Unboxing videos: stand out with Mojo's free Youtube Intro Templates

Being the second most used search engine worldwide with an immense video library, Youtube is definitely a dominant social media. Statistics proved that businesses and social influencers who implemented this upwarding trend in their digital marketing strategy, have successfully expanded their consumer market. A growing niche results in more sales and profits.

Indeed, on Youtube anyone can turn out into a celebrity overnight. What are you waiting for to grab this golden opportunity ?

Are you brand owner, are you about to launch yourself in an e-commerce activity or trying to be part of the Youtube culture as a social media influencer, but you are trying hard to draw out a huge followers’ circle on Youtube? Have you ever thought of making unboxing videos on Youtube ? Unboxing videos are powerful weapons, helping businesses to leverage the hype.

There is a secret behind the most viewed videos on Youtube. This well-kept secret is creating catchy intro templates on your Youtube video contents. Asking yourself how to be an incredible intro template creator ? Look no further !

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Unboxing videos, the new video phenomenon on Youtube ?

This type of video content is unconventional, but unboxing videos are among the new trends on Youtube, with popular ones ranging from the unpacking of luxurious products to everyday life ones. It has been observed that Youtube videos having the word “unboxing” in their headline have considerably increased.

For instance, a Youtube channel dedicated to the unpacking of kids’ toys can hit big on the net and promote at the same time the business products.

unboxing videos

What is exactly an unboxing video on a Youtube channel ?

An unboxing video on Youtube refers to the process of recording the opening, taking out a product from its packaging and sharing your feeling with your audience. This kind of videos can produce impactful buying desires on viewers if the video maker is trustworthy. But to attract potential buyers to your Youtube channel, it is a must to have an intro template on your video content.

How to introduce unboxing videos?

A key differentiator on your Youtube channel is the use of an intro video template.

An unboxing intro video template refers to the 5-10 seconds of your video on your Youtube channel. This phase is introducing your digital identity to curious viewers and to your audience. An engaging intro template includes a brand logo as well as a quick but precise explanation about the topic you intend to cover. To enhance your intro template display, add a matching soundtrack to put your viewers in a pleasing ambiance.

Your unboxing Youtube channel can have the most breathtaking videos, but if your intro template does not convey the desired information to the targeted audience, racking up a Youtube channel’s viewership can be striving.

Which Youtube Intro templates for unboxing to choose?

Craft mind-blowing Youtube unboxing intro video template with our unique and fully editable templates, exceptionally crafted for you.

Select your Unboxing video intro template

  • Open Mojo graphic design tool.
  • Select an eye-catching template from our stunning templates’ collection like Pop up templates, Mirror templates or Fashion templates. If you want more amazing intros templates, then sign up to our pro version.
  • Either use our HD image/Videos from our library or upload yours.
  • Create a top quality intro template by playing with our bunch of filters and with our exceptional editing features to add value to your intro.
  • Upload your edited video templates directly to your Youtube channel.

Lets’ say your Youtube channel is dedicated to the unpacking of fashion items. Why not use our Mirror template for your intro? We crafted this intro video template using symmetrical movement to create a stylish and hypnotizing visual. Let your videos go viral on Youtube, use our templates.

Hit big on Youtube with a personalized logo template

With the influx of unboxing videos on Youtube, you need to build up a name and to be one of a kind by having a unique logo. Remember that your logo reflects both your persona and that of your Youtube community.

Being your visual signature, your logo should be an original one. You can choose our ready-to-use logo templates or upgrade a particular one by creatively customizing a logo template using our editing features like fonts and text styles and customized colors.

For example, let’s say your Youtube channel is targeting kids and your products are mostly toys or candies.

Design your channel logo by using for example bold lettering having a shadow effect. For the font colors, why not customize each letter with a colorful shade and for the shadow, why not white as color.

Indeed, this contrast between your bold and colorful lettering and your white shadow effect will make your logo pop up. Kids are attracted to colorful images and this kind of logo will catch their eyes. Remember, your logo must be consistent with your business brand.

Personalize your intro template’s background color

A harmonious background color will highlight your channel template banner.

Again if your channel is dedicated to kids, use a background color close to cartoon characters like the ones we see in the cartoon “Bob The Builder Logo” or “Moltres (Pokemon)”.

Mojo’s palette provides cheerful and striking colors. Think about using contrasting colors for your logo and for your template background color. This will improve your banner visibility.

Youtube intro template
matching music
channel is about fashion
animated stickers
Exemple of story templates

Add a matching soundtrack on your Youtube intro template

Make a difference by adding a matching music on your intro video template.

Your channel is about fashion, then use summer tunes or party ones.

Your channel is for children, then use cartoon or nursery rhymes.

Customize your intro template with our graphics

Add cartoon animated stickers or GIFs to make your intro more appealing, use funny graphics, add and customize a text to grab the interest of your audience.