Share your Fitness Routine with free Sport Youtube Intro Templates

Thanks to recent technological innovations, making a sports video has become more accessible today. But between the purchase of the equipment and the production of a beautiful realization, the road is long. Whether it is to film the exploits of a sportsman or to tell a story about an event, there are many notions to master and a creative look to offer. Before creating your sports and fitness Youtube channel, it is necessary to think about your intro. Download the free Mojo app now: it offers hundreds of Youtube intro templates, which will help you stand out.

What is an intro to a YouTube sports video?

A YouTube intro for a sports-themed video is a short clip played at the beginning of each piece of content in a channel. This introduction can last from 5 to 20 seconds. It is meant to give viewers an idea of what the channel is about and what the upcoming video is about. In this case, it's a fitness routine video.

A good intro is at the beginning of a video, although most will be in the very first few seconds, it's becoming increasingly common to find YouTube intros starting after 10 or 20 seconds.The reason for this is simple: the video creator wants to grab the audience's attention by situating the subject of his video before launching his intro.

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Should my YouTube sports video have an intro?

Some YouTube channels have an introduction video on their homepage, this type of video is different from a YouTube intro. This video allows visitors to learn more about the channel directly on its homepage. A YouTube video intro, on the other hand, is a short clip at the beginning of each video. The purpose of an intro is not just to be cool, it serves two vital functions.

1. Hook your audience

When someone watches your sports video, the stakes are high. They are giving you their time and they don't want it to be wasted, especially when they are looking for advice or tips on how to practise sports at home, for example. These are the first few seconds that will define whether the viewer will continue your video or turn their attention to other content that they consider more qualitative.

The time to attract the attention of your audience is short, so your introduction must be convincing enough to encourage people to stay longer and share your passion for physical activity.

2. Establish your sports channel

YouTube is very concurential, so it is difficult to acquire traffic on your fitness video routine. It is even more difficult to be remembered. By including an introduction that matches your channel, you'll reinforce its consistency and be more easily recognizable.

This is especially true if you're in a topic with many YouTubers making videos similar to yours, as is the case with sports and fitness routine videos. By having a unique intro, you'll be able to establish your authenticity so that you stand out.

How to create good Youtube intro templates?

Choose the images of your Youtube sports video intro templates

At the very beginning, your template is blank, so you have to create your Youtube intro templates from scratch. You can add your own images, art, design, text, or even use an existing template. For the text, use the font of your choice, the one that is most appropriate with your images and graphics. Don't forget to align each element of your Youtube intro templates with each other.

Mojo, the Easy-to-Use tool to create original intro templates for sports content

Once you have in mind what you want to do, and where you want to place the different elements, use the features of our Mojo app to further customize the intro templates of your YouTube channel. Try out the effects and art textures we have available! You'll get a result that will be very appreciated by Youtube users, and will probably bring you some other subscribers.

With the help of Youtube intro templates, make the best sports video

It's always difficult to start from scratch: lack of inspiration, blank page syndrome, lack of motivation, many things can slow down your creative art process! Use one of our templates, the one you like the most and that is adapted to your channel. You should also know that each of our templates can be completely modified. Everything can be changed: the font, the logo, the images, the textures, etc. Make sure you customize your Youtube intro, by keeping elements of the template if you wish. The free app Mojo has Youtube intro templates suitable for almost every channel and almost every video topic.

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Customize your Youtube intro templates for sport video with Mojo

Find the right template for your sport video

Mojo's library offers video intro templates for every theme, including sport and fitness. Discover our content and choose from different categories: industry, style, color and more. Once you find something you like, select it and customize it with Mojo's features.

Discover the tools offered by Mojo

Explore a large panel of free photos, images, illustrations and other graphics. You can even upload your Youtube channel logo! Adding music and animated GIFs is also possible. Use animation and photo effects tools to bring your sport video intro to life.

Customize the design of your Youtube intro templates

Mojo offers you to mix elements from different templates. Choose your own background: it could be your own picture, an illustration, etc. With Mojo, you can also choose the font style you like the most, and even animated font.

Video, like blogging, requires multiple skills that can't be learned in a flash: knowing how to hold a camera, knowing how to spot interesting angles, acquiring the reflex to film at the right time and for the right purpose, knowing how to dredge up the most relevant footage, knowing how to organize it to tell a story and keep the viewer on the edge of their seat, knowing how to skilfully make small messes disappear in editing, knowing how to use editing software to bring what you have in mind to life... Mojo is the tool you need, to help you manage the identity of your fitness and sports Youtube channel. So, download it now, to take advantage of our templates and many special effects!