How to use tiktok effects ?

Tiktok is the most popular and free app for creating videos and the application also offers many ways to edit your creations. You can add any text you want, add some special background with a green screen, filters and effects to make your video dynamic ! One of the most advantageous options is to add effects that will make your video attractive, and other tiktokers will follow your example if your video is successful.

You are probably wondering how to useTiktok effects, in this case you are in the right place, we will explain how to use them, by using a tiktok edit app.

First step: Filters and Effects on TikTok

Several apps for tiktok such as Mojo video editor allow you to use original effects that will make your video unique ! There are special effects that will make your video extravagant or much simpler effects that everyone can use. Transitions are one of the effects that do not require any particular app. 

Follow our tips on how to use both types of effect:

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Firstly : Filters on Tiktok

  • First stage: Go to your phone and open the application and tap on the "+" button that you probably already know.
  • Second stage: Tap on the filters button which is represented by three circles.
  • Third stage: Once you are in the effects gallery, a multitude of effects are available to you. Choose the effect you like and which is most suitable for your video. When you have chosen, exit the effects gallery and you can start filming your video.
  • Fourth stage: When you have finished shooting your video, click on the check button and it will take you to a preview screen where you can see your video with the effect applied to it before you publish it. You can also add music and add other elements before you finally publish it.

If you have recorded your video without choosing an effect beforehand, don't worry, you can apply an effect even after shooting your video. You can add the effect of your choice to the preview screen. The method is the same as before, you just have to go to the filters icon and choose the effect you want. And if you want to know how to make a tiktok dance video, you can read our dedicated blog post.

Secondly: Effects on Tiktok

  • Step one: Before using a special filter open your camera by pressing the "+" button
  • Step two: Tap on "effects" icon which is represented by a winking emoticon. Once inside, you will have access to a whole range of Tiktok filters
  • Step three: When you are face to face with all these filters, choose the one that matches with your video and try it.
  • Step four: When you have finally chosen the right filter, you can apply it to your video. Once this has been done, exit the filter gallery and start recording your video.

As with the effects you can add the filters after shooting your video. All you have to do is go to visual.

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Find more TikTok Filters and Effects on Mojo video editor

If you need some effects and filters that are not available on TikTok, it's easy to use the Mojo video editor app ! We give you access to other effects and filters for your Tiktok videos. It is also possible to identify effects from other Tiktok videos to use on your own Tiktok.

In the first place: How to find filters on TikTok ?

Tiktok does not offer any option to find the filter used by your favourite tiktoker on his video. However, don't worry, in most cases they put the effect they use in the hashtag or description, so you can use it too.

  • first step: As before any use of the app, you must first open Tiktok and go to discover.
  • second step: go to the search bar and from there you will find the effect of your choice by entering its name.
  • third step: When searching for a video and opening it, click on the filter effect button.
  • fourth step: once you tap on the effect filter button, the help screen appears. Just press the red button and your effect will be in your video.
  • fifth step: Now after all these steps are made it is possible for you to record your video with the effect on it.

Read on to find out where the special effects are that you are having so much trouble finding !

Use Mojo video editor for TikTok

It is normal that some effects are not available on Tiktok, because they are simply not there. Therefore it's necessary to film your video on snapchat before uploading it on Tiktok. All you have to do to use the effects in the Mojo app, the video editor!

The procedure is simple: you can choose among more than 400 filters and effects the ones that will help you send your message or gain visibility. Effects and filters are an added bonus for your transition. In fact, you can learn here how to do transitions on tiktok.

Mojo video editor for TikTok is the perfect tool to make quality content

To distinguish yourself from other users on the application who use the standard effects provided by tiktok, you will need to download the Mojo app! Our TikTok video editor allows you to edit videos with a much wider range of effects. We will help you apply all the effects you want like Vintage, Lomo, Nordic, Nashville and many others, of course, for free ! 

With this application you will know how to use animated stickers on Tiktok, but also how to add text animation, transition, timer and a lot more. You can also use free photos, video clips and an audio library which is royalty-free. A multitude of templates will be at your disposal to make your video an incomparable content.

To Conclude

We hope that after reading this article you finally know how to use effects and filters on your videos. Don't forget to use the Mojo video editing tool to get new effects that will give your videos their full potential.