How to make Youtube intro and outro Templates for gaming videos ?

Among the fast-growing social media platforms, Youtube is the one which is widely used by people from all age groups. Due to its rising influence on consumers’ consumption and purchasing behaviour, even the industry sector started to exploit this cost-effective marking strategy, be it the fashion or the beauty sector. The video gaming industry is no exception.

Gaming videos are found on the top list of the most-searched related-content topics on Youtube. As a matter of fact, it has been observed that the gaming community on Youtube, especially those who are loyal followers of famous gaming YouTubers, represent a considerable niche market which keeps on developing. As a result of this engaged social audience, who is always proactive and seeking out the up-to-date video game to purchase, Youtube channel is an excellent means of expanding your gaming business activity and productivity.

Are you a video game creator aiming to build a reputation in the online gaming world? Are you about to lay out a Youtube video gaming channel? Have you already a Youtube channel, but you are struggling to take your views to the next heights? Indeed, it is challenging to make a video gaming channel strike out on Youtube with the overload of videos.

If you are longing for your Youtube channel to be among the most viewed on the search engine, first be a member of the Mojo community. Free to download, Mojo is the best video and image maker ever. It explores numerous themes in order to provide you with hundreds of high-definition predesigned and animated templates. All are fully editable to meet your desired visual reference.

Use intro and outro templates for your Youtube gaming video channel

Whatever the type of video gaming channel you have, be it "Let’s play", "Walkthrough"” such as Super Mario video game or a review video game channel to give tips to your followers, there is a formula to make you stand out. Have you ever thought of implementing an intro and an outro template on your video content? If not, then exploit these templates to their full potential.

Let’s play

What is a YouTube intro template for a video gaming channel?

A YouTube intro refers to the first 5 to 10 seconds of your video. These few seconds are essential since it gives a quick presentation of your digital identity and the topic you intend to cover.

The intro template must be designed to generate engagement from the first 5 seconds. In the intro phase, your template must include your Youtube channel’s name, your logo and we advise you to add a matching music on this template to create this gaming mood.

We spent hours looking for particular videos and sometimes, we spent more time scrolling down than watching a video. With Mojo templates maker, your intro will be more attention-grabbing.

Create an impactful Youtube intro logo template

You can either choose our ready-to-use logo or customize a logo with our features. Because your logo is your visual signature, make sure that it is consistent with your video gaming channel.

Various free text styles like pixel lettering or bold ones are available to create an original logo template. Choose your font size and colours. Why not use neon colours for your logo or a cartoon-style intro for more gaming effects? You will set the audience's mood with these animated elements.

What is a YouTube outro template for a gaming channel?

The outro template refers to the concluding part of your gaming video content. Top-quality outro contains fundamental elements like:

  • Your Youtube channel's subscription link to encourage viewers to adhere to your channel.
  • A caption box to call for followers’ action and reaction in the commentary section and to create more engagement and online conversation with them.
  • More videos or a playlist to drive more traffic to your Youtube channel.

With Mojo, you will have in hand both amazing tools and templates to design high-end intro and outro visuals. Your intro template will have an engaging base and your outro template will be so impressive that your channel viewing time will increase.

Mojo, your reliable Youtube intro and outro templates maker

Design broadcast-quality intros and outros within a few minutes.

  • Our app is free to download. With the free version, you will have access to more than hundreds of stunning templates. For more advanced templates, feel free to join the Mojo Pro community for more appealing features. Still hesitating? Try our free three-day trial to have a glimpse of our unique templates.
  • Our template designs have been inspired by various themes. In our selection, you will find Replay templates, Glitch templates, Storytelling templates and more.
  • Choose your favourite intro or outro style template and double-click on it.
  • Whether you choose our HD images or upload your own image and video.
  • Mojo is an effortless design maker. With our editing features, cut undesirable elements, zoom on eye-catching ones, resize your intro’s and outro's template format, modify your intro and outro templates’ background colour with our artist palette or create an original shade with our colour chart wheel. For example, you can use a scarlet red to create a chilling ambiance.
  • Our exceptional filters will give an original touch to your intro and outro templates. Use our animated cartoon stickers and GIFS.
  • Play with our free preselected soundtracks in your intro to reveal the nature of your video content.
  • Once your intro and outro templates are customized, upload your video directly to your Youtube channel.

Youtube intro and outro banner size recommendation

While customizing your intro and outro templates, take into consideration your channel banner size.

The perfect references are as such:

  • Youtube’s banner size is 2,560 x 1,440 pixels.
  • Minimum picture dimensions are 2,048 x 1,152 pixels.
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How do you make a gaming video intro for free?

To make a gaming video intro for free, download Mojo app to have in hand the most amazing templates. All are fully editable with awesome features.

How to make an outro gaming video?

First, download our app. Customize your outro by adding your subscription link, caption box, more videos or playlist and it should be no longer than 20 seconds.