Entertain your audience with Youtube Intro and Outro Templates for Challenges Videos

With 500 hours of videos being uploaded each and every minute on its platform on a daily basis, Youtube is at this point the trendiest social media with more than 31 million channels globally. We can witness all kinds of posted videos, those displayed to grow business and those videos which are produced exclusively for entertaining purposes, targeting a particular segment of the Youtube audience. Even in this category of recreational videos, Youtube has an overflow of channels with YouTubers trying to succeed.

Currently, the new trend on Youtube is Challenge videos. This type of video can be a potential source of income if you people are seeking to monetize your Youtube videos. Are you new to this crazy world of Youtube Challenge videos? Do you have a Youtube channel but you are striving to get yourself known?

Indeed, the Youtube life seems so appealing where anyone can become a star overnight. You can be nobody yesterday but can turn out a celebrity tomorrow on Youtube due to your videos. Wondering how you can add value to your video content to capture and retain your audience’s attention and to grab the interest of other people, expanding your Youtube followers' circle? Look no further!

If you aspire to be among the best Youtube influencers, the winning ingredients are creating intro and outro templates for your Youtube video. Asking yourself how to make your intros and outros templates catchy ones? Be part of the Mojo community. Download the best app ever to access breathtaking templates, which are also fully customizable with our unique editing features.

What are Youtube Challenge videos ?

The Challenge videos on Youtube are considered to be an efficient selling strategy since defying videos are fun to execute and to watch. If designed appropriately, your video can turn out hilarious. Charmed with your funny videos, your audience will certainly share them, resulting in more views and more Youtube followers. Youtube Challenge videos rack up more views than ordinary videos.

There are different types of Youtube Challenge videos. This list below is not exhaustive:

  • Food Challenge videos.
  • Blindfolded make-up Challenge videos.
  • Team Challenge videos.
  • Candy Challenge videos.

With millions of Challenge videos on Youtube, you need to make your channel stand out of the crowd. The aim is to record the way you are dealing with the challenge from the beginning till the end. Your Youtube audience will watch your instantaneous gestures and emotions. If your videos are attention-grabbing enough, your audience will not only share your videos but will also request more, making your channel an animated one.

Food Challenge videos

Take your Youtube Challenge Video to the next level: create intro and outro templates

Make a difference by designing an intro as well as an outro template to promote your Youtube channel. What do these terms mean?

Some people create their video without any introduction template and consequently, watchers often stop the video midway because the content does not interest them.

Indeed, using an intro template on your video can be great since you are announcing yourself and the topic you will be covering in the video. The intro must not be more than 5-10 seconds, should provide a precise brief of your topic, show your logo and your Youtube channel’s name.

On the other side, an outro template refers to the ending part of your video, containing key elements like your other social media platforms names, your subscription link and other videos, encouraging your audience to consume more of them.

Create eye-catching intro and outro templates with Mojo

Mojo’s crafted templates are not only professional but also audience-oriented. Create aesthetic intro and outro templates to be unique.

  • Mojo editing tool is free to download. The free version offers a collection of trendy and impressive templates, but if you want more cutting-edge templates, join the Mojo Pro community.
  • Choose a template style that will highlight your Challenge video intro and outro video.
  • Select an image from our gallery or upload your own photos or videos.
  • Customize your intro and outro templates with editing features. Crop, zoom edit your template’s dimension, personalize your template’s background color, use our text and font styles, add GIFs and animated cartoon stickers.
  • Enjoy this editing process with our pre-set filters.
  • Personalize your intro and outro templates with compelling tunes.
  • Upload your customized templates to your Youtube channel.

Well done! Your channel will hit big with this remarkable intro and outro template. Become a shining star on Youtube in a short time.

Create stunning Youtube intro templates for Challenge videos

Let's say you are taking part in a food challenge on Youtube by eating as many hamburgers as possible. You can create your video intro template in this way:

Choose an animated character with well-defined muscles like Hulk. For more impressive effects, zoom on the template to make it look bigger. Select an impactful color background like red to let your Youtube audience know that you will hit big with this challenge. Add a stimulating sound to put your audience in an enjoyable mood.

Design a logo that reflects your online activities. Either you choose our ready-to-use templates or you create your logo with our editing features. Your intro template should throw a well-balanced visual.

Mojo editing tool
Create aesthetic
outro templates
create your logo
Exemple of story templates

Create mind-blowing outro templates for Challenge videos

Your Youtube outro templates must be designed to generate web traffic to your channel. Create ongoing influence by adding and customizing your caption box. Play with our text styles and font styles. While adding your subscription link and your playlist, customize your outro template to make it more appealing, inviting people to be part of your Youtube audience.

Which YouTube Intro Templates to choose for a challenge video?

Choose templates like Storytelling templates, Grid templates or Scrapbooking ones for your Youtube video intro. Yet, you can also choose other templates from our collection.

Which YouTube outro Templates to choose for a challenge video?

Since the outro should not last more than 20 seconds, we advise you to use Minimal templates, direct and short or Pop templates to spice up your concluding part. But again, you can use other templates provided by Mojo.