Show and review new products with free Youtube Intro Templates

The e-commerce industry has realized the financial benefits they can derive from social media networks. Being an up warding social trend with users from all age groups, Youtube is the best platform to influence purchasing decisions. Whatever the business sector, sports or fashion, brands have noticed that product review videos from a social influencer is the most cost-effective way to raise awareness about a service, a newly launched product, or to boost up the visibility. Reason why most of them are turning to Youtube social influencers producing appealing show and product reviews videos to grow their business.

Are you engaged in this trend on Youtube, but your viewership is not as sizable as hoped ? Are you new in this Youtube culture, seeking your show and product reviews videos to have a snowball effect by reaching up a large Youtube audience? Youtube is for sure the best place to promote a product and to be a superstar overnight. Nevertheless, Youtube is invaded by all sorts of videos regardless of their categories.

Have you crafted enthralling product review videos, but the watching time is not increasing on your Youtube channel ? If you want to leverage the hype, you need to create eye-catching intros on all your Youtube videos. Wondering what is a Youtube intro video, or how to be a remarkable aesthetic intro maker? Just download our outstanding app.

Mojo is free to download and is the best graphic editing tool providing beautifully and fully customizable designed templates, exploring various themes. With Mojo's exceptional editing options, create engaging and animated video intro visual illustrations for you to stand out on Youtube. Create epic video intros for your Youtube channel without spending hours crafting them. Enjoy Mojo's free version, or sign up for the pro version for more advanced designs.

What is a product review video on Youtube ?

Nowadays, a product review video on Youtube allows a brand to showcase and to display its products or services.

A product review video on Youtube refers to the course of action where the social influencer presents a product to his Youtube community, gives a demonstration and then gives his personal review on it. This video style produces consequent buying desires on Youtube users. But to make yours pop out on Youtube, you need to create attention-grabbing intro video templates.

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What should you say in your YouTube review intro?

A well-designed video intro template will help your Youtube channel popping out. It refers to the first 5-10 seconds of your Youtube videos and completes your posted contents. The intro phase is essential since it creates engagement from your Youtube followers and compels them to watch your video till the end. While designing your intro templates, put the below elements :

  • Create an intro video design according to your brand activities and your Youtube channel video contents themes.
  • Create a short, clear but catchy intro summary.
  • Create a unique logo highlighting your intro video content.
  • Add original music to your intro video and visual elements to add value to your intro video.

Create aesthetic video intro for your Youtube product review videos

Mojo ready-to-use video intro templates are trendiest and have professional looks. With our free and effortless editing tool features, be an exceptional design maker and make stunningly amazing videos intros designs.

  • Let's download the best editing tool ever. Mojo has two versions, a free version with unique and incredible templates and a pro one offering more advanced intros designs with more features.
  • Once the editing tool is opened, explore Mojo's impressive intros templates collection. Pick a design style catching your eyes and which will showcase your Youtube channel videos.
  • Our images/videos gallery offers HD visuals, either you pick one of them or you upload your own video intro visuals.
  • Create stylish intro video visuals with our intuitive editing features. Crop, zoom, resize your intro template's dimension. Adjust text and font styles. Add social animated stickers and GIFs.
  • Create high quality intro templates by using our unique pre-set filters.
  • Add a matching music to your intro. Either pick up a soundtrack from our free musical list or upload your own tune.
  • With Mojo, drag your edited video templates to your Youtube channel directly.

Create a killer intro video template taking your Youtube videos to the next level

Regardless of the types of products on which you are giving reviews, it is essential to craft an intro capturing your followers' attention and that of curious Youtube watchers. Original Youtube intro video always racks up views.

Create original and unforgettable logo for your Youtube intro video

Remember that your logo is the visual signature for your videos and for them to be recognized by your loyal followers. It should be in line with your persona, your audience's persona and your brand's essence.

If your Youtube channel is dedicated to beauty products reviews, select from our logo collection, one which will grab your viewers' attention, compelling them to watch your video content till the end. For example, choose a blinking text or a bold one. Adjust the text style, size and color. For instance, use a bold logo style with an eggplant purple font color on a light background shade. Use assorted color to make your intro videos pop out.

Personalize your Youtube intro video with graphics

Adding graphic elements to your intro video template will add value to it. Mojo offers unique animated GIFs and funny cartoon stickers and characters. Use them!

If you are reviewing gaming products, use our pixel graphic design elements.

Personalize your intro video with music

An intro with a good tempo vibe always holds Youtube viewers. Are you reviewing fashion items? Then use an electropop soundtrack to put your community in the right mood.

Personalize your Youtube
video with music
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Exemple of story templates

What are the best Mojo's Youtube Intro Templates for Products Reviews?

For a product review video, you can use Storytelling templates, Marketing templates or Film View ones. Yet, you can choose any style from our collection.