Highlight your best stories with Storytimes Youtube Intro and Outro Templates

Whether to build up a business network, for funny home-made videos or for your spare time, Youtube is the easiest means to take your activities to another level. But with this influx of all kinds of videos being uploaded and shared every day, it is not simple to capture Youtube audience’s attention and to make people follow your Youtube channel. Being the most active social platform, Youtube has continuous emerging trends. Are you aware of the latest video tendency on Youtube? Ever heard of this video style, Storytime videos?

We can observe that this freaking video-style has already been adopted by a large number of Youtube influencers, regardless of their age groups, aspiring to wake up one day as a celebrity on the web. What are you waiting for to be in the trend?

Asking yourself how to create animated and engaging Storytime video content? Indeed, to make your way out on Youtube, the need is great to craft aesthetic video content. Wondering how to distinguish your Storytime videos from the rest?

Highlight your Youtube channel Storytime videos with intros and outros templates. With Mojo, create epic templates that will make your Storytime video content one of a kind in a few clicks. Our app provides creative and customizable ready-made templates, is easy to use and is time-saving. Enjoy our free version or join the Mojo’s community for more incredible video templates.

Storytime video, the upward trend on Youtube ?

The concept behind this type of video is to relate a story in front of the camera with the aim to generate a high response rate from subscribers and at the same time, reaching out a to great Youtube audience.

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Type of content for a Youtube Storytime video?

It can be the narration of an anecdote, of unusual events that you have experienced at a particular time of your life or simply relating your daily deeds. Some Youtube influencers draw their inspiration from their love life or family life.

You can even inspire yourself from ordinary experiences but relate the story in a captivating way, making your video content more attention-grabbing.

Whatever the nature of your video content, humorous, heartbreaking or disloyalty, the aim of a Storytime video is to satisfy your subscribers’ constant thirst for new video content and to arouse potential followers’ interest. With an impressive intro and outro templates, your Youtube channel will hit big.

>Importance of crafting intros and outros templates on Youtube Storytime videos

Your Youtube Storytime videos can be the most thrilling ones, but if the first 5-10 seconds do not communicate the right information to your audience, increasing your Youtube channel’s viewership can be challenging.

These first seconds of your Storytime video content are decisive since they introduce you and your channel as a whole. This part of your video is known as your Youtube intro. While drafting your intro template, add the information below:

  • Your logo for your channel to be easily noticeable.
  • The name of your Youtube channel.
  • A short but clear description of the subject you intend to cover.
  • Add a pertinent song to your intro to set your audience in a good mood.

Your video outro must also be rightly designed. The ending part of your Storytime video can have a high-impact on your audience and will motivate people to consume your Youtube videos more.

Persuasive outro content should have the following elements:

  • Your Youtube channel subscription link, inviting watchers to click on it.
  • A playlist or some videos, generating web traffic to your channel.
  • A stimulating text to create online conversation with your audience.

>With Mojo, craft catchy intros and outros templates for Youtube Storytime videos

With our stylish templates and editing features, your intro template will throw the best impression ever whereas your outro will be mesmerizing. Let’s start this amazing journey.

Choose your Storytime video intro and outro template

  • Go to Mojo design kit.
  • You will see a large selection of templates like Cinema templates, Film View templates or News templates. Pick up the preferred style.
  • Select an HD image from our library or upload yours.
  • Edit your intro and outro template with our exceptional filters and editing features to create impactful content.
  • With mojo, upload your personalized templates straightaway to your Youtube channel.

>Design dazzling Youtube Storytime intro template

While crafting your intro content, make sure that it fits your targeted Youtube audience.

Design your logo

Your channel logo is your visual reference. Use Mojo’s preset logos as your visual signature or edit an original one by using our special editing features like our various text styles like sliding logos, blinking or bold ones. In addition, use the appropriate font styles and colors to maintain consistency with your channel’s activities and with your audience persona.

For example, if your Storytime videos are dedicated to children, then you can create a logo with a bold text style with a shadow effect. For the font color, use a stimulating one like orange and for the shadow effect, why not white for a more appealing visual?

Personalize your intro template’s background color

Since your logo font color is orange, why not a purple or blue color for your video's background? Colors play an important role in a visual. Use our primary colors or create a tone with our color wheel chart. Here, your logo will stand out with your background color.

Use assorted color for an impressive look.

Add a song to your Youtube Storytime intro and outro templates

Personalize your intros and outros templates with matching sounds. If your channel's audience are teenagers, use our party or our summer vibes, promoting your templates display.

Use our text editor for your Storytime video outro template

Add and personalize a caption box on your outro content, highlighted by our GIFs and funny animated cartoon stickers to retain your audience's attention.

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What is a storytime video on YouTube?

A Storytime video is a style of video where a YouTuber narrates a story in front of the camera.

Which YouTube intro templates to choose for a storytime video?

Why not a Pop template or a Storytelling one to make an impressive intro? But, you can also choose other template styles provided by Mojo.