Enhance your lifestyle videos with Mojo's Youtube Intro Templates

Youtube is for sure a practical cost-efficient way of sharing your daily life. In fact, lifestyle is a Youtube top-category video. But how to arise people’s interest, enticing them to adhere to your social media platform, swapping themselves from curious viewers into subscribers?

Asking yourself how to figure out not only the best way but also the right one to set up a stunning channel art template, making it a unique piece of work of yours? Beginner, proficient or holding basic knowledge? Good news! No specific art skills are required. Mojo, the Youtube intro maker, is the perfect graphic design tool kit for you to leave an everlasting influence on your audience within a few clicks.

Starter or you have already a lifestyle Youtube channel with the aim to enlarge your Youtube followers’ circle? Here are the important features to consider while embarking yourself in this world of creativeness.

What should you put in your Youtube vlog intro?

A Youtube lifestyle channel’s best attribute is undoubtedly its intro template. You should bear in mind that the first thing grabbing your Youtube viewers’ attention is your channel art intro. Somehow, it acts as a mirror of your persona as well as of your targeted social community.

In this perspective, we provide a complete awesome artist’s palette with high-definition predesigned images and animated videos exploring various themes and styles that will meet both your needs and expectations. These will help you to create but most importantly to customize your Youtube art intro.

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Selecting a Youtube intro templates image for your lifestyle channel

We can observe a considerable influx of lifestyle channels on Youtube nowadays. The first promotional strategy to make you stand out of all these is clearly customizing your intro. Download our user-friendly app to have access to our library image and templates displayed for free. More that hundreds of predefined digital intro templates are proposed and new ones are constantly added for you to have a diversified free selection. Uploading your own image, even if it is a PSD format, to add your touch is also possible.

For example, if you are of an adventurous nature, travelling across the seven continents to discover the world’s greatest wonders and you intend to share your personal lifestyle videos and images either to the maximum people, then you should make sure that your intro template reflects your thrill-seeking personality. Remember, viewers want to see originality and freshness. Another concrete example, if you are a make-up blogger and your objective is to maximize your viewership on Youtube, then you should use an illustrated icon that will talk to that particular community or that represents your brand.

Customizing your Youtube intro Templates

Choosing a harmonious background colour will definitely highlight your Youtube lifestyle channel videos. Make sure that the cover of your Youtube intro template shade used is consistent with your lifestyle activities. Playing on contrasting colours can pop up your visual and at the same time enhance your intro visibility. For instance, if your intro is of a warm red, you can contrast with a cool green. This kind of combination will certainly have a charming effect on Youtube viewers.

Use Mojo, the free Youtube intro templates maker

Mojo, the free Youtube intro maker, is incontestably a reliable design tool to boost up your lifestyle channel if used effectively. A pool of beautiful and professional Youtube intro templates are available for free with the option to design and customize both images and videos.

Editing the image of your video intro

You can make use of preset filters to edit and to design a dashing Youtube intro template. A wonderful bunch of special effects have been elaborated specially for you to become an outstanding lifestyle video maker. For instance, you can customize a camping fire picture by exploiting the free intro maker app Mojo.

Designing your brand with our Youtube intro templates maker

Mojo, our free Youtube intro maker, provides ready-made brand logo. However you can create, edit and design one, by using the numerous text styles like fancy lettering, handwriting letters, bold letters, fonts styles and font colours. Always remember that your brand is a counterpart of your activities, whether professional or for fun.

Editing and customizing the text of your Youtube intro templates

Another feature that will complete your brand, is a customized text. You can outline your text description by playing with the different text styles and font colours. Use popular keywords related to your topic will help future Youtube's subscribers to find your videos quickly on the search engine.

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How to make an intro for a Youtube vlog?

The term speaks for itself: the video intro is THE starting point of your lifestyle video on Youtube. From there, it's easy to see why it's important to take care of the first few seconds of your video production!

Okay, but what about... How to recognize a good lifestyle video intro? To find out, check out the 3 golden rules of a successful video intro.

#1 A short and concise video intro

This is the ABC's of any good video intro: to maintain an optimal engagement rate on your Youtube videos & co, you have no choice but to be short and concise from the very first moments of your movie. Otherwise? Users will tend to skip your introductions... or even worse, stop watching your spot altogether!

As a matter of fact, after 25 seconds of introduction, half of the viewers stop watching a video (FullScreen figures) - hence the "Skip 10 seconds" feature on Youtube, or the "Ignore introduction" option on Netflix. And you wouldn't dare ruin all your efforts because of a long intro, would you?

So here's a tip: for the best retention rate (time spent watching your video), create intros that are as short as possible. To give you an idea, the ideal Youtube video intro is between 3 and 7 seconds maximum.

#2 A Youtube intro with peachy and captivating visuals

A good lifestyle video intro is also a visually dynamic and attractive teaser. After all, a brand's success depends on its ability to attract the public's interest, and your marketing spots are no exception to the rule!

So consider adding visual effects, GIFs and other animated media that will catch your viewer's eye and make them want to watch your lifestyle video. The Mojo intro maker offers a wide range of features that will help you captivate your viewers.

#3 A video intro that reflects your personality

You know it: any good content strategy should reflect the lifestyle YouTuber's brand.

Why? Well, because without DNA, viewers will be unable to recognize your content... and therefore, remember you!

To stand out (effectively) from the competition and be remembered, there's only one thing to do: integrate one or more branding elements into your video intro. This can be done by embedding your logo, your slogan or even the fonts and colours of your video graphic charter.