How to make a live on tik tok ?

In this article we will explain how to do live videos with your followers and also talk about some mistakes to avoid when doing a live. A live video on TikTok is identical to the live features offered by other social networks like Instagram. A video with your followers allows you to create a stronger bond with them by allowing them to talk to you in real time.

When we talk about a direct link, that is to say that the users who follow you can talk with you in the moment and ask you all the questions they want, they can also talk to each other. The exchange is spontaneous and authentic when you are live, because it is not possible to cut, edit or censor your video! Unexpected things can happen, that's what your subscriber is looking for.

No matter what content you offer live, a simple conversation between you and someone else, a series, a tutorial, etc., a live video stream will allow you to better convey a message or share your knowledge. You should also know that if you are 18 years old or older, by broadcasting live on TikTok, the viewers watching your live stream can send you virtual gifts. These gifts can be exchanged for money. However, it is also possible to donate these gifts to charities that can then collect funds for their actions.

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Is there a subscriber limit to be able to launch a live?

Not all accounts have access to the live function when they are created. You must be at least 16 years old to be able to start a tream from your account.

The TikTok app also prevents accounts with less than 1000 subscribers from being able to live stream on its platform. However, it is still possible for all accounts with less than 1000 subscribers to bypass this restriction in a legal manner.

how to start a live on tik tok?

Here are some steps to go live on TikTok, of course these live streaming features are only available to accounts with the necessary permissions:

  • Go to the home screen and press the create icon to start a live video

  • Just choose an attractive image and write a text that makes you want to go to your live stream

  • When you are ready, press the "Go Live" button and your broadcast will start automatically. All of your subscribers will receive a notification, notifying them that you are live.

  • It is possible during the live broadcast to change the direction of your camera by pressing the three small buttons. On your live stream you can put moderators to avoid insults in the comments, there is also the possibility to add effects and filters.

  • To end your live broadcast, just press the X in the top left corner.

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Ability to schedule live events in advance on TikTok

  • The events feature on the app allows you to alert your followers that your event is in progress.

  • Go to the calendar icon at the top right of your screen

  • Then start planning your event and share it with a link in your email or on a video

  • A video to promote your event is easily done by clicking on the "+". Make your video, then add a link to the event, click finish and publish your video.

  • To create even more excitement among your subscribers, create a countdown clock recording a TikTok. Of course, personalise your countdown sticker to make it look attractive and make people want to watch your event live when the time comes. Communicate the date and time of your event.

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It is also possible to share your live broadcast with a guest

To do this, when you are recording live, at the bottom of the screen is the "add a co-host or guest" function. Click on it and select the person of your choice among your subscribers or acquaintances.

Do I need to have 1000 fans to go live on TikTok?

According to some rumours there is an effective solution to bypass all the rules to have access to the live function, without having 1000 subscribers. This is not a hack but we do not approve of this solution. What some people do in order to be able to do live videos is that they fill out a support ticket saying that their account basically had access to the Go Live feature and so they ask for a wizard to give them access to all the features to be able to do live videos without having the prerequisites to do so.

However, TikTok is now aware of this little "trick" and no wizards are falling for it anymore!

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What are the beginner's mistakes to avoid when broadcasting live on the TikTok app?

Don't jump into your broadcast head first, you need to plan and think a bit about what you are going to say. Of course the video is live so there will be a lot of improvisation!

First mistake: It sounds like a strange mistake, but don't do broadcasts when you feel like it.
A spontaneous broadcast can go well or it can be very boring for the people who follow you. To get the maximum number of people watching you should start the stream when the majority of your followers are online and not when you feel like making a video. If you follow this advice there is a chance that you will appear on the "for you" page of your followers.

Second mistake: Making a live broadcast too long.
A TikTok broadcast can last an hour, but try not to go over 30 minutes. Your followers won't be as focused as they were at the beginning of your broadcast if you go over half an hour.

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