Why do video makers need YouTube Intro Templates ?

If you're new to YouTube, don't underestimate the importance of a personalized intro for your videos. Your YouTube intro is a trademark, your visual signature. It's an effective way to set yourself apart, and prepare audiences for your videos. YouTube has several billion views per day around the world. You can imagine the potential for your brand or your image! YouTube has also 720,000 hours of videos added every day. There, it gets complicated. To get noticed on the media dedicated to videos, you will have to be particularly creative! The Internet is the reign of zapping. In order to captivate its target, it is essential to be impactful in the first seconds. So here are our tips for attractive and eye-catching YouTube intros for your videos!

How to make a Youtube Intro Templates?

Did you know that one of the most important principles of video marketing is audience retention? This data, expressed as a percentage, refers to the time spent by a viewer on a video before clicking elsewhere. So if your audience stops viewing in the middle of the video, your retention rate will be 50%. A good quality intro does not decrease engagement rate, because viewers watch it in its entirety. If you want to maintain a high engagement rate, you have to catch your audience from the first moments of the video. A good YouTube video intro should be 3 to 10 seconds long. This gives you plenty of time to show off your logo, company name and a short promotional clip, before moving on to the main topic of your video.

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1. YouTube intro templates: create a short format

The creation of a YouTube intro is controversial. Some people think it might cost your popularity. But ultimately, it all depends on the design of your YouTube intro.
Indeed, if you create intros of more than two minutes, the drop in the audience is guaranteed! The users will not waste their time! Even if the content of your channel interests them, they will skip. Good to know: Audience retention is the time spent by the Internet user in front of your video. Go to the engagement tab of YouTube Analytics for all the information on the behaviour of your YouTube visitors. You can learn a lot and find a way to improve your YouTube videos and make high-quality content.

2. Create dynamic YouTube intro templates

Even 6 seconds can seem long! Remember, YouTube is a young social media. To distinguish yourself and relay a professional image, avoid very loud sounds or explosions of colour in your Youtube intro video. Stay sober, but dynamic! Energizing your YouTube intro can be done with the help of animated texts. Add energy to your intro! Adding music is also a lever in your marketing communication. Make a fun and appealing intro, so the internet user will immediately make the connection between your brand and the piece of music (but beware of copyright!).

3. YouTube intro templates that hook your audience

The visuals, title, and message of your Youtube intro video must be eye-catching, in order to arouse the visitor's interest and make them want to discover your brand, or your image. Your YouTube intro is an effective way to stand out. Bet on attractive and original visuals, to avoid a high bounce rate. Take for example the YouTube channel Good Mythical Morning. This comedy show sets itself apart from the rest, with very lively video introductions.

4. Create unique and consistent YouTube intro templates

A key tip for successful YouTube intros is consistency in your marketing message. It is important to structure your communication and to create a link, a habit between your audience and your brand. Include in every YouTube intro video your logo, your hashtags, your links, even your font. This will prevent losing your visitors and subscribers. It is indispensable to retain your audience!

5. What to say in a YouTube intro video?

Your intro video should introduce you and your product or channel in a way that feels authentic. Do not try to sell yourself or your services; tell a story or summarize who you are, and why you do what you do in a few lines. Know your audience, to make them resonate.

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What is the best intro maker for YouTube?

The free Mojo app allows you to create any content for social media, including your intro dedicated to YouTube videos. You can use a video created by yourself, or a photo slideshow, and add:

  • Music, to choose from a vast audiobook of royalty-free songs
  • Animated GIFs
  • Text, as well as a variety of fonts
  • Templates. Mojo app offers you more than 400 different filters. Choose among the templates available the one that corresponds to your channel image.
  • Your YouTube channel logo, and more.

Mojo app, the free content maker, is easy to use, convenient and efficient. We advise you to test it now. Expand your audience with an intro all your own! Capture the attention of your viewers, who will become fans and loyal followers, with a unique intro. You can create it with the free Mojo app, the YouTube intro maker. This tool is free, easy to use, and available on iOS, and Android. By using our video maker, you can create memorable intros wherever you are. Access high-quality audio tracks, and a library of animated GIFs. Add to your YouTube video intro a beautiful typography, illustrations and archival images. With the free Mojo app, make stylish video intros in just a minute.

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