How to make a tiktok dance video ?

If you don't know how to dance don't panic, you don't have to dance like a god to be able to make TikTok dance. You know, the majority of people who make successful TikToks on the app don't know how to dance and are really bad at dancing when it comes to dancing at parties, for example. Many people are afraid or ashamed to start on TikTok, because they are not coordinated in their movements. You always have a little time in the day to practice dancing or coordinating your moves, you only need a few basics to make great dancing videos on TikTok. Copy the most successful dances at first and practice doing them. 

Remember, when you have finished your dance video you will have to edit it with a dedicated app, follow this link : tiktok edit app or follow this one: apps for tiktok.

First step

Before you start, you need to find a dance you like. There are so many different dances on TikTok, there are dances for all styles, dances that come from different corners of the world. Choose the fashionable dance of the moment and try to reproduce it as faithfully as possible. Post it once you are satisfied with the result. 

We advise you to start with the "say so" dance trend. Do it with a friend, you always learn better by having fun in good company.

dances on TikTok

Second step

When you have selected the dance you want to reproduce, watch it several times and once you know how to reproduce it, start your video and let's go! You wonder why you have to watch it several times? You have to if you want to learn the dance and the movements by heart to make them perfectly.

Third step

If it is really too difficult for you to follow the movements in normal speed, you should find a tutorial that is in slow motion: it shows you how to make TikTok dance video step by step. The perfect video consists in a person explaining to you all the movements in detail. Also, the song you are going to dance should be popular. To find a tutorial on viral content, go on youtube and you will find dozens of tutorials on the same music or search directly the dance on the TikTok app.

Not all tutorials are of good quality. To choose the best tutorial, look at the likes and dislikes. 

Fourth step 

One more thing to do before you start dancing, find a place in your house or apartment where you have space to learn the dance. Also, don't hesitate to look at your moves in a mirror so you can correct your mistakes !

TikTok dance video
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Fifth step

Don't learn all the movements of the TikTok you have selected at once, but do the movements one by one to memorize them. When you know 4 or 5 moves from memory, do them all together with the music at normal speed to see if you can do them correctly. Repeat this procedure for all the other moves, starting from the beginning each time and once you master all the moves you will be ready to do the whole popular dance at once !

Sixth step 

If you've followed all our tips so far, it's finally time for you to record your video and dance like you've never danced before! Of course, make sure you have the best possible light before you do your dance, you need to have the best possible angle for your video to be of high quality and go viral.

When you have finished recording your video, you will need to add effects and transitions to make it look good, for that just go to the two links below to learn more about effects and transitions :

how to use tiktok effects and how to do transitions on tiktok

Tiktok and dance

Dance videos on TikTok go viral with music that gets into your head in a matter of seconds and many people wondering themselves how to create a TikTok dance. The app is no longer the territory of gen Z but has become the haunt of many people of all ages, everyone has scrolled through TikTok at least once before going to sleep.

For all lovers of good music, you will feel good on the TikTok application, because you will find a lot of music styles and not only the songs of the world top 50. Small artists can become famous if their music is used by a famous tiktoker or even if the TikTok video of an average user goes viral ! The most popular music on TikTok for making videos are those from the 80's and even older ! There are even a few tunes from 2010 that are making a comeback. Tiktok allows some music to have a second life.

Some ways to find successful challenges on TikTok

One of the most effective ways is to simply have a strong presence on the app and follow successful tiktokers. However, there is no point in scrolling for hours, as chances are you will frequently see the same viral music that is used by many users. Just select the most qualitative videos to find out which effects are used to make it so dynamic.

Hashtags are just as important for finding out what's trending ! To find the most used hashtags in the video descriptions, you have to search the discoveries to find them. Put hashtags that are related to your dance challenge. You can do the same to find the most famous and most listened song of the moment.

You don't need us anymore, you are ready

Now you can compete in any TikTok challenge! You are ready to perform almost all popular dances on TikTok now that you know how to coordinate your moves, and you know how to dance a little bit. Good luck, and don't forget to have a look at our link presenting the different tools to edit a video : video editing tool