How to make a tiktok video ?

Want to make your own videos on TikTok, in order to participate in challenges or just have fun? No need for special equipment: everything can be done, thanks to our free app, which offers many functions and special effects! As you know, TikTok is a special social media, focused on videos. Or, more exactly, on very short video clips. Everything is designed to attract viewers and encourage them to watch your TikTok content. But everything is also planned to produce and publish great videos. In fact, TikTok provides a real mini video editing studio, which not only allows you to shoot sequences but also to process them with several features and quite impressive special effects (slow motion, distortion, superposition, etc.). However, the TikTok video editing tool is not enough to create professional content. If you are tempted by the adventure, all you have to do is download Mojo, in order to create your own videos and thus participate in the countless "challenges" offered by TikTok. And, of course, this whole arsenal is free. We invite you to discover how to create a video on TikTok thanks to our tiktok video editor: Mojo.

What is Tiktok?

TikTok is an app from China, where it's called Douyin. It was launched in 2016, and it allows you to share videos of dance, play-back, challenges, or humorous sketches. Filters, speed-up and slow-down effects make these videos more original. TikTok's success has long been limited to Asia. The app was not available in Europe. In August, it merged with, a very popular music playback application. It then took off all over the world.

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Learn more about the creation process of a TikTok video

A few details before starting. First, videos should be shot in portrait format only, not in landscape. Then, they are still limited to 60 seconds - the majority of the clips do not exceed 15 seconds, a good format to start -, but the maximum duration will pass to 3 minutes during the summer of 2021. By the way, even if you can just record the ambient sound with the microphone of your smartphone, especially if you speak or sing, the videos are usually accompanied by music. TikTok offers a multitude of tracks, as does our free Mojo app. You can choose one before you start filming, or after, applying it to your video. Finally, you can perfectly use an already existing video, filmed outside the app. But, in this case, you will not take advantage of some handy functions such as trimming sequences or applying certain special effects.

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How to register and modify your TikTok profile?

The first thing to do is of course downloading the TikTok application. It is available for free on iOS and Android. You don't need to create an account to watch videos. However, it will be necessary to post it yourself, to connect with your friends or to subscribe to hashtags. So you might as well do it immediately. It is very easy to create a TikTok account. On the home page, tap on the snowman silhouette at the bottom right of the screen. A small window "You need a TikTok account to continue" will open.

You can either: create an account from an email, or connect with your Facebook, Google, or Twitter. Enter your date of birth and a phone number or email. A security code will be sent to you by message. You just have to type it again, then validate. Your account is created! Once this is done, you will be taken to the home page. Then tap again on the silhouette at the bottom right. You get an overview of your profile. To modify it, click on the "edit profile" button available on the screen. You can directly change your nickname and username. Both will appear on your profile. Be careful with your choice of username: once it is registered, you must wait 30 days before you can change it again. Under the pseudonym and username, you can add a description of your account.

Finally, you can change your TikTok profile picture. All you have to do is tap on the gray circle above the username. With your fingertips, you can zoom in, zoom out or improve the framing. It is also possible to choose a profile video that you will have to select from the videos captured with your smartphone. Once all this is done, tap at the top right of the screen on the word "save", in red. There you have it, your account is ready: all you have to do is watch or post content.

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How to create videos on TikTok using the Mojo app?

  • Step 1: Choose from the TikTok filters available on Mojo the one that suits you. Our free Mojo app offers free TikTok filters, designed by professional graphic designers, that will help you stand out. Just select your design before you start.
  • Step 2: Create your TikTok video with the Mojo app. You can film yourself, import images, or change your style using the videos, graphics and free images. Mojo app even lets you create a video from your own photos.
  • Step 3: Add music to your TikTok video with Mojo. The Mojo app lets you add music to your video from a library of royalty-free songs. Music is essential: it brings dynamism and originality to your content!
  • Step 4: Add text, animation, and effects to your video with the Mojo app. Once you're happy with your video, you can add things like text or an animated GIF. In addition, you can use very original stickers, stars and other effects.
  • Step 5: Import your TikTok video directly to the social media. With our free app, you can easily upload your video to TikTok, and upload it in under a minute. Learn here how to add videos to tiktok.

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