little higher or by placing yourself as high as you can above your subject.

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Use the lines of sight

A composition without any guiding lines does not allow you to focus on a particular subject. Some lines in the landscape, either naturally or artificially, can provide a guiding line and focus on a person walking, for example, or direct the viewer's eye to several elements. These lines also give a certain depth to your composition.

The main light should not come from your flash

Flash used incorrectly can create shadows on your creations trend and make them look unattractive. Flash can be used when your subject is far too dark to brighten, but it can also be used to capture an important moment when there is little or no outside light! However, bear in mind that even so, unwanted shadows will be present on your subject, and should be dealt with in post processing when editing.

When you look into the lens, keep both eyes open

Psychologically a person will look you in the eye when you take the picture, so it is advisable to keep your second eye open when taking the picture. In addition, keeping your other eye open allows you to see what is going on around the frame and the subject, which is particularly useful for certain shots that require dexterity when the subject enters the frame.

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Good luck starting a new trend by creating and experimenting all the time!