How to make Youtube intro and outro Templates?

It has been observed that one-third of the active users on the Internet watch one billion hours of Youtube videos on a collective and daily basis worldwide. With this colossal invasion of all kinds of videos, you might be wondering if it is possible to carve out a place for yourself on Youtube? Be it for business purposes or for entertaining ones, the answer is yes.

Youtube can be seen as a battlefield where online users are trying to grab maximum views, but the secret formula to rack up viewership is to create impressive videos. Asking yourself how to make and design mind-blowing Youtube videos to catch the eyes of a large number of watchers? It is stunningly easy, all you have to do is to design and insert Youtube intro and outro templates on your posted videos.

Looking for a way to craft your Youtube intros and outros? No need to undergo fuss thinking! Simply join the Mojo community. We provide the best crafted and fully customizable templates to make your social presence stands out on Youtube platform. Our design maker kit is easy-friendly and time saving. You can either access our free and animated templates in our free version or subscribe yourself to the Pro one to unlock hundreds of new and advanced features.

Importance to make Youtube intro and outro template

Pondering over the meaning of intro and outro? As the term suggests, a Youtube intro refers to the visual introduction phase of your video. This part includes your logo as well as your Youtube channel’s name. You can also add a music on your intro design with our unique musical library.

On the other hand, the outro implies the closing visual appearing in the end of your video. Add key elements like your subscription link to swap curious viewers to enthusiastic followers.

Be it a physical content or a virtual one, all contents need to have an intro and a conclusion. They are fundamental parts of your videos which will help you to generate an engaging base at the beginning of your posted contents and a persuasive stand at the end.

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Become a remarkable Youtube intro and outro templates maker with Mojo

You aspire to create an aesthetic intro template or to enhance an existing one, let's get started.

  • Download Mojo app. Even if you are using our free version, you will have the best templates ever, exceptionally designed for you. However, if you wish to access more features, then subscribe yourself to the Pro version. You even have a free three-day trial to experience the uniqueness of our illustrations.
  • Select the perfect template style, consistent with your branded activities from our Digital templates, Glitch templates, Replay templates, Musical slideshow ones and many more.
  • Double-click on the preferred style suitable for Youtube intros and outros contents. You will be directed to our amazing library image “Photos stock”.
  • You have two possibilities, either you pick an HD photo from our collection or click on the “Plus” button to upload your own image.
  • Add a personal touch with our unique features. Zoom, crop, resize your image's format, customize your background color, add and place a caption box, personalize your content intro and outro texts with our different animated text styles and text colors, along with our numerous font styles and colors.
  • Make use of our pre-set filters to improve your visual reference, add animated funny cartoon stickers and GIFS.
  • You can also create and schedule musical templates’ display with our free preselected music.
  • You have the option to preview your personalized masterpiece.
  • Once you are satisfied with your customized artwork, Mojo gives you the possibility to upload your videos directly to your Youtube art channel.

Create a killer Youtube intro for your videos from scratch

We should not underestimate the potential of Youtube intros. They are indeed, a valuable and cost-effective means for catching viewers’ interest, for retaining them and converting them into subscribers.

Create a consistent logo

Your logo, along with your Youtube channel title, are key elements of your intro. Since, they are the first parts of your video, make sure that these visual references are consistent with your activities.

With Mojo, you have in hand the best features to be an exceptional templates' maker. Personalize your logo with our numerous text styles such as bold letterings, glitching letterings, blinking text style or create one with a shadow effect. Feel free to play with our rich color palette to change the font colors and from our diversified font styles, choose the one matching your professional look.

Customize your Youtube intro and outro videos

Customize a picture or a video from our image library or one from your personal gallery to fit your aesthetic. To make it one of a kind, think about adding a music to your Youtube intro and outro video from our unique and free musical library.

Insert a caption box on your Youtube intro and outro video

Add a personalized content box on your intros, but especially on your Youtube outros to create more engagement from your community and to make a significant conclusion. Use the right wordings, the right fonts and text styles and place it where it will highlight your video's template.

With Mojo's numerous features, be an authentic template's maker and nail your Youtube intro and outro in a few clicks.

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How do you make a good intro and outro for YouTube?

It goes without saying that both should be clear and thoughtfully designed to reflect your branded logo activities as well as your audience persona. With Mojo, both your intro and outro templates will be well-designed. You will be able to create a unique intro and outro by using exceptional features, customized with pre-set filters, texts styles and fonts.

What can you say in an outro?

You can add your subscription link on your outro to convert viewers to followers as well as adding elements like contents, which will redirect watchers to your next videos. Add text like, "Click here for more videos".