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As proven by statistics, social media platforms especially Youtube channels, are considered to be a cost-effective marketing digital tool, whether the aim is to expand your market base or simply to enlarge your social community audience. Youtube is within the reach of each and every one of us to boost up our professional and marketing network with its 2.3 billion users across the globe. Why don't you make the most of your Youtube channel?

Is it to promote your business activities, for entertainment or do you have a conventional blog and wish to have more followers? Whatever the reason is, you are aspiring to hit big on your Youtube channel. Our tips will help you to make a step in the big league.

Ever heard of Youtube vlogging or Youtube intro? Not really? Asking yourself how to create breathtaking videos templates to make your Youtube channel stands out of the crowd? Then, be part of the Mojo community. Our design maker tool kit will turn your video templates into amazing ones in just a few minutes. Our drafted templates are professionally good-looking and they are fully editable in order to meet your desired template look. Our free version provides beautifully designed templates, but if ever you wish to access more advanced features and options, then feel free to subscribe yourself to our Pro version.

What is a Youtube vlog?

The roots of the term “vlog” come from the words “video blog”. Unlike traditional blogs where the communicating medium is in writing, the vlog uses video to create engagement and keep ongoing contact with its online community. If you are not fond of writing, then Youtube vlogging is the best strategic approach to engage in with your followers and to make new ones adhere to your Youtube channel.

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What do you mean by Youtube vlog intro templates?

A Youtube vlog intro refers to the introductory phase of your videos. Indeed, at the beginning of each of your videos, add an intro to create an engaging ground, orienting your Youtube followers on the topic that will be covered. Your Youtube video intro should include your logo and your Youtube channel’s title. Add a music that will match your audience’s vibe, as we say.

Personalize your Youtube intro template to make an impactful impression. It is good to know that a video intro duration is from 5 to 10 seconds, but it has been demonstrated that the best Youtube vlog intros are those having a 5 seconds duration whereas video intros more than a 10-second introduction have a consequent declination in their viewership.

Always remember that on Youtube channels, the first impression matters and can change up things.

With Mojo, transform yourself into an amazing Youtube video intro templates maker

Here are steps to become a fantastic intro template maker.

  • Mojo app is free to download. Access our amazing and unique templates with our free version. However, if you want to have more templates with more advanced and eye-catching features, then subscribe yourself to our Pro version. We provide a free three-day trial for you to see how wonderful our templates are.
  • Our templates explore different and various themes. We have Typography templates, Storytelling templates, Food templates and more. Choose and double-click on the template that will match your video intro content.
  • Either use our HD image or upload your own image and video.
  • With our unique features, let the artist in you speaks. You can crop unwanted elements, zoom on attractive ones, resize your intro’s template, modify your video intro templates’ colour either with our artist’s palette or create a unique shade with our colour chart wheel. Add and personalize an intro description content with our assorted text and font styles.
  • Our predesigned filters will upgrade your intro templates’ visuals. Add animated funny cartoon stickers and GIFS for more appealing effect.
  • Our free preselected musical list explores various styles like party music or upbeat fast-paced tune. Choose the one that will match your video’s essence.
  • Once your intro templates meet your requirements, upload your video directly to your Youtube channel in a simple click.

Our Food templates for Youtube video intro

Intros templates for food vlogger

Well, you just set out your Youtube vlog and you want to target online users who are fans of food recipes or those who like to discover new culinary tastes. Then, make use of our Food templates for your Youtube video intro to give a foretaste of the cooking content you will be exploring in your video.

Intros templates for a foodie

You like to share pictures or videos of your delicious handmade dishes or pastries? Look no further! Mojo is the best app ever, with ready-to-use food templates. Even the free ones have been beautifully crafted to highlight your video content.

Our Food templates are simply perfect if you are a food vlogger, looking forward to share and to highlight your cuisine. With our templates, your Youtube intro will be more mouth-watering, inviting simple viewers to follow your Youtube channel and making current followers more loyal to your videos contents.

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Modern Youtube video intro templates

You want a simple modern video intro, a template that is direct and straightforward? Then, our Minimal templates are what you are looking for. They are simple but remarkably effective. Customize your Youtube minimal video intro with our awesome features to grab viewers' attention.

Direct and with elementary information like logo, the subject to be elaborated in the video, for sure your Youtube audience will be conquered.

Download Mojo app to discover more killer templates to enhance your Youtube vlog intro.

What do you say in a vlog intro?

Informations that need to figure out in your Youtube vlog intro are your brand logo as well as the topic that will be discussed in the video. Add a music for more effect.

How do you make an intro for a YouTube vlog?

All you have to do is to use and personalize, either Mojo's ready-made templates or your own pictures. Use our bunch of filters and our features for more originality. Consider that a good Youtube intro should be done in 5 seconds.