Music creators: create your Youtube Intro Templates on your smartphone

Lots of content is being uploaded on YouTube each minute, which makes it very competitive to grasp the attention of viewers through the noise. YouTube is indeed a social media platform for sharing content. If you are a beginner, and you want to start making videos on your YouTube channel, it might be very difficult for you to make yourself known easily. The good news is there is a better way out to make the quality of your work known, which is YouTube intro.

YouTube intro, as the name suggests, is about giving an overview of content at the beginning of your video. It is a video with a timeframe not longer than 5 to 10 seconds that needs to encompass your content, as a whole, thus giving a reason for your audience to watch your whole video. However, it is advisable not to go beyond the timeframe, as there is a risk of losing your audience’s attention if your video has too many details.

What should a YouTube Intro video include?

Remember that YouTube intros are just like teasers before a movie. It should be designed in such a way that your messages get delivered at its best. Thus,, it is crucial to add only the essential information to your Intro to create your own persona:

  • The title of your YouTube channel
  • Your logo
  • Add bright, and vibrant colors, and bold texts
  • Animations with videos or pictures
  • Music
YouTube channel

Can YouTube intro music be copyrighted?

When making your YouTube Intro, you will be using music content or music of your own. If you are using music of your own, you need to make sure that your music is copyrighted. However, if you are using someone’s music, make sure that you have the music licensing, and approval of the owner. The only way to deal with this issue is to be well versed with music licensing policies to avoid any copyright infringement. There are some rules on YouTube on this matter that need to be followed about how to submit your copyright claims or licensing, but once you understand them, it will be easier for you. Note that there is also a library of free songs available online that could be used

Is a YouTube intro necessary?

A YouTube intro has always been beneficial to its users, but it has to be appealing, and make your viewers excited about your content. Your YouTube intro video is an opportunity to make your viewers understand your core themes, and, as they get used to your intro, they will start to be excited about your next videos. Thus, it gives your channel a stronger brand identity, increases your professional image, consistency on your theme, and puts emphasis on your creativity. This is the stepping stones to build loyalty, turning your views into subscribers. It is a valuable tool that can help you to generate video buzz if you bring consistency in your aesthetic brand.

How to make YouTube intro Templates on your smartphone?

Stand out of the crowd, and create loyalty amongst your channel’s audience with YouTube Intro animated templates. This is your chance to win the battle. But if you are not sure how to do so, do not worry, the Mojo app is here to back you up. With its easy click, and add interface, you will be able to make wonders at the tip of your fingers.

Mojo is a professionally designed app, focusing on template animations videos. It provides a wealth of templates videos with different outraging themes to create awesome YouTube intros for your channel. The interface is so easy to use that you do not need any specialized skills to use it. Thus, if you are an aspiring YouTuber, you have at your possession all the tools needed to make amazing engaging intros videos that can be done directly from the phone.

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Find below the steps to make amazing YouTube Intros

First of all, you should download the app on your phone. It does not require the creation of an account to be used. There is also a paid subscription, but nevertheless you can still use the free version with limited features.

Then you need to choose your template from the various themes available. You can also create one from scratch, all you need is to choose your YouTube layout, and start editing. The app has the advantage of being a user friendly interface with its add, and drop features. Once you click on the template, you are directed to your gallery, giving you the possibility to add your own pictures, and videos. Noting that this feature is free. Mojo has already taken the care to create the animated video template with all the technicalities, one just has to add the content, and pictures.

Intros to be aesthetic, it has to include some important ingredients such, as your animated eye catching logos, pictures or a small video aligned with some bright colors, all amounting to a YouTube intro that will demark yourself from others. Beautiful elements should be added such, as timings, music, and animated graphics like GIFs, stickers, and captions to create a fun, smooth, and energetic video.

music is the only element that might take most of your time, as it has to set the vibes of your content making it engaging, and enhance the aesthetic features of your content. It is worth noting that Mojo provides for a section dedicated for music content, which is already drafted for users in the field of music.

To end, after editing is done, you can easily save your videos directly to the app itself. There is no need to download it to your phone. This is done with the aim if in case you might be willing to use the template video again for future use. You can preview your animated video via the ‘eye’ button, giving you the possibility to view your template the same way it will be viewed by your viewers, and followers on the social media platform selected. sharing, creating, and customizing video templates have never been so easy with mojo.